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[synthesis] I participate in "quest cup 2022" [three years]

Category:News,Junior high school,Three years
1 team which won an award for excellence in a qualifier participated in the first stage of "QUESTCUP 2022" held on Saturday, February 19.
"Quest education" is the search learning program that the junior and senior high school students of about 56,000 whole country work on. The third grader worked on "a company research section" (corporate access) through the year and experienced the internship to the company and continued learning about significance or the economic activities of working.
The message of the team where I participated in is published in the quest education's HP.

[receiving a prize] Ballet contest [Negishi]

Category:News,Commendation,Junior high school,Three years
Rie Negishi Kaori in the third year of junior high school participated in "Japan Ballet Competition Shiga 2022" held in Shiga on Saturday, February 12, and she shined with the sixth place wonderfully.
In addition, I get the participation in "Russian St. Petersburg gallaperformance & master class 2022" right as a judge special prize. Negishi, really congratulations.
[C05] Classical ballet section eighth grader ... third grader (woman)
<program, belonging group>
 Than the best curtain in raimonda
 Mayumi Fujita ballet classroom

[receiving a prize] Presentation contest [English club]

Category:Commendation,High school,Club
2 teams participated in "the third English presentation contest" held on Sunday, February 13 hosted by Fukuyama Heisei University. It became the contest in the format to post a video on by a corona evil, but I cooperated together and repeated preparations and was able to win a bronze medal wonderfully.
All of English clubs, really congratulations.

・Twinkle Fairies
 "A Day in the Life of an Akenohoshi Student"
・Team Hoshiko
 "Covid vs. Canada Trip:Discovering our Local Charm"

[one piece of today]

Category:Middle and high schools
It is the state of the school building in dusk when the sun was about to set.
It is one piece that I photographed when I canceled the leaving school of students, but a school building and the contrast of the blue sky spreading behind to be dyed in the setting sun are really beautiful after school. The school building shining so much is attractive one of the stars of the few dawn elsewhere.

[speech contest] I carry this out [4 or 5 years]

Category:Event,High school,Four years,Five years
A speech contest was held in a fourth grader (in the first year of high school), fifth graders (in the second year of high school), and the student of the representative of class announced it. To hear an opinion and the thought along the theme of each school year, it is an opportunity to open various views and knowledge.

Fourth grader theme "international"
<title> * Perfect translation
        ・Interest and indifference
A fifth grader "freedom theme"
<title> ・ "left-handed person" having told me
        ・"It is dangerous" is dangerous
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