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[school festival] I hold this [online]

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
As for the school festival of this year, on-line as infectious disease measures; became held.
I spent long time and continued examining holding, but, including the student of the student council executives, there were an idea and cooperation of many teachers and was able to invite a day called today. I was impressed by the splendid performance of each club and the effort of all of the student council! Thank you for the wonderful school festival to warm of the heart like the star of the dawn!


Category:Junior high school,One year,Two years
LHR every school year was performed to the seventh lesson today.
The first grader prepared for the announcement of "the occupation interview" that I worked on in summer vacation. All the members seem to give presentation using application of iPad.
The second grader makes the introduction of the newspaper article on a theme called "the welfare" as one of the approaches of "Language Arts" (linguistic education). All the members are going to announce it later in each class.

[national high school synthesis school festival] WEB holding

Category:News,Middle and high schools,Club
The 44th whole country High School synthesis school festival was held.
I am affected by the infectious disease and am performed this year as "WEB SOUBUN" which utilized the Internet for the first time. Three clubs of our school participate. As it is released until Saturday, October 31, please see it by all means.
● Literary arts section
● Instrumental music, musical performance section

[closure of a school]

Category:Middle and high schools
The very strong typhoon No.10 seemed to come close with large size most this morning in Hiroshima.
Some storms from last night calm down, too, and solar light occasionally comes in through the gap of the cloud. I thought about the security of the student to the first today and was closed. We rest while working on home schooling by each person, and let's do the fatigue that piled up to a body on 1st to take.

[temporary suspension of business] Of this news (9/7)

Category:Important!,Middle and high schools
A strong wind is expected during (9/7) morning tomorrow, and, with an approach of the typhoon No.10, concern occurs for security of the school attendance. In addition, our school will do it with suspension of business in temporariness because the means of transportation are already from JR Sanyo Main Line Mihara and to the west and are from Fukuen Line Fuchu and to the north, and the Kure Line whole line announces the driving cancellation of the whole day, and disorder may occur for the service such as other sections or buses tomorrow.
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