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The third semester closing ceremony address
 I transmitted a certificate of merit now. It is the proof that many people played an active part in many aspects for this semester.
 I gave all of calligraphy club the principal Prize of this semester. In limited time, he/she recognized the handwriting such as a seasonal work, the thanks to a graduate, the welcome to a new pupil. I think that the stairs of the north hall north side are on the second to the third floor, and everybody has seen a work of the calligraphy club posted on the landing going up. I felt that I showed generosity and a feeling of thankfulness with a book with the splendor of the book. It was many wonderful works which I thought about really well. As for the protector who saw a work "is fantastic. I was praised saying a heart is relieved. It is a prize that I stand on such a point of view. Thank you very much.
 In addition, I considered what there was and was just a wonderful approach to be able to evaluate that he/she showed new directionality by the plan that did an inventive idea very much, and to deserve a prize including inflection such as the remote online while all of student council executives could not carry out a conventional activity. Thank you.

 Well, we had temporary closure of about one month for this one year because of a new coronavirus infectious disease, too and were forced to cancellation by the main events such as a memorial festival bazaar, the athletic meet. I had such an effect and, for the first semester, performed classes that I shortened it during the period for in a class and summer holiday every Saturday. Everybody thought that it was tough, too, but the recovery was completely possible in a class.
 The aim this year "brought up a life, generosity, a feeling of thankfulness".
 I took 15,899 immeasurable holy lives away from the unprecedented great earthquake disaster that was far beyond an assumption at 14:46 on March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake to be said to be the worst natural disaster after the war for ten years until now.
 I have you see a part of the picture of the TV drama "medical examiner morning glory" here, but will give some explanations about scene setting. Mother of the main character morning glory was missing by the Great East Japan Earthquake. As a result of having looked for a place considered that daughter namely mother of the morning glory was washed away hard, the grandfather of the morning glory was doing it for the bread which found one tooth, and believed it when it was the thing of the daughter, and kept it carefully, and lived. The morning glory is asked the evaluation, and on study it was revealed that is the thing of other people, but is not the tooth of mother on a grandfather; handed it to an original relative without telling it.
 (picture preview of the scene which an original relative hands to father of a morning glory and the morning glory saying that I have imprisonment of a tooth at one time)
 The activity that continues looking for the proof that was valid at the shores is still carried out. Like this drama, I leave a still deep scratch. We must not forget a lesson to value sorrow and the life of the stricken area that suffered serious damage.
 In addition, there were many irreplaceable lives and, in this year, was robbed of it in the unexpected situation because of a new coronavirus infectious disease, and life forced to patience and *nan continued. A heart of the generosity becomes important simply because I did it this way. I lose a person infected with new coronavirus and the family, discrimination and prejudice to healthcare workers, and first graders who knew citrus ribbon exercise to aim at the area that anyone is easy to live for, the approach makes 1,000 ribbon and presents it to medical institutions. It is distributed in the Fukuyama station square screening society of the movie "bean jam" which is the lead product in the end of Kirin Kiki of the actor who this approach creates a big sensation, and an area can come to take it, and is held on this month 27, and I am invited to the screening society. It was the wonderful activity that the consideration of everybody embodied.
 And I thank you. Kazumi Yasui of the songwriter "thank you with the thing which left! It is said, it will be that a certain what and I am surrounded by thank you in this. "Thank you", the representative of the words representing thanks thinks. Please look around a rotation. Does much "thank you" not roll?
 I will do it at a school overflowing in consideration and thank you while further valuing a life in the next fiscal year.
 It was a day to hand a diploma to everybody, but should have been originally correspondence with the remote under the influence of a new coronavirus infectious disease today other than 1, three years. The number of the new coronavirus infected people is in the news with ceasing to fall, the emergency declaration cancellation, but the infected person due to the morph virus appears in the prefecture, and the unpredictable situation continues. We live a life while taking the infectious disease measures such as three secrets evasion, mask wearing, thorough hand-washing well sequentially, and let's invite a new school year and the new year when it is well.
 As for fifth graders, a spring special curriculum begins. It is finally the beginning of high school life last stage for own dream. I had the experiences about mental attitude of the daily study methods and examination period, examination school measures talk from a graduate in this year the other day. Please spend each day not to make any regret carefully while taking the experiences of seniors into account.

The principal Onoda civilization
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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