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Concert of the third new year

"A concert of the third new year"
[the date and time] Monday, March 21, 2022
    Opening 13:30/start 14:00
    No charge for admission
[venue] The mountain which has citizens of Hiroshima Cultural Center
Part 1
・A march is it-style than "Karelia" suite
・Disco kid
・Pirates of Cali lesbian
Part 2
・Flute dolce (flute trio)
・Three Dances/3 horn dance music (the brass ensemble)
・Brandenburg Concertos (string music ensemble)
・Merry-go-round of the life
・Thesis of the cruel angel
・Bohemian rhapsody
・mamma mia
・The best of the Beatles
It was the situation not to get not to practice under the influence of a new infectious disease in limited time, but worked on an exercise this year while valuing the connection between members. I feel big joy in having been able to hold a concert in this way today. I put the thought of thanks to the people who always supported club activities and played it.
Thank you, all of you who came.

Flyer (PDF)

Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct)
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