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[synthesis] Presentation [five years]

Category:High school,Five years
The fifth grader (in the second year of high school) goes to Kagoshima for a school excursion in October.
I made the tour plan for high school girls in time for synthesis and I had you participate toward the travel agency and announced it. A plan is worked out in a clear concept, and all groups are to be actually utilized by a school excursion.

[synthesis] Career plan 3 [three years]

Category:Junior high school,Three years
A third grader in October "career plan 3 carry out a hometown company visit".
The informal appointment notification with the company name to visit in time for last synthesis in the first semester was handed. I talked about the enthusiasm to a desired motive and company visit, and the interview with teachers determined the company to visit.
I visit 16 companies in Fukuyama-shi this year. I leave the school, and a throb is excited now at a company visit to work on only in students.

[event] Guidance of the summer camp

Category:Middle and high schools
It is hosted by InspireHigh, and do you not participate in "1day summer camp 2022 to make the class of "the peace" with a peace activist of Hiroshima" that our school becomes the held cooperation school? It is held online on August 22.
Please apply by each person with the following link.

[protector round-table conference] I carry this out

Category:Middle and high schools,Parents' association
A protector round-table conference started on today.
In the first-floor hall, the sale of the article by all of parents' associations and a donation activity to Ukraine were carried out. Thank you very much for handmade accessory and burizabudofurawa, much cooperation including the reuse sale of the uniform.

[closing ceremony]

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
I held a closing ceremony for the first semester.
I paid more attention to being able to do it and continued just challenging it variously while coming under a big influence of the wave of the new coronavirus infectious disease. By the message from the principal, "a tower of the Virgin Mary" which lighted up the hope was introduced to be a dream built by the Sagrada Familia church in Spain Barcelona with a video.
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