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[religion] Search for good toko

Category:Junior high school,Three years
I performed work to look for the good place of the friend titled "how to make of the identity" at time of the religion of the third grader.
I wrote it to fill the paper which put the good place of the friend who sent it to the entrance, and could not readily usually say on the back. I wrestled very happily while being embarrassed a little. Does everybody not do search for good tokoro of a friend and the family, too? ? Surely it is the wonderful time when each other's bonds deepen! !

[Rosary] First grader

Category:Junior high school,One year
A first grader works on the making of Rosary this year at time of the religion.
After having received a blessing of father, the completed Rosary is sent to the port of Yokohama. On the big ship such as the building, I pray for security and the happiness of the voyage of a sailor carrying baggage all over the world, and a first grader makes it heartily every year. So that the prayer of students touches many sailors; ...

[learning] Star Elementary School of the dawn

Category:Elementary school
As one of the approaches of daily learning, a child of star Elementary School of the dawn came.
These children asked sister Aoki a various question in spirit voice until the end of about history or the angelus of medium- and high-levels in the group which chose the medium- and high-levels. I know the medium- and high-levels even a little and would appreciate your learning.

[student morning gathering]

Category:Middle and high schools
As infectious disease measures, a student morning gathering using online was practiced.
After "the bell mark week" from a person in charge of service and the news about "a collection of the ring pull", the club introduction video which students photographed was shown. Activity contents or an aim were announced, and power and the enthusiasm that each club overflowed came!

[entrance into a school of higher grade information Festa] I participate in this

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I participated in "an entrance into a school of higher grade information festival" held online.
It became the first online briefing session in our school, but, by the guidance from a teacher of "study circle Terra" of the sponsorship, was able to fully tell you about the safety, the charm of the star in dawn. All of you who had you participate, thank you very much.
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