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[Noto reconstruction aid volunteer]

Category:High school,Four years
2024.3.22 - 25

To the area that suffered serious damage by the Noto, Ishikawa peninsula earthquake that occurred on January 1, 2024, five students (in the first year of high school) of our school and sister left for the volunteer. After the volunteer activity, I am going to hand the earnings of the reconstruction aid bazaar that I visit the Kanazawa Catholic Church and performed on campus.
Friday, March 22: Five fourth graders (in the first year of high school) leave Fukuyama
Saturday, March 23, 24th Sunday: Shika-machi volunteer center
I finish registration in a volunteer center of Shika-machi and hear about today's work content. Five students participating in a volunteer work hard at work silently, and it is surprised by people working together.
Monday, March 25: I visit the support center of this
I visited a certain "noto support center" in the Kanazawa Catholic Church and I carried out this activity and reported it. In addition, I handed money that had enough reconstruction aid bazaar earnings and a student council playing a key role, and collecting resources. I leave Kanazawa and am going to return to Fukuyama this afternoon.

[curriculum special for (five years in) spring] Business trip to Hiroshima University lecture

Category:High school,Five years
The fifth grader (in the second year of high school) carries out a special curriculum every year during spring vacation for the next fiscal year becoming the examinee.
I invited 栁hara*wakyoju of the Hiroshima University advanced scientific graduate course mathematics program of science and technology, Mr. Mariko Yamamura today and had you perform a business trip lecture. Titled "mathematics ... in cluster analysis - data science", I had by grouping data according to a rule, teach it about technique called "clustering" to find a tendency not to know at a glance by the number data. I actually performed the clustering using the data which the student collected, and I was, and the student who raised the surprise with the result worked hard while there was the harmonious atmosphere.
It was at the opportunity to think about the advice about the examination for university particularly the interview for the university examination that approached for mine, students one year later some other time from 栁harasakisei finally of the lecture.
I taught it in particular, and, 栁harasakisei, Mr. Yamamura, thank you very much while you're busy.

[Fukuyama dream, future flowering project] I announced it in this

Category:News,Junior high school,Two years
On Wednesday, March 20, an eiko net for the second year of junior high school announced it in the practice briefing session of the project of the Fukuyama-shi sponsorship. This project is a project to support a challenge for a young people's voluntary town planning activity and the realization of the dream. I worked on various activities in cooperation with the student of other schools and announced the result magnificently.

[(five years) synthesis] Personal research briefing session (poster session)

Category:High school,Five years
I decided a theme about a certain thing of own interest, interest from the second semester, and the fifth grader (in the second year of high school) researched an individual.
I collected a thing or own thought that I studied into one piece of poster and announced in front of a classmate and a younger student (in the second year of junior high school), a teacher in time for today's synthesis. The students talked about own study lively.

[new pupil orientation] I carry this out [high school]

Category:Event,High school
I carried out orinteshon targeting at the students who entered the high school in the next fiscal year.
After explanation about the entrance to school, I performed uniform measuring or the article purchase. I am looking forward to being able to see everybody again in April when the cherry blossoms of the slope meet the full bloom.
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