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Lunch of the star nursery school of relief, security, the delicious dawn

・The dietary habits of the infants period are basics to make a body living in health through a life. In the star nursery school of the dawn, it is by "a meal" to be located in the basics to bring up the spirit of the child in the source of all activities; recognize it that is important, and will provide relief security, the delicious lunch.
・It is all handmade and provides Japanese food center menu tasting season oriented to balance without using local production for local consumption, a chemical seasoning about the ingredients and brings up the consciousness for the meal of children.
・I value that I touch the seasonal ingredients such as the sheath direction of the bean to use for lunch in an activity to children at seasonal time, changing screens of the corn, the changing screens of the onion.



☆3/4, 3/8 menu introduction☆

It is a banana potato boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable, cabbage with whitebait for a leek source of 3/4 rice, the chicken
3/4 snacks rice cake rice cake bun
Stewed dishes, onion soup of a fry-up, the burdock of 3/8 rice, a pork piccata corn and the cabbage
Muffin of the 3/8 snacks apple
☆I am refreshed for a leek source of the 3/4 chicken and love children deliciously, too.
For a leek source of the chicken          
(materials For four adults)          
Chicken thigh 500 g Hit preliminary seasoning with chicken thigh soy sauce and ginger  
Soy sauce Tablespoon 2 Cover it with dogtooth violet starch      
Ginger A little I bake it with an oven      
Dogtooth violet starch Appropriate amount You pull oil to a frying pan and may bake it
Leek source            
Spring onion 1.5 I mince the spring onion finely,    
Sugar Tablespoon 1 1/2 I put seasoning, a leek, and I am boiled up quickly by a pan  
Soy sauce 1/2 cup          
Vinegar Tablespoon 2 I run in the chicken which I grilled    
Sesame oil Tablespoon 1/2
☆The cheese enters, too, and the snacks rice cake rice cake bun tofu is recommended to breakfast, too.
(for four)
Rice flour         80 g       I match rice flour, baking powder, salt with a bowl and mix it
Salt          0.8 g      I put tofu in that and mix it round and round
3.2 g of baking powder      If the whole is mixed and gets restless   
120 g of tofu (I do not cut the moisture)     I mix the bacon which I shredded with the cheese which I cut in cubes
Baby cheese     16 g      I round it to the top plate which pulled a cooking sheet
Bacon       One piece      I bake it with an oven of 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes and am completed

The event food Girl's Festival Doll's Festival

Boiled greens with dressing of soup, the rape of chirashi-sushi, the sea bream of the flower
Milk jelly of the strawberry
Sushi is delicious.
I became able to use the chopsticks well.
I am taught the way of holding fork by a teacher. ^^ that I ate up sushi neatly
I ate with "strawberry a lot of ..." with pleasure.
^^ which I eat by great force
It is easy to eat in mirukuzeripurumpurun.
I switch from the next fiscal year to the lunch display photograph at the garden every day.
The lunch blog is irregular mainly, and it wants to introduce a state and the lunch recipe of the meal of children.
Thanks in advance for your help.

State of the meal of 2/19 children

 2018年11月18日(日) 11:00〜14:00
 啓文社 BOOKS PLUS 緑町
(ハローズ みどり町モール内 わかば塾 みどり町教室)
I just became 1 year old. I love that I eat
I gobble it up by oneself
You may concentrate on that I eat and eat
Taste was always plentiful though I was doing it with vegetables weak point unwillingly, and vinegared whitebait and Japanese mustard spinach was delicious. I ate in no time
What is this? I eat while talking with a teacher
While checking the touch by hand; crib
The fork comes to be usable well, too
I eat from a favorite thing earlier. I all ate it up till the last
I can eat vegetables with effort

☆Lunch menu of this week☆

5年(高2)の前田 あゆみさんと渡部 楽さんが、10月28日(日)に実施された『福山市高校生議会』に参加しました。
It is a soup orange for the aurora source of 2/18 rice, a Chinese dish containing eight kinds of ingredients, the broccoli
2/18 snacks curry pilaf
Dish simmered in vinegared food, potato of 2/19 rice, fish nosazare firing, whitebait and Japanese mustard spinach, banana
2/19 snacks udon Neapolitan
Omelette cabbage nookaka saute, carrot fish and vegetables boiled in thick soy with sugar, mandarin orange of 2/20 rice, the brown alga
2/20 oyatsuchinsukou
Dish simmered in Japanese-style curry of 2/21 rice, the mackerel, kinpira gobo, miso soup, banana
2/21 snacks cream sand
Goma-ae, clear soup, orange of 2/22 rice, chicken and a dish simmered in country, law lotus grass and the Chinese cabbage of the taro
2/22 snacks potato rice cake
Tuesday, February 19
Vinegared whitebait and Japanese mustard spinach recipe introduction
I can eat it by "synergy of the taste" deliciously when I put kombu, sesame, the whitebait with the taste ingredient together.
pakupaku was good saying "it is delicious", and the children ate Japanese mustard spinach which they were hard to eat.
(materials) For none of the children       
Dried whitebait, 3 g
Sliced tangle ... 0.2 g
Japanese mustard spinach ..., 25 g
Carrot ..., 3 g
Pickpocket sesame ... 1 g
Sugar ..., 1 g
Vinegar ... ... 1.5 ml
Soy sauce ..., 1 ml
 (how to make)
①Steep the sliced tangle in water, if come back, blanch it quickly
②I blanch Japanese mustard spinach, the carrot and cut it to the size that I take the moisture and am easy to eat
③I put seasonings together and toss materials of ①② in pickpocket sesame

☆Menu of this week☆

With dish simmered in curry firing, brown alga of 2/12 rice, the chicken, lotus root sesame Mayo, clear soup, mandarin orange
2/12 snacks corn rice ball
Vegetables Ankake, Chikuzenni, miso soup, banana of 2/13 rice, the grilled fish
2/13 snacks soybean flour rusk
Blow on a saute, powder of the 2/14 rice, meat loaf qing-geng-cai; a potato, a mandarin orange
Cocoa brownie of the 2/14 snacks heart
Goma-ae, Japanese sunflower boiling dry, miso soup, banana of foods grilled with salt, the law lotus grass of 2/15 rice, the salmon
Look at the 2/15 snacks, and drip it; a potato
It is introduced a recipe by a menu of this week
2/13 snacks soybean flour rusk
With soy isoflavone and calcium included in the soybean flour a bone soundly!
(materials) (for four people)
One piece of bread ... six pieces limit bread
Soybean flour ... 12 g
Sugar ..., 8 g
Butter ... 8 g
(how to make)
①I cut bread to a quarter
②I melt butter with a range
③I bake it until I mix sugar and melted butter with soybean flour, and bread becomes brown with a coating toaster oven a little.
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