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[English presentation contest] Gold medal receiving a prize

Category:High school,Four years,Five years
On Saturday, February 17, seven students of the English club of our school participated in the fifth high school student English presentation contest in Fukuyama Heisei University.
I won a wonderful gold medal while eight 13 teams in Hiroshima participated.
[as a result of contest]
A gold medal (the first place): Hiromi Danjo (in the first year of high school), Chisako Yoshida (in the first year of high school)
The fourth place: Tsukuda Wakana (in the first year of high school), Kaho Ninomiya (in the first year of high school), subedibumikara (in the first year of high school)
The sixth place: eiko peach (in the second year of high school), berets Akemi (in the second year of high school)

[(one year) parents' association] I carry this out

Category:Junior high school,One year,Parents' association
On Saturday, February 17, I carried out the parents' association of the first grader (in the first year of junior high school). After a lecture of Mr. Nishida of the school counselor, I introduced one-year step as "the announcement of the first grader". I was able to announce radio drama, public speaking, a Saint drama, the result of the everyday learning including the apron fashion show. Thank you, protectors who participated.

[Stanford e-Hiroshima] Briefing session

Category:High school,Five years
The eiko peach of the fifth grader (in the second year of high school) participated in "Stanford e-Hiroshima" and performed a briefing session in front of the student of the school year.
In "Stanford e-Hiroshima" performed by cooperation of Stanford University of the United States, a high school student watches a lecture of Stanford University and can perform an English discussion between attendance students.
Nagato gave a presentation on a problem of the peace education of Japan in English.

[Hiroshima High School total sentence] I exhibit it at the display section

Category:High school
"Hiroshima High School synthesis school festival display section Fukuyama, Fuchu district exhibition" was held in Fukuyama Museum of Art during a period of Monday for from Tuesday, February 6 to 12th. I exhibited the work of five people at eight people, the calligraphy section in art, the crafts section. I was able to announce the result of the activity in the everyday club and class.

[guitar mandolin] I appear on Mikhail Festa

Category:Middle and high schools,Club
A guitar mandolin club of our school appeared on Mikhail Festa in the Catholic Fukuyama church on Sunday, February 11.
I played aria or Ghibli medley on the G-string and was able to have visitors enjoy it.
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