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[holiday exercise]

Category:Middle and high schools,Club
In hot sunlight, many students work hard at an exercise on a holiday.
The opening ceremony of the 32nd Game of the Olympiad Tokyo Games was held last night, and Olympics in the second Japan where it was 57 years since then became held. I have effect of the new coronavirus infectious disease and it is "the festival" that is full of exceptional cases, but wants to support the achievement of participating many players. In the star of this dawn, a future athlete does the best towards a dream!

[class] Debate (six years)

Category:High school,Six years
A sixth grader (in the third year of high school) worked on debate under the theme of brain death as a living thing and a class of "the gokyoka, subject type" of the modern sentence.
I learned about the structure of the brain in the class of the living thing and made questions for each group. I collected materials after the return and talked about it using MetaMoJi and argued eagerly.

[closing ceremony]

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
I held a closing ceremony for the first semester.
Put mind together together while there were various limits by a corona evil for this semester, and by one step was able to push forward step while valuing now. I had much cooperation and ideas of students, and it was at a fantastic term with the big learning while devising it.
The Bible reading
Student representative greetings
Story of the student instruction
The principal Prize (athletic meet red group cheering party)
General cleaning (the front entrance)
General cleaning (slope)

[protector round-table conference] I carry this out②

Category:Middle and high schools
I carry out a protector round-table conference from yesterday.
The waiting room which became cool is prepared for the floor of each school year with an air-conditioner, and the screening of the video which gathered up the states of display and the presentation of the work which students worked on for this semester is performed. The protectors who visited a school, thank you very much while you're busy.

[championship] Prefectural championship [diving]

Category:Commendation,Junior high school,Club,One year
Momoka Watanabe of the first grader played nihiroshin big wave in held "the 61st Hiroshima Junior High School swimming meet diving" on Sunday, July 18 and won the championship at three items wonderfully.
Participation decided Watanabe in a national convention held in Chiba international general swimming ground in August. Watanabe, congratulations.

・The female springboard diving first place (300.55 points)
・The girls' high school diving first place (256.15 points)
・The female general first place (16 points)
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