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[cooperation research project] I participate in this

Category:News,High school
Jointly with Takatsuki High School, Meisei Senior High School, Okayama High School, I participate in the research project that three four years (in the first year of high school) and five years (in the second year of high school) two carry out in Osaki-Kamijima.
Sorioka, the high school of President Sunami and the tourist information center of the hotel refreshing breeze building were attractive and, on the first day, asked you about a story from Torikama engaged in a project. In addition, at walk and oldness and the museum of the cityscape that Kinoe was old, you told me about history, the industry of the island from President Sunami. Afterwards, I came back to the hotel and shared discovery that I maintained a one-day activity by a group.

[words to give it] To Mr. Takahashi

Category:Middle and high schools
Mr. Takahashi who poured much love for a student was resigned from for many years in this year.
Many students and teachers gave the sacred song "skill of the love" for a lesson with a gathering, a bouquet to convey past appreciation. In the severe instruction, the student that there is many it knows that there was the gentleness of the teacher who always yearns for the student.
Because even if "the skill of the love is small, it is filled with power of God. It will light up the world like the dark night like noon"
Mr. Takahashi, thank you very much. And still take care.

[GTEC] I win prize for encouragement [in the second year of high school]

Category:Commendation,High school,Five years
In our school, I carry out "GTEC" which is "score type English 4 skill official approval" targeting at high school students every year.
A fifth grader (in the second year of high school) won "prize for encouragement" given the school which score climbed into uniformity or more this time from last year. Let's try this receiving a prize for each aim in encouragement from now on!

Hiroshima University, laboratory visit [3, four years]

Category:Middle and high schools,Three years,Four years
The applicant of a third grader (in the third year of junior high school) and the fourth grader (in the first year of high school) visited the laboratory of Hiroshima University.
I chose the department with own interest, interest, and the students received a simulation class and enjoyed a valuable experience when they actually tested it.

[spring concert] I hold this [indoor orchestral music club]

Category:Middle and high schools,Club
I held "a spring concert".
It was the situation not to get not to practice under the influence of a new infectious disease in limited time, but worked on an exercise this year while valuing the connection between members.
I feel big joy in having been able to hold a concert in this way today. I put the thought of thanks to the people who always supported club activities and played it.
Thank you, all of you who came.
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