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[courtyard] The rose

Category:Middle and high schools
The wonderful rose blooms in the flower bed of the courtyard.
A fine day becomes the forecast to continue this week until Friday. By the gentle sunlight like the autumn, as for the rose, a feeling looks good.

[Tokyo campus tour] I carry this out [the second day]

Category:Middle and high schools,Three years,Four years
I visited the University of Tokyo and observed a classroom and the facilities in the campus.
Active students guided you together and asked you about the detailed explanation about university. In addition, there were school life and the story about studying, and it was a valuable experience to think about own course for the students.
<impression of the student>
(three years)
・To hear the story of Univ. of Tokyo student, it was good to listen to a book and a real experience not to understand on TV.
・I got courage toward the Univ. of Tokyo even from the district without being shy.
・I went to three universities and thought that an atmosphere entirely varied according to universities.
(four years)
・Not university of the unattainable object, I thought that the geniuses of the effort were universities which gathered than I thought.
・It had much information about university, and it was good to listen to the actual voice of the active university student.

[synthesis] SOCIAL CHANGE [two years]

Category:Junior high school,Two years
I carried out school year Grand Prix selection party of "SOCIAL CHANGE" where a second grader worked on in a class of the synthesis.
The representative group of each class got ready while honing presentation for this day. I conveyed thought or a background to hang in their plans in question while there were the scathing question and indication of teachers.

[Tokyo campus tour] I leave in this

Category:Middle and high schools,Three years,Four years
A third grader and a fourth grader (in the first year of high school) went for "a campus tour" of Tokyo.
This time was the first event, and there was the guidance of the school festival of Waseda University and Ochanomizu University by the graduate, too and was able to enjoy the atmosphere of the campus. I will visit the University of Tokyo tomorrow.

[lecture] House [two years] of the apricot

Category:Junior high school,Two years
The second grader heard a story of Kodama of "the house of the apricot" last week (11/5) in a class of the synthesis.
I was able to know what kind of people the cloth "saori texture" of the drawstring purse which I made was woven in home economics by by what kind of thought deeply. Kodama who was a graduate made use looking for the thing that "I could make into it" of people with an obstacle and talked about the joy of being alive for others powerfully.
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