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[corporate access] I carry this out

Category:Junior high school,Three years
A third grader worked on corporate access in time for synthesis.
I carried out the questionary survey every six companies, and last month reported the result using online. The analysis of students had a high evaluation from a lot of discovery only by the teens from the company.

[the district entirety] Championship [gymnastics]

Category:News,Commendation,Junior high school,Club
Four students participated in "Fukuyama district Junior High School spring entirety gymnastics" held on Saturday, June 11 and were commended in many sections.
The next and it joins forces with the goal of higher winning a prize by a prefectural tournament held in July together and works hard at daily exercises.
・Ishida, Kurushima, Ono, wisteria Saki
・Women's individual synthesis: Championship, the second place, the third place
・Vault    : Championship, the second place, the third place
・Balance beam   :Championship, the second place, the third place
・The uneven parallel bars: Championship, the second place, the third place
・Floor    : Championship, the second place, the third place


Category:Event,Middle and high schools
I will hold "the first open school" tomorrow (6/18)!
It was done a renovation, and the first-floor hall was reborn as the very wonderful space to this event. The star of the dawn pushes forward reliable step to the next steppe by one step while following a past tradition.

[lecture] I carry this out [Torikama]

Category:News,Middle and high schools
Of Saturday, June 11 carried out the lecture for the teacher after school.
Including "Hiroshima Prefectural starfish High School is attractive PJ" of Osaki-Kamijima greeted various Hiroyuki Torikama who was able to continue practicing, and had tell on the theme called "the making of school which started from "the research" in the future". Only by concrete content based on past experience, it was a valuable opportunity with much learning.

[GTEC] I take an entrance examination for this [six years]

Category:High school,Six years
A sixth grader (in the third year of high school) challenged GTEC.
GTEC can measure growth of the English ability continuously, and the official score can utilize "talking" for the university entrance exam by score type 4 skill official approval of "I write it" "reading" "hearing it". Growth rate of the score is appreciated, and, in last year, this school year wins "prize for encouragement".
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
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TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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