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[2022] What's New news

Slope of cherry blossoms
The children of the child club of the light are playing well
A graduate came to take a photograph
The cherry blossoms of the slope leading to the junior and senior high schools are in full bloom!

Completion type
The first grader is a large serving proceed in a rock, paper, scissors meet
The second grader did a rock, paper, scissors train
The fourth grader is a quiz meet
A fifth grader a drama
A performance
I did the magic show
Did you do it well?
Completion type
It is a completion type today.

As it is the last day to spend in each class
In each class
I did fun society.

I enjoyed it by various programs and games.

I held a completion type in a gymnasium after an interval of four years at four time.

From the principal
"The graduation ceremony of Saturday is all the current students of the excellent manner
 I was able to convey a feeling of congratulations.

 An elementary school reaches the 60th anniversary in the next fiscal year.
 It is the memorable year.
 Led by a new sixth grader becoming a leader
 Get along well with a friend
 I will make the school which can try all hard in peace.

 Hold comfortable greetings during spring vacation
 Make the bodies which do not lose to a virus
 Let's encounter the opening ceremony well."

 Called this had to talk.


Class difference
Certificate investiture
Fifth grader product
A corsage is a handicraft of the fifth grader, too
Corsage of the occasion rose
President address
Graduate address in reply
The skill of the love♪
Classroom of 6A
Classroom of 6B
Sixth grader product
The 54th batch
Everybody of 46 "meetings of the moonlight"

Congratulations on your graduation!
The day before graduation ceremony
With a certificate investiture coming tomorrow
I practiced the expression that the whole school children gathered after an interval of four years and held.

I practice one way of flow
I confirmed a curious place again.

As homage last as for three time a sixth grader
I cleaned the campus heartily.

In spending time in the school building which I went along for six years
It is another one day.

Music morning gathering
It was the last music morning gathering for the sixth grader.

For a certificate investiture of the day after tomorrow
I practiced "a school song" and "the skill of the love" in the whole school children.

From Mr. Aso of the music
"It is important what kind of feeling you sing with.
 As it is a ceremony, we are conscious of the posture, and let's sing."
Called this had to talk.

In many places of the campus
The display which current students dealt with was finished.

A day of the graduation approached…I feel this.

Commendation ceremony
The talk morning gathering was a commendation ceremony.

With a child to the time higher tenth place of "together so rou"
"The 82nd whole country education art exhibition"
"The 75th Miekichi Suzuki Prize"
It commended the prizewinner of "the 55th young people reading impressionistic essay contest".

I had the education art prize for encouragement by the national education art exhibition as a school.

After the commendation from the principal
"Own favorite thing in being good at it
It is fantastic to have gone seriously.

Late last week,
I do my best for a concert
To see the exercise of the guitar mandolin club and,
I listened to the song of the guest-shot chorus department that I did for the concert of medium- and high-levels.
Can see the figure which all shine with by varying
I was very glad.

I stay for the third semester, and there is a few it.
Let's do the one-year completion well."

Called this had to talk.

Kiyoharu society, graduation thanks mass <sixth grader>
In a temple of Confucius
In the training center
Talks that I am divided into the group
Graduation thanks mass
Child, protector, joint prayer by the class teacher
I dedicated my history, summary of the religion
It is another one week until graduation.

I give up elementary school life only in front of God calmly, and the sixth grader goes back
I spent a day to appreciate a blessing for 6 years.

The Kiyoharu society who began at praying in the temple of Confucius after an interval of four years.
Afterwards, move to the training center
With Father Frederick
I had a time to think about peace.

"What is the peace?" Be assigned to this
Having learned so far,
Based on what I heard in news
What is a thing disturbing peace?
What is made to make the peace? nadoo
We were divided into the group and talked about it.

From the afternoon in a gymnasium
A child, a protector, the staff of a school of the sixth grader give mass together
I appreciated past growth.

Book Talk <second grader>
I gather in the library room with all the second graders and am a class of the national language
I had you do Book Talk.
The lecturer is "picture book I see it comfortable ru" (miracle) representative nohoritamitsugisan.
The theme that I thought about for this day,
"Natural ... nature hears, and what do you think of? What kind of thing is artificiality? -"
A tempo was good, and an Osaka dialect introduced nine books.
It is easy to understand the difficult thing,
I talk about the deep thing happily brightly,
It looked like it touched the heart of children well.

The staff of a school studied the story of NDC (Japanese decimal classification), too.
From children
"There was the book which I wanted to read."
"I read like a quiz and was interesting."
"Share ruinokotogayokuwakatta."
"There was a lot of what I knew for the first time."
There was nadono impression.
The wonderful book which I came across this time,
I am going to purchase it to be readable anytime.
Let's run together
Part of the lower grades
I get a seal if I make a goal
Part of the upper grades
I completed it by star exercises of the dawn
It is the lower grades at two time
At three time the upper grades
I performed "so rou together".

Until now mainly on time for physical education
There was the voluntary child who practiced, and reached today.

Temperature rises unexpectedly
It was the condition that was severe for a long-distance running
I am encouraged for support of the house
For a personal best
I have finished running until a goal.

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