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Lunch of the star nursery school of relief, security, the delicious dawn

・The dietary habits of the infants period are basics to make a body living in health through a life. In the star nursery school of the dawn, it is by "a meal" to be located in the basics to bring up the spirit of the child in the source of all activities; recognize it that is important, and will provide relief security, the delicious lunch.
・It is all handmade and provides Japanese food center menu tasting season oriented to balance without using local production for local consumption, a chemical seasoning about the ingredients and brings up the consciousness for the meal of children.
・I value that I touch the seasonal ingredients such as the sheath direction of the bean to use for lunch in an activity to children at seasonal time, changing screens of the corn, the changing screens of the onion.



The Star Festival society

Today is the nursery school event Star Festival society. The lunch was somen.
It is noodles dishes called "fried flour cake" (sakubei) that there is the theory "which I liken it to the Milky Way and eat", but I was transmitted, and it was eaten in those days by China. It is said that it was noodles to mix wheat flour and rice flour, and to make. There was the legend that an epidemic did not require when I offered fried flour cake in a Chinese historical fact and, after that, rooted as event food of the Star Festival. If spend disease-free summer and is at a loss. The wish of the strip of paper which I displayed to the bamboo grass of everybody should come true
Lunch: The Star Festival somen, French fries, no addition Vienna sausage orange
Snacks: Fruit punch

Lunch day

 The new year begins; one month. The children of Shinnyu children were completely used to garden life, too and came to be able to eat the lunch happily together, too. I planned parent and child excursion on Wednesday, April 28, but was called off for prevention of new coronavirus spread.
 Checkmated lunch in a lunch pack to taste an excursion feeling even a little in a nursery school and planned to eat together after having gone out for a walk, but ate in a room as it was unfortunate rain. pakupaku was fun, and a lunch unlike usual lunch was able to eat in delight. I had apple juice and the lemon pop from a director teacher for fun.
Dish simmered in with deep-fried two kinds of rice balls, chicken style, Vienna sausage broccoli Mayo, potato carrot, strawberry
Pizza toast, apple juice lemon pop

☆Event food ☆Setsubun menu

Lunch ♪ See kashigikomi of the soybean; goma-ae, Kenchin-jiru, a banana of kabayaki, cabbage Japanese mustard spinach of rice, the sardine
It is a good smile.
I eat pakupaku by a grasp hard.
It is crib with the mouth which is big in sardines. The ogre escapes, too♪
Snacks ♪ I wound up Ehomaki roll sand laver and bread slice cheese and likened it to Ehomaki. Can do the living that the age that everybody is new is healthy, and is rich!
It is bite-sized and is easy to eat.
"Is cheese contained? Good ki and crib.
It is a mouth big at one gulp.
Everybody has finished eating in no time.
I broke it on "... to still want to eat it" tenth and did it a lot.

☆Christmas society☆

AM snacks ☆Fruit sand ☆Christmas menu ☆Tuna pilaf roast chicken Penne arrabiata, vegetable soup, mandarin orange
PM snacks ☆French fries
"It is delicious" with a friend
I worked as a lot of refill.
Today is Christmas ☆I did cooking in the morning in Christmas society. I cut a banana.
8 equal portions were able to cut it when I strongly held the apple which I cut into round slices in an apple slicer from the top.
I made fresh cream and fruit a sandwich in oneself on bread and ate the fruit which I cut with the snacks of the morning.
Fresh cream and fruit delicious shii ♪ I had a refill
pakupaku stuffs its mouth when like a cake.
I attached fresh cream to the mouth circumference full and was the time of the snacks which were pleasant from morning. After having become full, I sang a picture-story show and a song and enjoyed Christmas party. Please spend happy Christmas in the house.

7/5 event food Star Festival society

Star Festival somen, chicken teriyaki, potato salad watermelon
Snacks, star float (☆ milk agar)
I love noodles to attack. I eat much.
I eat by a grasp slipperily well.
I finish eating somen and eat a watermelon of the dessert.
It is crib with a big mouth
The front that I begin to eat looks glad.
Everybody stuffs the mouth with somen absorbedly.
It is good smoothly.
Delicious. I ate a lot of this.
I attach a strip of paper which I wrote various wishes to the bamboo leaf, but, in fact, on a day of the Star Festival, there is the custom to eat somen.
When a bad thing did not happen, I cooked food called "sakubei" with a wish and ate on the night of 7th. "sakubei" kneads wheat flour and powder of rice and is thin
With the cake which I put the things which I did like a string together two like a rope and made, it was called "a wheat rope". From a custom this as for what eat somen at the time of Star Festival well
I seem to come.
A wish of everybody should come true.
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