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Entrance ceremony
A sixth grader guided a new pupil to the classroom
"The etiquette!" that practiced the entrance ceremony
I practiced an answer and the song
I sang the appeal school song of the upper-class student and the skill of the love
When a new pupil "became a first grader", I sang o
The representative of the district explained commuting to and from school in front of a protector
Taking a ceremonial photograph
I held the 61st entrance ceremony.

Welcome to new pupils, star Elementary School of the dawn!

I will make a lot of pleasant memories from now on.

The star small news latest issue of the dawn
To protectors
I uploaded 4/8 star small news [the first] of the dawn issuance on the page for exclusive use of the protector.
Please enter the exclusive page by member ID and the password that you told you about in mameru.
The opening ceremony
Cherry blossoms in full bloom met children
Where is a class?
Whom is it the same class with?
Introduction of the teacher who was able to come newly
Announcement of the throb in charge
Introduction of the transference child
Children attend school well,
The new year began with cherry blossoms in full bloom after a long absence.

From the principal,
Through a knot last year of the 60th anniversary
It is a start with the feeling that is new for next 60 years.

Like the sisters who made the star of the dawn
I value a feeling to have an adventure and am not afraid of failure
I will challenge a new thing.

I keep hearty greetings in mind brightly
We use the words carefully, and we think about the feeling of the partner, and let's act.

Called this had to talk.

In a new school year, class,
One year with the new teacher in charge begins.

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