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[parents' association] I carry this out [two years]

Category:Junior high school,Two years,Parents' association
A second grader carried out a parents' association yesterday (11/24).
After the guidance about "new guidelines and the new course entrance examination" from school affairs "Setouchi challenge to be heated to be heated!" of last month I performed a briefing session that I was assigned to this. I announced that oneself experienced all courses of the "sea kayaking" "octopus trap fishing" "trekking" hard.

[graduation name] I announce this

Category:High school,Six years
The 69th graduation name "meeting of hoshikakeri" was given a sixth grader (in the third year of high school).
As for the graduation name with "the star" which is a symbol of our school, it is the eleventh graduate "star society of the sea" at the third quarter to continue in "desired star society" of the 27th batch. A request, "I want you to spend dense youth while letting the flower which let you bloom by each person's brightness greatly flap" "wants the various world to play an active part while flapping, and shining" is loaded two characters of this "hoshikakeri" with.

[parents' association] I carry this out [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year,Parents' association
A first grader carried out a parents' association.
We have a lecture in a class after visit in a hall, from the school affairs department about "newly education of the course and new university entrance exam" from the student leadership about "how to use rule and SNS of the bicycle concerned with traffic law of revision road" had to talk. He/she participated, and thank you very much while you're busy.

[Chugoku Shimbun-sha] I publish it in this [graduate]

Category:News,Middle and high schools
The article of the graduate who played an active part in "the hill offset printing office" in Daikokucho was published in Chugoku Shimbun-sha (11/19).
A third grader visited it in a career plan and did the workplace experience last month. The students have big stimulation from a graduate who plays an active part in the society while doing child care, too. We will support a graduate doing the best towards a big dream from now on.

[occasion rose tree] I install this

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I had you cooperate with all of you of "the Tenmaya Department Store hapitaumpotopuraza shop" yesterday (11/19) and displayed the Christmas tree which broke it, and was decorated with a rose of the students handicraft.
It is the very wonderful tree that the theme of this year is "an elegant colorful tree", and many wishes were put. On a visit, please see it by all means.
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