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[traditional Japanese playing card karuta meeting] I carry this out

Category:Junior high school,One year,Two years,Three years
A junior high student challenged an annual "traditional Japanese playing card karuta meeting".
I hold the final by the representative who attained a full victory in the qualifier every each school year after school. Whenever a song was read, the students greatly stretched out an arm and chased "karuta" with an earnest expression so as to forget a blink.

[world heritage official approval] I carry this out

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I carried out "world heritage official approval" targeting at applicants.
The human masters international culture through the world heritage which is property, a treasure of being common, and, by the official approval that aimed at upbringing of human resources contributing to development of the sustainable society, higher than 300,000 seem to take an entrance examination for it so far in the whole country. Mr. Hiromi of social studies calls the whole school, and many students challenge it every year.

[the second open school] I hold this

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
Blessed with weather, I held the second open school.
I greeted many customers and had you participate in "a public class" or "the school introduction by the student". There was "the experience-based class" that challenged drone operation by the online English conversation and programming with the New Zealand student and was able to have pleasure and the charm of the star in dawn fully feel.

[course lecture, parents' association] I carry this out [3, four years]

Category:Middle and high schools,Three years,Four years,Parents' association
In the parents' association of a third grader (in the third year of junior high school), the fourth grader (in the first year of high school), I invited Mr. Ichiro Ishikawa played an active part in the Saint Domingo school as a curriculum manager today and performed a course lecture.
They had you have various talks titled "education demanded from now on", and the students answered a question from Mr. Ishikawa seriously and happily.
Thank you for telling that Mr. Ishikawa was precious.

In addition, thank you, protectors who came today.

[communication contest] I carry this out [one year]

Category:Event,Junior high school,One year
A first grader carried out "Communication Contest".
In our school, I work on an original English class, and "GU" (Global Understanding) calls it "WE" (World Englishes) in the high school at the junior high school. I showed power of listening and the speaking that I learned in an everyday class and announced the English conversation with Shane teacher although being a pleasure.
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