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Category:Middle and high schools
You always see information of the star of the dawn, and thank you very much.
A spokesperson becomes a relief as of today. Continue pursuing instant when the star of the dawn shines; and 20 several years. It is full of appreciation for many people who supported it until now. I would appreciate your understanding about the instructional activity of our school and cooperation in future.

[private school meeting] I participate in this [basketball]

Category:High school,Club
High school basketball club participated in "the 25th Hiroshima private high school girl basketball meeting" held on Thursday on 30th on Wednesday, March 29.
17 teams participated and finished a 2-day meeting by four wins 0 defeats. It was the team only for five, but I won against a game to compete for while trying a variation of the defense and was two days with the crop. I exceed it in the inter-school athletic meet district qualifier of April and try a prefectural tournament of the end of May to participate.
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・Notre Dame pure soul
・Hiroshima nagisa

[slope of cherry blossoms] Flowering information

Category:News,Middle and high schools
The cherry blossoms of the slope meet the full bloom.
During long time, I am brought up carefully by many people, and, in our school, there is the cherry tree which continues watching students. Joy to reach spring is full of the beautiful figures in full glory and overflows.

[religion] Pray [four years]

Category:High school,Four years
A fourth grader (in the first year of high school) visited the monastery in the class of the religion and prayed together.
There are the infectious disease measures until now, in the temple of Confucius was not able to pray. I matched a heart and was able to give thanks and prayer while looking back on this one year in the last class.

[Hiroshima Cup] The fifth place [basketball]

Category:Commendation,Junior high school,Club
I participated in "the 23rd Hiroshima cup" that junior high school basketball club was held in Hatsukaichi-shi sports complex on Tuesday on Monday, March 27, 28th.
A private junior high school (10 teams, women's 12 teams for men) in the prefecture participates; and for a result of the fifth place. There was little number of people, but I finished fighting with all the teams by four games in two days and had words of praise from the teacher of other schools even if "I failed saying it was saying it was forward and is a comfortable team". All the teams will do their best for the entirety as a team from now on in spring of June.
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