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The third semester closing ceremony address
 I transmitted a certificate of merit now. It is the proof that many people played an active part in each field for this semester and it brings great pleasure and is very reliable and feels it.
 Well, I gave all of Kyudo club the principal Prize of this semester. A group wins the championship, and, following Fukuyama district High School Kyudo freshmen tournament, even Fukuyama district high school Kyudo championship held on 13th shines for continuation championship since new team organization. I used up their power and had it in my hand while the wind strongly concentrating on an arrow of the one in difficult condition, and supplementing each other's mistakes. At the cold time of the winter, it may be said that it was realized after school to have worked hard at an exercise an exercise in the morning. It is a prize that I stand on such a point of view. Congratulations.
 In addition, I was able to evaluate the approach of the farewell party of all of student council executives very much. The sixth grader of the leading role was forced to an activity limited more than last year by the online participation at the home, the chorus recording cancellation every school year, but, meanwhile, I considered what there was just and showed new directionality by the plan that did an inventive idea. It was a wonderful approach to deserve a prize. Thank you very much.

 It was one year when I was made fun of for a new coronavirus infectious disease in this year.
 It was a day to hand a diploma to everybody today, but should have been originally correspondence with the remote under the influence of a new coronavirus infectious disease other than three years and five years.
 I receive the influence of the new infectious disease such as the cancellation of the memorial festival bazaar, the postponement of the school festival, the remote enforcement of the farewell party in a mint, and it may be said that it is one year when life forced to patience and *nan continued. The emphasis measures suffered from prevention of spread cancellation, but, in Fukuyama-shi, the number of many infected people near a record high is reported for these past several days, and the situation that the announcement that I cancel a parade of "the Fukuyama rose festival" is done and still feels uneasy about very much is continuing now.
 In National High School Baseball Championship held yesterday, Kyoto international high school comes to cannot but decline participation by the outbreaks in the team in a hurry, and a situation that a way to the stage of the dream of the boy who plays baseball is snowbound feels that it is reported, and a chest is tightened. I keep the action based on the new lifestyle thoroughly some other time and will invite the new year becoming the new school year well.  
 Well, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 occurred in Miyagi, Fukushima three days ago, and the Shinkansen derailed, and more than 2.2 million houses were hit by a blackout, and the that four holy lives were robbed of it and were got injured seems to have appeared a lot. Kitamura is engaged in reconstruction aids the Sr which had you work for our school now a while ago at Minamisoma monastery of Fukushima. I e-mailed you out of anxiety that it might be suffered at around 6:30 on the early morning of 17th. Fortunately, the books of the bookshelf were scattered, and there did not seem to be it, and the heavy damage felt relieved, but, until "late-night around 2:00, evacuated to Kodaka Shrine in the hill nearby. There did not seem to be the worry of the tsunami and returned to the monastery, but seemed to spend uneasy night without being able to sleep by aftershocks. Even, meanwhile, consideration was shown saying "the victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake surely thinks it to be painful by flashback".
 I leave a still deep scratch. We must not forget a lesson to value sorrow and the life of the stricken area that suffered serious damage.
 In addition, the invasion in Russia in Ukraine plunges people desiring peace of the world into fear and anxiety.
 The following entreaty to be able to be also known as cry was sent to the churches such as Europe, Asia, the United States by a church of Ukraine.
 "A black cloud of the bombardment covers our capital Kiev. When we are depressed, we ask you. Everything which the whole civilized world built so far is on the verge now. From a large crowd of maniacs sneering faith and truth, please pray that we are saved mainly."
 U.N. Secretary-General Guterres warns the world of the critical situation taking such Ukrainian situation into consideration saying "the nuclear war that was not ever thought about is possible now" and states, "it is not too late for diplomacy and talks", and the real time stop of the earnest negotiations and battle act is reported. In addition, I point out, "I face millions of starvation and lack of water, the medicine", and support is called for. It is decided that we can do it now, and please cooperate as you install a collecting box in the first floor in our school and perform humanitarian support to Ukraine.
 It was like the age given a dark topic, but, for this one year, was the winter season and the historic year that it was held twice with postponement of one year of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics in the summer.
 The achievement of woman athletes such as the women's curling or speed skating attracted us and, following the summer meeting that brought many impressions, gave many lessons even BEIJING OLYMPIC in the winter season. In our school, nice news jumped brightly. It became best domestically in the field of the sixth high school student international symposium living thing and was decided in the group of Maple Prize given three sixth graders of the ECO club which participated to an international meeting from the Hiroshima Board of Education. I will participate in a commendation ceremony held at the prefectural office on March 24. 
 Well, as for fifth graders, a spring special curriculum begins. It is finally the beginning of high school life last stage for own dream. Daily accumulation to add ability to for accomplishment is important. Please spend each day not to make any regret carefully.
The principal Onoda civilization
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
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