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[tree name plate] I make this [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year
A first grader produced a tree name plate.
I worked in a combination class of science and the art while having you offer a plate from the foundation of the NISSEI green, and making use of what I observed a plant of the campus and checked. On a visit to a school, please see an only wonderful tree name plate in the world.

[Hiroshima University] I visit this [3 or 4 years]

Category:News,Middle and high schools,Three years,Four years
A raw applicant visited Hiroshima University for three or four years on Friday, March 24.
I observed frog spawn with a microscope in the amphibians research center and called about study contents of teachers. I talked with a teacher about a question centering on talks with a student in the department of education and deepened interest interest in study. In addition, I heard a story about the university entrance exam and the student life from a graduate of our school. I knew the atmosphere of university and the department by visiting university and seem to have actually got zukio to be going to be new.
Thank you, teachers of university which had you cooperate with this visit, students.

[slope of cherry blossoms] Flowering information

Category:News,Middle and high schools
The flowering of the cherry blossoms of the slope began.
6th is earlier than an average year, and the flowering of Hiroshima is like Tuesday, March 28 on expectation day in full blossom. It seems to be difficult until an entrance ceremony of April, but cherry blossoms in full bloom seem to please our eyes this year.

[the principal Prize] I win this [student council]

Category:Commendation,Middle and high schools
The member of the student council executives was chosen as "the principal Prize" of this semester.
I did a new challenge so that few, all the students could spend satisfying school life while there was various limitation by a corona evil while doing the invention that there was many it including the online use and the production of the video. All of student council executives, thank you very much.

[concert] I guide you of this [indoor orchestral music]

Category:News,Middle and high schools,Club
An indoor orchestral music club will hold "a concert of the fourth new year" tomorrow (3/21).
I provide our performance heartily to be able to spend happy time to many people. All the members look forward to your visit.
[the date and time] March 21 Tuesday (holiday)
    The curtain rises at opening/14:00 at 13:30
[venue] The mountain which has citizens of Hiroshima Cultural Center
    No charge for admission
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct)
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