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[2020] What's New news

2021 school bus route map
I updated a school bus route map of 2021.
Completion type
 In 2020, a completion type was held by ZOOM campus broadcast.
"I began with closure of a school, dispersion school attendance and started in June in earnest. The Star Festival of the dawn was called off and was a year of the patience that it was not possible for to have done it commonly very a lot so far. They worked on being able to do it hard, and, as for everybody, both the heart and the body greatly just grew up in that.
As for everybody, one school year advances from April. Each one is the present school year, and "the thing that became possible", please advance to the new school year with confidence in what "I came to understand". I think that I want you to become the person who continues making an effort with a guide steadily." I had words in this.
Fun society, cleaning
 Completion-type today! I did fun society in a class. I spent a comic dialogue, music, magic, last happy time including the charade. The fifth grader was doing the cleaning of the class hard. I would like it as the most upper grades from April.
Countdown! To a graduation ceremony! It is 2nd in this
 "Don't leave any garbage when you leave"
As for the sixth grader, cleaning including in front of image of in front of classroom, restroom, dropping ground, school building, Jesus works.
"I clean the classroom which I used for one year to the every corner and think that I want the next sixth grader to spend it comfortably."
"I cleaned it heartily so that star Elementary School of the dawn when I was taken care of became beautiful."
"The lower scaffold which I always used for six years! It is full of appreciation. meteo which included it put a heart and cleaned it."

Commendation ceremony
 Today's talk morning gathering is a commendation ceremony of national language, arts and crafts, the home economics. It was performed by campus broadcast in ZOOM.
Part Miekichi Suzuki Prize of the national language     Four fine works
Meeting special prize of the part China early childhood art of arts and crafts
     Fukuyama child "living" art exhibition award for excellence
                    Prize for encouragement
14 Kanji Test highest award three award for excellence nine accessit
Part 17th helmet sea menu contest of the home economics
      "I look forward to morning! Three people male for breakfast award for excellence six years which balances, and improves

"It was a corona evil and I was not able to carry out enough activities, but piled up activities to write such as calligraphy or arts and crafts, composition including music and the physical education this year. It seems to grow wealthily. I had the words from the principal saying I will connect this approach in the next fiscal year.

I updated president blog
I updated president blog.
Sixth grader traditional culture
 The sixth grader learned the tea ceremony that was traditional culture in Japan.
A hanging scroll of "mujizekijin" (this comes safely and appoints it)! A meaning to say, "thing, it that I spent safely to here are precious" in a Zen term. It is just enough plainly safely. The children kept these words in mind well.
 In addition, through experiences such as the tea-serving manners and mine of the teacake, I learned the importance of acquiring tactful movement and the beautiful conduct, manner.
The last art time B class in this year
The last art time A class of this year
 The last art time in this year! It is started today by broadcast of Mr. Kadota! All throb! Is heated; is heated!
I observed teachers in charge well and got a characteristic and described it with a feeling of thankfulness of one one year. The collected studies of one year!

Parting ball game meet
 A parting ball game meet hosted by a parents' association was held.
This year is the child vs. the staff! Are children shiny with eyes? I let you glare and am enthusiastic. As for first game 6A vs. the staff second game, 6B vs. the staff third game is 6A vs. 6B. The children challenge a teacher without mercy. The teacher team does its best, too……
 The result is 23 points of 6B teams. 20 points of 6A teams. It was precious. It is also teacher team 6 points! I had it stolen completely. The teamwork that I cultivated for power and six years of children was fantastic. Become page 1 of the memory…
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