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[music] I play a koto [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year
The seventh grader challenged the performance of the koto in a class of the music of the third semester.
As for the beginning of "Koto Fukuyama" that is a traditional craft of Fukuyama, it seems to be about time when Fukuyama-jo Castle was built early in the Edo era. It is at valuable time to taste traditional culture in Japan while touching "Koto Fukuyama" with the long history together.

[lecture] kimutatsu teacher [I grow on among rough seas]

Category:News,High school,Five years
Mr. Tatsuya Kimura, also known as "kimutatsu" which is an English teacher of Nada Junior High School, Nada High School ..., "more highly in the class of the life! I gave a lecture on a theme farther. There was not only the English study method but also the important message to "think about a reason and a purpose and the life to raise motivation to study", and the students listened to the story of the teacher while sometimes sometimes taking the memo seriously with a laugh. The present of the wonderful clear file, thank you very much.

[international exchange] Online English conversation [NZ]

Category:Junior high school,Three years
A third grader carried out "Villa Maria College" of the sister school in the New Zealand and the second online English conversation.
It is the handmade international exchange of our school original which began for an idea of sister Aoki. At first, the shy students fitted it little by little and swelled in the various story including an introduction and the hobby of each other's schools.

[Social Change English] I carry this out [five years]

Category:High school,Five years
A fifth grader (in the second year of high school) worked on the English version of the research learning "social change" by a special curriculum in spring. I gave presentation while reflecting the poster which I made with iPad for each group to a projector on a theme to "think about the project of the dream that the teens of the world worked on together". They had you participate in the various places of "education and research company" online, and the students were dignified, and they announced in English.

[the Fukuyama station square screening society] I participate in this

Category:News,Junior high school,One year
An article of the "citrus ribbon project" that a first grader worked on "business intelligence" which arrived, and was placed was a chance, and "Fukuyama station square screening meeting" held at New Castle, Fukuyama Hotel participated.
The host support is popular Hiroshima FM Okubo Shigeki in students. Hansen's disease was a theme, and, as for the movie "bean jam", there was the online talk by Masatoshi Nagase of Naomi Kawase of the supervision and the actor starring, too. I had you establish the "citrus ribbon" section at the venue entrance and was able to introduce the approach of students.
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