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[winning a prize] The prefectural entirety [swimming]

Category:Commendation,High school,Four years
Yua Mitani participated in "Hiroshima High School championship swimming meeting" held on Sunday, June 26 for four years (in the first year of high school) and succeeded in winning a prize wonderfully.
Participation decides Mitani in a meeting in the end of July in China. Even the next meeting does its best, and please do your best.
・The women's 100 meters butterfly seventh place
・The women's 200 meters butterfly seventh place

[commendation] Takehiko Kurushima children's story prize

Category:Commendation,High school,Five years
A fifth grader (in the second year of high school) applied for "the fourth Takehiko Kurushima children's story prize - child creation children's story contest ..." and won grand prix and a fine work in the part of the high school student wonderfully.
Unfortunately I was not able to participate in a commendation ceremony, but a wonderful souvenir reached each one. Students whom I won, really congratulations.

<part of the high school student>
・Grand prix
 "Great war by New Year's dishes" Yuri Eto
・Fine work
 Of "island this, a desk is village" Aika Fukue
 "Good night. Good night." Eri Ohara

[synthesis] ENAGEED CORE [four years]

Category:High school,Four years
The fourth grader (in the first year of high school) pushes forward a research activity while utilizing "ENAGEED CORE" in time for synthesis.
I did an activity to acquire "power to think about things in the position of the partner" until the last time, and to bring about +α. I experienced "people and a sense to produce bigger value by moving forward each other" together this time.

[synthesis] SOCIAL CHANGE [two years]

Category:Junior high school,Two years
The second grader works on "SOCIAL CHANGE" in a class of the synthesis.
I looked for "the person who was in trouble in the world" in this Step and challenged group work to think about what you were in trouble in for what kind of reason. From an immediate person to a world person, I was able to give active opinions while imagining thought and the position of each person.

[synthesis] The Vision [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year
A first grader worked on "The Vision" in time for synthesis.
Each student researches the way and way of life like oneself. I gathered up having floated in the mind under the theme of "I express the figure which wanted to have oneself freely" this time and the thing that I hit on by words or an illustration, and all the members announced.
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
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TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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