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[slope of cherry blossoms]

Category:Middle and high schools
To the wind that cherry blossom petals are soft, I dance beautifully flutteringly.
A slope is dyed pinkness, and fantastic scenery like Japan pleases our eyes. Unfortunately it will be a rainy forecast tomorrow. To enjoy the season when these cherry blossoms bloom again next year; ...

[curriculum special in spring] The world of "the chemistry open sect"

Category:High school,Six years
I invited Associate Professor Kazuaki Hiroki of Tsuyama National College of Technology on the last day (3/30) of the special curriculum in spring and had you do a lecture called "the world of the classic X chemistry Yoan Udagawa" "chemistry open sect" (you see result and will understand it).
The students including a commentary of the chemical content written with ancient writings and the experiment of ph were interested and received a class, and there was an impression, "I learned, and fun changed by!".
Mr. Hiroki, you came and thank you for lecturing.

[slope of cherry blossoms]

Category:Middle and high schools
The cherry blossoms of the slope in the academy reach the best time to see.
10th is earlier than usual, and Hiroshima becomes in full blossom and a beautiful petal dances early in the slope of cherry blossoms and is dyed in pinkness little by little. I wanted a new pupil and protectors to enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom blooming on the star of the dawn, but do not seem to wait this year until an entrance ceremony.
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