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Education lecture [parents' association]
I untied a body together before speaking
I held an education lecture hosted by a parents' association.
Kikue Nishiyama of the announcer at Fuji TV is had in the graduates of medium- and high-levels by a lecturer
"What is a gentle voice to surround the child? Parent and child ninarou - not to be afraid of ... failure"
I had you talk on a theme called this.

Experience in the child care again own as an announcer
I right talked in a gentle voice wrapped up.

What kind of feeling do you contact a child with?…Going zukioitadaki called this
I wanted to value the time of limited parent and child.

I have you rush after live broadcasting to Fukuyama,
Thank you for a valuable story.

U.S. 1 go campaign <parents' association>
Category:Daily events
"The U.S. 1 go campaign" of the parents' association service department
By a contribution activity of the rice to "the house of the encounter" of Osaka, pot ka saki
I follow in star Elementary School of the dawn from 1989.

For the worker that "the house of the encounter" has difficulty in daily life by various circumstances
As a large free lodging a free offer of the bed and board, a procedure for home care,
Activities such as medical consultation, life consultation, the life consultation are done.

The rice which children brought from each family
The officer of the service department received it and sent it to "the house of the encounter".

Christmas homage
Category:Daily events
Christmas approaches
I am doing the homage which I thought about in each class.

On that day 2B the cleaning of the athletic ground
6B worked on the visit to a nursery school.

The second grader collects many fallen leaves which flew by wind and
I pick up the stone of the athletic ground and
I did my best without losing cold.

The sixth grader visits the Maria nursery school
A drama, a song, a dance, a game, work
I enjoyed it with children.

To protectors
To protectors
I uploaded 11/29 star small news [No. 8] of the dawn issuance on the page for exclusive use of the protector.
Please enter the exclusive page by member ID and the password that you told you about in mameru.

Seismic sea wave fire drill
I did the fire drill that assumed an earthquake, the outbreak of the tsunami.

As it was during taking a lunch break rest
It was scattered places, evacuation from the situation respectively.

I assume a tsunami and am the second evacuation site
I went on the junior and senior high schools.

Each one sees the situation of the circumference well, and judge it
It is important to evacuate calmly quickly.

Even if there is a disaster whenever
Own body is protected by oneself
I will keep it in mind to be able to take most suitable action.

I pick up fallen leaves <first grader>
Category:Daily events
Only children of "the apricot child garden" of Teshirocho do not do
He/she came to pick up fallen leaves.

A first grader walks the academy together hand in hand
I picked up the leaf of a ginkgo and the maple.

Category:Daily events
A big chrysanthemum arrived.
Thank you every year.

The child of the breeding gardening department
Protect a method of the watering that told me
I take care every day.

Commendation ceremony <arts and crafts department>
Category:Daily events
Commendation ceremony of the Ikuo Hirayama Museum prize picture contest
Commendation of the child road safety poster contest
On Sunday, November 19 in a bel canto hall of Setodacho, Onomichi-shi
There is the commendation ceremony of "the 17th Ikuo Hirayama Museum prize picture contest"
Four children who won a prize participated.
There is comment from the judge in an expression,
"I chose whether an impression and the feeling of the author were handed down for a point.
The thing that is serious just to stay until the last examination from 2,873 points of application.
I had you praise it saying everybody is fantastic.
In star Elementary School of the dawn, ten children in total win a prize
I was able to have a school prize.

At the talk morning gathering of Monday, November 20
It commended the child who won a prize for "a child road safety poster contest".

I work hard at art time and the time of arts and crafts,
I am very glad that power to express grows.

I appear on hello tax Festa <chorus department>
Category:Daily events
I answered an interview
Occasion rose tree of the academy
A chorus department was held in becoming it on port plaza day
I appear on "hello tax Festa 2023",

The skill of the love
Saint rani star is clear; this evening
ave verumu korupusu

I showed four pieces of this.

As well as the family of the chorus member
As for the children of star Elementary School of the dawn, the family
He/she came for a lot of support.

Port plaza day to becoming it
"The occasion rose tree" of the academy is displayed and goes down
To the ornament of the tree, break it; other than a rose
The ribbon of the prayer that an elementary school 5 or 6 years student wrote enters.

Look at the tree on outing to a port plaza by all means.
(until Monday, December 25, I am displaying it before a Tenmaya Department Store hapitaumpotopuraza shop afternoon tea)

Meeting of the sister Mali Francis parting
Category:Daily events
The 5 or 6 years student participates in a farewell party in the hall of medium- and high-levels
I sent a singing voice to the sister
The 1-4 years student participates by the delivery to the classroom
I sang together
From a first grader to a sister
I am fine in heaven
Thank you, sister
Please watch it
It was made an effort for the days of creation of the House of astronomy of the dawn and was done kaesaten in September
A farewell party of late S.M. Francis is line me in the hall of medium- and high-levels
Five or six years student participated on behalf of an elementary school.

I look back on the achievement of the sister and
I know the thought put for the foundation of the House of astronomy of the dawn
It was a time of the prayer that engraved the words that I left into a heart again.

"The field sky sea" (wish) where the primary schoolchild sang in open school
I sang heartily to reach the sister.

After a meeting of the parting was over
A first grader wrote the letter to a sister.

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