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[English] I challenge a skit [four years]

Category:High school,Four years
A fourth grader (in the first year of high school) challenged a skit (short play) in an English class.
At time of WE [World Englishes] which is our school original subject, I work on the improvement of 4 skills (I read and write it and hear it and talk) with Shane teacher. All pairs devised a theme and contents, an expression method, and a figure to learn although being a pleasure was impressive.

[course guidance] I carry this out [four years]

Category:High school,Four years,Parents' association
A fourth grader (in the first year of high school) carried out a parents' association.
I moved to a hall after the visit in a class and asked you about a story titled "fixing the eyes on after graduation, and doing the best now" from Takahashi in charge of our school of Benesse. From the big theme called the new course entrance examination, the students listened to it with an earnest expression by concrete content to be able to work on from today including an occupation and the study method.

[news current events ability test test] I carry this out [2/13]

Category:News,Middle and high schools
Targeting at applicants, I carried out news official approval.
I read and decipher a newspaper and news reports of TV and develop power to conjugate, and, by the official approval for the purpose of authorizing it, the student that there is many it challenges it every year. I am made questions from politics and economy, living, society, environment, international five fields, and it is one of the opportunity to promote general current events power.

[experimental class] I carry this out [2/13]

Category:Junior high school,One year
Secondary to last week, I carried out an experimental class in seventh graders.
It is one of the projects aiming at "upbringing of the own learner whom I judged" in the UpdateLearning course of the junior high school new course system beginning in the next fiscal year. I challenged the prime factor resolution using the application of iPad and competed for high score for each group.

[synthesis] Origami [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year
The first grader greeted Mr. Yoshiko Sakuta of the origami lecturer yesterday (2/14) in time for synthesis.
After having asked you about a story about "the origami" which was traditional culture in Japan, I broke "u" and "the crane" which were the sexagenary cycle in this year together. I was able to spend wonderful time with Sakuta while loading a fold of one one with a heart.
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