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Lunch of the star nursery school of relief, security, the delicious dawn

・The dietary habits of the infants period are basics to make a body living in health through a life. In the star nursery school of the dawn, it is by "a meal" to be located in the basics to bring up the spirit of the child in the source of all activities; recognize it that is important, and will provide relief security, the delicious lunch.
・It is all handmade and provides Japanese food center menu tasting season oriented to balance without using local production for local consumption, a chemical seasoning about the ingredients and brings up the consciousness for the meal of children.
・I value that I touch the seasonal ingredients such as the sheath direction of the bean to use for lunch in an activity to children at seasonal time, changing screens of the corn, the changing screens of the onion.



Mixed juice ‼! It was delicious.

Round and round one of the picture books "round and round juice"
"... i which I saw" "looking delicious" made the juice in response to a voice of "I want to make it" together.
The materials are an apple, a banana, a mandarin orange, milk
"I let it was sweet and be and was ... i!" and great popularity.
I cut a banana.
I cut an apple with an apple cutter.
I was able to cut it well.
I strongly push it with power from the top.
It is a hand in the way of using hands of the knife!
Is it - which I can cut?
Pour fruit and the milk which all cut it, and gave me into the mixer; is conspiracy round and round! Wow, I look forward to it♪
I drank with the snacks of the afternoon with a scone.
I love mixed juice! Delicious
I had a change a lot!

Cooking "mini-tomato jelly"

The cooking of July made the mini-tomato jelly.
I used the mini-tomato which I brought you up from a seedling by oneself and harvested.
It is cooking using the mini-tomato which I brought up together!
I crush it with a butter knife.
I hold the mini-tomato with the left hand well.
Jelly was completed.
I die it.
I chose the favorite model by oneself.
I ate with the snacks of the afternoon.


I enjoy cooking every month this year.
I feel the snacks which I cooked by oneself to be more delicious.
In May, I cooked a potato rice cake.
I peeled a potato with a peeler.
"I can do it by oneself!"
What kind of feeling is the potato which barked it?
He/she carried it to the lunch room.
I crush it with a masher!
I rounded a potato.
I ate with the snacks of the afternoon.
In June, I cooked a potato pizza!
I took the seeds of green pepper.
Power to ruin in a masher became strong.
I stretched out a potato, and the pizza dough was done well.
I put ingredients on the dough if caused by a nap.
I ate with a big mouth.

The Star Festival society

The Star Festival menu
The Star Festival somen, meat loaf broccoli banana jelly
Fruit punch
There was the Star Festival society, and lunch was the Star Festival menu today, too.
The star-shaped okra which I cut to a star-shaped carrot and slice on the somen,
I likened a shredded omelet to the Milky Way and displayed it.
Work as "it is a star carrot" a lot of "soft and smooth somen is delicious" refill
I became full.
The Star Festival decoration, various wishes were written on the room
The wish of all should come true

July cooking

I made pizzas in five 2 years old children.
A teacher explains materials becoming the pizza dough. I hear it well.
Of the cloth knead it, and show the copybook of.
Well, I knead it in turn.
At first, I am clinging.
tohowantoshiteimasu ^^ that "I feel good" with cloth
Knead it; and of rounding it is fun.
I do my best with a teacher.
Well, I thin cloth with a cotton swab. As there is power; with a teacher.
I can stretch it out well alone.
It is a very good way of using hands.
Everybody made oishikunareto happily while saying.
I did the topping together.
It was made very delicious.
I worked as a lot of refill and had deliciously.
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