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Recommendation of this month

January, 2023

When the positive to see the bare speed that winter moves to in spring more in the sky is sunk            Mitsu Nagasawa

 When it is past winter solstice, a day becomes long and gradually feels a seasonal change. The author surely looked up at the sunset sky and would realize coming of spring. I do it while a corona evil is prolonged, but think that there is surely that it meets the new age and expects it in mind. I pray that 2023 of everybody becomes better. An illustration and a photograph introduce a pleasant book this time.

"A creature hair encyclopedia"

Akihiko Hoya/work Satoshi Kawasaki/illustration Bunichi general publication

 "The hair" points to "the thing such as the hair" growing to all creatures in the wide meaning with mammalian hair in the narrow meaning. I regard the latter as "hair" in this book and introduce it about various "hair" growing to the creature. In fact, the color of the skin of the polar bear is black, and the hair is hollow, and it seems to be transparent. Even this story is interesting. Do you not enjoy a secret covered by "the hair" of creatures?

All "grass I pile it up flower I pile it up cooking" three volumes

nobunkyo/edition Rural Culture Association Japan

 (1) It is the cooking picture book consisting of three more than the lapping of the fragrance with the juicy snacks (3) leaf of grass and the colorful snacks (2) strawberry and berry of the flower. I make the snacks with the imminent grass and nut which, by the way, I adopted and wrap it and. Of course it is necessary to have right knowledge, but you make use of imminent nature, and please try it for the making of cake and drink, lapping.

"A world market"

Saint Mary baharewa/work river appearance Publishing new company

 This book is a book to introduce the market of 12 countries to. It is explained using an illustration clearly what kind of people visit it, and what kind of dishes you make there is it, and what kind of shop sells what kind of ingredients to 24 market each. Israel Chile Hungary Morocco may feel having looked in the market of the country without the opportunity coming very much. There is the page "that I will look for" for an illustration and can enjoy it as a game of the search for search for thing, person. Overseas travel is the difficult current situation, but will taste a trip feeling in this book.

October, 2022

The silk floss kayaharakaki light tonarite warmth of the sky hangs down the autumn cloud, too            Utsubo Kubota

 I think that it was particularly hot summer this year. September was over, too and came to finally feel signs of autumn. When a season advances as for this song a little more, and autumn wind is felt coolly, it is a song to feel a cloud in autumn warmly. It is the song which can taste a refreshing clear autumn day. Well, I introduce three books this month.

"The main story of trip afternoon sun visiting the fine castle"

"Trip to visit the fine castle" Policy Board/work Kodansha

 Fukuyama-jo Castle which great building of the Reiwa was over, and became the new figure. Did you look at everybody yet? People of the castle enthusiast were had the next fortune of at an opening event from the whole country, and a town did well. Please check HP or the public information of the city this month as there seems to be a commemorative event for construction of a castle 400 years. This book introduces a fine castle of West Japan literally. Fukuyama-jo Castle is a figure before the renewal, but thinks that what I compare with the castle which became new is interesting.

"The book"

Naoki Matayoshi/Yoshitake Shinsuke/work poplar company

 I get old, and it comes to have poor eyesight, and the King who was not able to read a book gets a story out of a person knowing "the rare books" of the world, and he gives two men an order for the story of the book to tell oneself. It is a book to talk about the various book which two people who came back from a trip one year later heard from people various by turns overnight to the King who was not able to get up anymore. "The epilogue" has a reversal and is funny with medicine last. "Two men" of the illustration of Yoshitake Shinsuke are the best.

"Empty bell - Masae Kojima songbook"

See it in spite of being Masae Kojima/work; a bookshop

 It is a songbook of graduate (the sixth graduate) Masae Kojima of our school. Two tankas that the principal introduced by a closing ceremony of the first semester are included in this songbook. If there is the song composed on for us including Onomichi and Tomo-no-Ura in imminent land, the stricken areas of scene, Tohoku of California are described, too, to a song of of gorilla Riki of Ueno Zoo. Finally I am glad that angelus comes out for us. I display this book in the library with the polite letter which I received from Kojima. You pick it up, and please read slowly.

August, 2022

nyo kunari child of becoming comes out the canna yellow; in the moonlit night of the yo back door                   Hakushu Kitahara

 It is a song of Hakushu Kitahara this month. "A child comes out, and "the moonlit night of the back door" and the canna compared to a lamp also feel that the combination of appeals called yo" is interesting. By the way, what should "I come" of this song read with? Please remember the inflection of the conjugation verb. Well, I introduce three books this month. As you loan it for a long term for summer vacation, please come to the library.

"Words, a proverb of the weather quiz ① weather"

Kyoko Katsumaru/work Komine Bookstore

 It is all four books of "the weather quiz". As a letter of challenge from a weather forecaster, 50 quizzes about each winding weather are made questions for. When give an example;, "the rain which it rains on the day before Star Festival is called what"; "is colored for the name of the south wind to blow in the end of the rainy season. As for several colors of kana is it. I might have thought that it is slightly difficult, but can challenge it casually as all the quizzes are shi*. It is the fun, good book which by reading sleeve notes on seeing an answer, can get the knowledge about the weather. I recommend it to the person who is interested in weather.

"A reserved doze"

Yoko Ogawa/work river appearance Publishing new company

 It is the book which gathered up the essay which writer, Yoko Ogawa wrote so far at various opportunities to one book. "The reserved doze" of the title is the still same as a title of the serialization of the essay in following Kobe Shimbun-sha. An essay of naidenhyaku閒 which the author loves and respects according to "the afterword" "human essence is projected with rich humor for some reason plainly though held out an event. I think how much energy you ruined in one character and one syllable, but I express it saying such a state has such a sign that I have been able to write that it is natural without a tittle while I doze at all, and it is the title which the thought that few bring close to such a state stayed. Please taste it how an author expresses an event in the everyday life.

"All of toeshoes"

Akiko Tominaga/editing, work truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation

 When you were young, have you not longed for toeshoes? I thought of toeshoes to be shoes of the magic. However, I cannot dance beautifully just of course to have worn toeshoes. Unlike seemliness, it is shoes very hard to please that I wear it, and dance. I am doing the coverage about toeshoes from various angles to history and how to make, how to choose, how to wear, how to dance toeshoes in this book. I was overwhelmed in the list of toeshoes of 101 kinds. The person whom the dancing person does not dance is actually a book offering the charm of toeshoes.

May, 2022

Is it the strawberry that the dew drips on a crystal board?                   Soseki Natsume

 It is a haiku of Soseki Natsume this month. As for this phrase, Soseki was made from London studying abroad for 2 years in 1903 (Meiji 36) when he returned home. It will be about 120 years ago now. The crystal board is a container of the glass. I can imagine the state that a fresh and young strawberry is piled into the bowl of the large glass in early summer.

"I become kanji Hakase, a researcher"

Hiroyuki Sasahara/work Iwanami Jr. new book

 The author who was concerned with the kanji policies of editing and the country of the dictionary as "a kanji doctor." The elementary school days when I was puffed up and was writing various substitute characters. The junior high school era where a cosmos and the one which I read were not able to permit a cosmos. The high school days when I was troubled with the course. With the episode concerning the kanji including the field work that went to check the place name kanji, I talk about the distance to charm and the researcher of the kanji. As the experiences concerning various feelings of the author and the course decision are written not only about a kanji, I serve as a reference.


ingectar-e (injector E)/work    KADOKAWA

 The subtitle is "a color design book according to the color". When I arrange colors, a main color is decided earlier and puts there what color together or may be troubled. This book is a color book to want to see at "time when the color that I want to use is fixed" at. It is one usable immediately suggesting a recommended color to match there first if I choose the color of one color of leading role. For example, as for "the red", "even as for the red", there is various red, but in this book "split open, pop; red" "is natural, and is kind; red" "is childlike, and is pretty; the red" "red that the atmosphere of adult drifts"…The nado variation is abundant, too. It is the one to be able to enjoy just to be that an impression changes very much, and to see even a thing of the same designs by a color.

The "work 100 that is not replaced in job illustrated book AI in a child hand"

It is job illustrated book editing Committee/work truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation in science and the hand of the child

 I think that there are many people who have heard a story, "AI will take a person's work in the future". However, work increases adversely as AI acts, and new work is born, and there may be the thing. There is a future in this book and I select carefully and introduce 100 kinds of occupations to be continued for a long time. I actually think that even a point to listen to a raw voice is an interesting book as I report to a person playing an active part in the occupation. As there is the new occupation that the generation of the parent does not know, what I read in parent and child is good.

January, 2022

It is rusted, and ko retarugotoki garden grove shizukani meiyo decreases in winter               Utsubo Kubota

 The winter tree which seems to have died at a glance. But, in fact, the life is a song of the meaning to breathe calmly in that.
It is also known as "winter next tarinaba Harudoo karaji". We are the things which want to get ready toward spring, too.
I introduce three books except the novel this month.

Textbook of money from a high school student to recognize by comics

Junji Koyanagi/original river appearance Publishing new company
 The thing that "money" is absolutely needed in living. But I feel that there unexpectedly few it at an opportunity to study money properly. At this chance do you not study money and investment, stocks and a financial institution, various cards? When I came to earn money by oneself in the future, it becomes the surely helpful knowledge. I think that you may have to actually tell such a thing in the class of the school.

Words 12 months of the flower

Keisuke Kawasaki/supervision mountain and valley company

 Does everybody like flowers? The flower does our daily livings wealthily and thinks that he/she attaches Aya. The flower of 87 kinds comes up in this book. I am edited every season, and many episodes are written down about each seasonal flower from spring to winter. When give an example, the flower language of the winter flower cyclamen "hesitation." King Solomon thanks the cyclamen which consented to garnish the crown with the motif of the flower alone and seems to be flower language to come from that a cyclamen is embarrassed and turned to the bottom. Everybody, please enjoy flower language and the episode of the favorite flower, too.

A writer and cat

Kuniko Mukoda Mitsuaki Iwago Soseki Natsume/other/work    Heibonsha Publishers Ltd.

 49 writers are writing it about a cat really. If there is a sentence, and there is a man, and there is poetry, it is the contents which were rich in variety. Let alone the person of the cat lover, it is the book which the person who has not kept a cat can enjoy. It is interesting that the beginning begins with "a definition and the etymology of the cat". The photograph of the cover is "tiger" of the Ramo Nakajimas. As sisters book includes the book called "the cat of the writer", please look for it.

October, 2021

Is it the grape that palm (te) ninoseshito un passes through autumn?          Tatsuo Nagai

 The author senses autumn bodily on a palm with a grape. What kind of grape did everybody remember? The type of the grape to remember may vary according to generations, heaviness itself to feel in a palm heavily may sympathize with the sense to feel "in autumn". I introduce book conveying the charm of the Japanese food in the pandemic book which I want to read simply because it is a corona evil, the book of the wild cat that a photograph is beautiful, an illustration and English, three books in total this month. Not only these three books, please enjoy reading of long autumnal night.

50 dreadful infectious diseases to spread through pandemic - world

Peter Moore/ work Shigetaka Kato/supervising a translation Maruzen publication
 This book introduces 50 infectious diseases. About each infectious disease, I mention the risk that it is further used the origin, a symptom and the development of the influence, outbreak local historic rage, cure for as a biological weapon. It is the human made fun of to new coronavirus since an outbreak report of December, 2019, I know the figure of "the enemy" in reference to the infectious disease that was raging in the past, and it may be the first step for it to confront an infectious disease to learn.

The wild cat illustrated book which is the most beautiful in the world

Hiroya Mizuguchi, Tomonobu Akiyama/compilation truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation

 According to title, a very beautiful photograph are impressive books. A cover is a photograph of the child of the leopard. Special blue eyes are the beauty that nobody knows at this time. The endangered felid is said to be half of the kind really. I cannot help praying for these beautiful wild cats and coexistence with the human being continuing when I read this book. My recommended shot in this book is a tail of the puma of p138. Please see it by all means.

Japanese rice WASHOKU which I want to tell the world

Junpei Kawamura/work    *kosha

 "The Japanese food" is interesting! The current Japanese food has been made by an encounter with the overseas food culture. A Japanese and Chinese boundary made a Japanese-Western style boundary vague and accomplished original development while exceeding it. Ramen and the Western food already become Japan's original culture. In addition, can you make an English study although being a pleasure as it is an English parallel translation? The illustration is very colorful and is appetizing beautifully. (regrets few a color being too bright, and all dishes looking strong) as can taste beauty and the pleasure of the Japanese food with this one book, recommend it to a glutton.

July, 2021

Smell the tree that crape myrtle (last sliding) is cool and make it and kick it        Awajijo Takahashi

 The crape myrtle flowers in sequence from the summer to the autumn. As it was often planted in the parks, everybody has looked at white and red, the pink crape myrtle, too. As I am uneven in the growth of the branch, anthesis is long, and there is another name of "the crape myrtle" (Indian lilac), too. As it is on the campus, what can smell a flower, and enjoy the cool air is good. The appearance introduces three pleasant books this month, too.

Let's explore the backyard of the museum!

DK company/edition Reiko Kobayashi/reason    River appearance Publishing new company
 It is the book which was just issued in June, 2021. The subtitle "great backside University illustrated book of the museum." Even if we may usually see the display of the museum, I cannot readily peep at the backside. This book introduces the backside of the world celebrity Museum. I arrange the past to display it, and it is necessary to save history. There is the trouble to keep a beautiful state. I think that I can enjoy the museum which is "the room of the treasure" than now if I read this book.

Old castle in Europe

Stephen Biesty/image
Richrad Platt/sentence hiba arborvitae Publishing

 It is one book of "the slice illustrated book cross section". There is the book of "the sailing boat warship" in our school, too. It is with detail of the picture that, at first, is surprised on seeing a cover! This book mainly introduces an old castle of around 1350 in Europe, but is described finely to not only the appearance of the castle but also the inside that I cut into round slices. As the living yellowtail in the castle including dishes and entertainment, the penalty is written commencing with the how to attack, defense of the castle concretely, I recommend it to people who are interested in Europe in the latter period in the Middle Ages.

Portrait of the music

Seiichi Horiuchi X Shuntaro Tanikawa/work    Shogakukan

 Illustrator Seiichi Horiuchi dies at 54 years old in 1987. That, as for this book, poetry is attached to a portrait and the essay of the musician whom Horiuchi was drawn during the lifetime Shuntaro Tanikawa; is constituted, and there is the unpublished work. The relations of two people are associated with toiu poetry in "ghost H S" of the first page, too and are interesting. Let alone a person liking classical music, it is a book that even the person who does not know a lot about classical music just sees the portrait of the musician whom a color is rich in and can enjoy.

May, 2021

A flower shakes and bundles up a sweet pea and is        Teijo Nakamura

 The sweet pea is an annual plant native to Sicily of Italy. It is the flower with many kinds now. I can see the scene which a soft breeze blows to a colorful sweet pea, and shakes a pretty flower. The first athletic meet in 2 years was held this year. It was enforcement that I reduced an item, but felt glad on seeing everybody who played an active part. Well, I introduce three books this month.

The culture 366 that wants to know a primary schoolchild

Takashi Saito/work    Shogakukan
 Do not despise it on seeing a title! It is the book which aimed at connecting the knowledge of the point with the line while reading it by the editing of the theme happily for 1 for page 1, one week a day, and wearing "culture". As there are seven genres called the "words" "literature" "world" "history" "culture" "art" "nature and science", what I read from a thing to like is good. Please try in the next quiz. Can you beat a primary schoolchild? The correct answer…… Come to ask for a book for the library.
 ①It will be about several years ago now that a human being has begun to keep a dog?
 ②Who is it that made the opera "two-run homer dot?"
 ③Everest of the world's highest mountain. What is it called in China?

Oneself of reading - tomorrow changes surely for ten minutes

Hiroko Yoshida/work    Shueisha

 When a lecture and the training are in charge of, Yoshida of the author seems to be introduced well as follows. "I am from Yokkaichi-shi, Mie. I graduate from an active pass, a level cultural science department more with more than in college of liberal arts in Chairman subject in three kinds of University of Tokyo departments of humanities without using a cram school and a cramming school from a public high school…It is very persuasive when said that it is, "it is a shame when I do not read!" from "such Yoshida. Reading is not "penance". People who did not like reading may bring themselves, "at first, will I begin it from ten minutes?." so far when said, "it is important to be determined suddenly, and not to do the best too much". The methods to widen width of reading are introduced and originally are the book which I can recommend to people liking books.

11 reasons not to recommend keeping a cat

hibikikai/work    Sunmark Publishing
 One book that hibikikai, also known as "a cat master" talks about the love to a cat earnestly. So that the title becomes in keeping a cat saying "cannot go ahead", but this keeps a cat; some readiness is meanings called the need. I say, "the life when there is the cat if ready to lose 80% of the life to a cat is the best". So that the author keeps two cats in five of them, the parents' house in the home, but the cat passes; is already Melo Melo. "Our child should think that the person who has kept a cat is anyone most!". I love cats, and is it happy daily records loved by a cat? I do it in this.

January, 2021

A flower rises and kicks it for an insufficient Japanese apricot with red blossoms        The dawn level

 I think that the image called "neat and clean white plum blossoms, a gorgeous Japanese apricot with red blossoms" colonizes. As for, "oh, rise" of this phrase, a flower rises. I feel like letting a spring heart "lightly feel that it buys it to be a Japanese apricot with red blossoms" even if it becomes in full blossom. "The kick" of "to become kick" is an auxiliary verb of the obvious exclamation. I can take in the thought of the author.

Living of the illustration Victoria dynasty

Cha Tea tea classroom/work    River appearance Publishing new company
 The Victoria dynasty is 1837 through 1901. This time seems to be the time when communication that I go through tea spread among the British middle classes. The subtitle "a British style lifestyle to learn from Mrs. Beaton." I examine the teatime when it was indispensable to the living of British people in those days while taking away the contents of "the housekeeping book of Beaton" which became the explosive bestseller. I understand the state that deepened the interchange with people through a teatime well. It is a digression, but there is the menu called "a high tea set" in the favorite British tearoom. I understood the meaning of "the high tea" only after reading this book. I recommend it to the person who is interested in the foreign culture.

The words talk of the words sky of the wind or dictionary to kick

Hiroshi Osada/poetry Hideko Ise/picture    Kodansha

 It is a book studded with short poems of poet, Hiroshi Osada who died in 2015. Osada that a selector of the Yomiuri Shimbun "poetry of the child" was acted as for 11 years until the death. It is this book that realized the will of the deceased of Osada to want to publish "only selection and criticism" attached to the poetry of the child whom I chose in an independent book in a mass. A poet is about to say that read this book; feel mysterious. The picture of Hideko Ise entering all spreads is very wonderful. "It is not oneself from what kind of person mone, beginning. I choose to be oneself by/oneself and become oneself." (than "oneself")

Why do we work?

The Akira Ikegami/supervision    Gakken plus
 It is a book thinking about work to know it from a title. But it is a book letting not only you think about merely work, but also think about way of life and the happiness. Various lives are in the world, and there are various ways of working. And it costs money to live. There is various work in the world, and the work is helpful for somebody. I work how, and a hint to think about how you live is written in this book. It is a book written to junior and senior high school students, but is interesting even if an adult reads. As there is the list of "the recommended carrier book" in the end of a volume, please refer to it.

October, 2020

I leave the autumn white cloud overflow in eyes              Seishi Yamaguchi
 On seeing a cloud, I may often notice the autumn arrival. I look up at the autumn sky that white cloud floated and feel that it totally overflows from eyes. It is a phrase to let you feel the volume of the autumn cloud.
 In a corona evil, the student of the star of the dawn when I do my best every day while having various limitation thinks that I am a lot. It is felt that daily life is returning by a little including the relaxation of the number of people of the event, but a point is the invisible situation still more. When you were depressed, please look in the library for a change. There are a pleasant book or the foreign book donated newly. The book of the Art Gallery and Museum guide, words of yes to tell in kesen word and a very old cat introduce the fantasy novel of the main character this time.

To become "intellect rou - in a museum"; books supplementary volume

Saki Yokoyama/work    perikan company
 English "museum" is the word that I can refer to both of an art museum and the museum. This book introduces the opening and space to display, a relation with the society using the word "museum" daringly. The story about the origin of the museum may want to check the history of the changes from "a room of the wonder" made according to the greed "that I want to collect" with fascination to a modern museum more. It is the book which I want to recommend to time forgetting that I stand when I go to an art museum and the museum.

Words kesen word reason of yes

Harutsugu Yamaura/work Bungeishunju Ltd.

 "What is kesen word? There will be many people who thought, I have not heard it. In fact, kesen word is the word of the Kesen, Iwate district. It falls into a stone and the heart so far by words of the New Testament that I thought to be somehow difficult being translated for a language of kesen. I think that it is such a book letting you have a mysterious experience. To tell the desire, I felt that I wanted to hear it by the pronunciation of the native speaker. It is the book which Yoshii, teacher of religion department introduced.

Cat you

Megumi Hatanaka/work Shueisha
 When a cat lived for twenty years, have you not heard a story that it was to "the very old cat" which a tail was divided into two ways, and understood a human speaking voice? This book changes itself if I do it, and familiar Megumi Hatanaka does a very old cat to a main character in series and is a novel written. And a story begins from "the mandarin orange" which will live for twenty years for approximately one month and a conversation of the incense of the owner becoming often in bed recently. Though it is a very old cat, "new rice" is very interesting, but the teachers of the school "cat accommodation" of a new rice very old cat and the very old cat, the other very old cats appear a lot, too. I think that I can enjoy "a mandarin orange" as a story to challenge various trials with a friend.

July, 2020

The fountain which flies when I steal blue (I meet) sa of the sky and steal it                      Akiko Hasegawa
 A public performance is imminent in the summer. It is a phrase to let you image a summer deep blue sky and a fountain blowing up. The type that there is a fountain in front of the Fukuyama-shi government office, but water runs as for this. The fountain of this phrase thinks that after all a thing blowing up is good for the top.
 An irregularity class continued under the influence of new coronavirus, but returns to a class after a semester test for original 50 minutes. The feeling is apt to become gloomy in the situation that the number of the infected people does not readily decrease in Tokyo, and cannot feel relieved still more, too. I introduce it mainly on the book that a feeling becomes bright this month.

Zoo ttotanoshi! Zoo

Teruyuki Komiya/work, photograph    Bunichi general publication
 Komiya of the author is one committed at a zoo for 40 years. It features it a figure, the mysterious action of the animals which an author actually came across that the author photographs expressions of the cute gesture, surprise. I can enjoy it as both a collection of photographs and an animal illustrated book. The animal coming up is 233 kinds how! A photograph and the article to come out simply because I observed the same individual for a long time are full loading.

I meet hagurekun, big Malle

Shel Silverstein/work Haruki Murakami/reason hiba arborvitae Publishing

 This book is a sequel of "to look for me" which became the bestseller in translation of Yumiko Kurahashi in Japan. The original title translates "The Missinng Piece the Big O" part, part = missing piece lacking where is short though there should be it saying Haruki Murakami of the translator is saying "I tear it off". Well, will the part which I am able to write of "I tear it off" be found? A child can enjoy the child obediently and thinks that it is the book which there is different way of reading again when it becomes adult.

teshigoto - woman craftsman diary

Atsuko Asano/Kei Okuyama wadded cotton clothes/Komatsu emeru/other/work Tokuma Shoten
 It is the period novel anthology by six woman writers. The story of the women with the job is described each in the Edo era. I think that "the way" is one of the physical parts expressing the life of the person well. Hand, hand to carve that soba is jostled something to be done…What kind of "hand" will everybody feel charm in? I of Atsuko Asano if "rubbed it," was attracted by "a hand" of Ume who appeared. Is it sisters tea dealer" of Naka Saijo if I recommend it to junior and senior high school students? The pleasure of the demystification is a certain work, too. If the work which I liked is found, it is pleasant to look for other works of the author of the work.

June, 2020

It is light tonaritemagiruru before one grass high noon when I demand it on a day and do it and am blue           Jiro Murano
"ochifushu" More. It is a scene of the summer broad daylight. A season to feel the grass of one irregularity to be like flame is at hand.
Closure of a school continued under the influence of new coronavirus, but school attendance that it kept all grades came true after a long absence. After all the school is days to realize that a life is recorded only after there being students. I introduce the book of this slightly strange book club of this beautiful sea life of the yukata appropriate for the summer this month.

The first yukata which is worn absolutely alone

SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd./edition    SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.

 Does everybody have "a yukata?" Can you wear "a yukata" alone? Though it is very difficult, junior and senior high school students is alone, and it can wear "a yukata" to wear a prestigious kimono alone. I comment to coordinates and how to put away nowadays after having taken it off as well as dressing in this book in detail. This summer festival and fireworks display may be postponement, you practice dressing, and do you not stroll in the neighborhood?

The world of the too beautiful sea life

The Koji Ishigaki/supervision, writing    枻debansha
 The person that Ishigaki of the author is called "the recruiter of day laborers of the sea." I let capture and the display of the unknown deep sea creature succeed in sequence and was appeared on that "JOUNETSU - TAIRIKU". This book introduces the sea life which I looked at with eyes of author oneself according to the title with an abundant color photo. It is very colorful to see only a cover. From an imminent creature to rare deep-sea fish and tropical fish, I can get knowledge although being a pleasure. I recommend it to the person who is interested in the sea in particular.

"A crime and punishment" I do not read this

Sachiko Kishimoto Miura shion Atsuhiro Yoshida Hiromi Yoshida/work Ikeda Bookstore

 The masterpiece which anyone knows, "a crime and punishment" of Dostoevsky. In the first place the state "that four people who were present in a banquet did not read "a crime and punishment" with four people either and know only for a global masterpiece somehow." I would say to hold a secret book club without four people engaged in a novel reading "a crime and punishment". Only as for translation of the page where "a crime and punishment" are the first as for the permitted information and the last page. It is the book which it is easy to read in a discussion form. By the way, "a crime and punishment" are read, and everybody has the impression after a book club, too. I recommend it to a person that I did not read "a crime and punishment" in particular.

April, 2020

It is money and silver of the constellation of tsuge gemu spring for whom           Toshi Akao
 There may be many people who do not get a hint even if said to be "a spring constellation". For such you, I introduce "the large curve of the spring constellation". A big curve to link Spica of akuturusu, Virgo of Bootes to the familiar Big Dipper is "spring Omagari line", and it is in the guidelines on spring constellation. Do you not look up at the spring night sky to one hand with a planisphere? Well, I introduce three books this month.

Child Compendium of laws

Soichiro Yamazaki/work    Hirofumi temple

 Yamazaki of the author is a person with many faces including education Kenkyusha, a photographer, the actor. Both viewpoints of a victim and the assailant of the bullying were experienced by oneself, and the need of this book seemed to be keenly realized. As for this book that funds are collected by "I want to get rid of << crime >> called the bullying" in "child Compendium of laws", and crowd funding led to publication, it is a just big topic. A law is our relief, rule that was selected to keep safe life. A law, the intellect to be connected with a child picks up the law that you should put and thinks that it is connected by the words that I usually use in what I explain clearly surely protecting a child.

It was good to be born as a cat

Reiko Yamaguchi/work    Bungeisha Publishing Co.,Ltd.
 It is a novel written in the viewpoint of the cat to imagine it from a title. I am in an accident in a wild cat native place, and the state that "the circle" that would be kept in human "rere" gradually founds a heart between people is created. While "chii" and two of them of "the peach" increase later, and the slight cases happen, a tender story develops it. Yamaguchi of the author is from Hiroshima, and the experience that a wild cat "circle" was brought up you in members of citizen's group "pet manner project onomichi" seems to be crushed under this novel. It is the book which is recommended to the junior high student who is a cat lover.

Mitsuhide Akechi who knows by comics

Hiroyuki Shiba/supervision Ikeda Bookstore

 War-torn country military commander, Mitsuhide Akechi who are familiar as the NHK Taiga Drama Series no main character whom "a giraffe comes" to of 2020. This book is the book which the person image of Mitsuhide is plain from the start about neighboring people or politics, the society of the age of civil strife and explained. In late years movement to say to review the real image of the historical person based on the latest document comes out. With the review of the statue of Nobunaga, "the real image" of the vassals who supported Nobunaga begins to be reviewed and thinks that it is the one which is interesting in this sense. As series "understanding by comics" other than this book enters the library, please read it.

January, 2020

Is katamatsute a violet violet of the light light?           Suiha Watanabe
 A Happy New Year. I think new determination and hope to be that the New Year was greeted on a chest. I introduce a mild winter and a phrase appropriate for said this spring. A flower with the beauty that the violet is dignified though it is small. The space on the mountain where such a violet hardens and blooms is filled with "light light", and even warmth is felt.
 Well, I introduce three books this month. It is a book thinking about "true intelligence", the book which examined historic problems concerning "Heidi", the book of handmade accessories.

Will it be true "intelligence?"

Takashi Saito/work    Truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation
 Do you think that "I am smart" is what kind of thing? Junior high student and high school students may think that it is, "a head is good" that deviation value is high that results are good. However, Takashi Saito of the author says, "it is not so". I quote the text. When "the situation called the student is over and becomes a member of society, a ruler measuring intelligence changes suddenly. I am replaced by "being able to fit the society" by "being able to study" Of course it is not good that I neglect study. Saito says like this. "Study is basic training of the head." "The later life becomes great when I underestimate study." I read this book and think that I want you to think about "living" once again.

Europe that "Heidi" looked at

Kodansha/edition    Kodansha
 There will be many people associating "Alpine girl Heidi" of the world masterpiece theater speaking of "Heidi". It is the masterpiece animation which anyone knows. The original of this work was translated in 1920 by Yaeko Nogami and was introduced to Japan. The reason of "Heidi" is said to exceed 300 kinds if I include a picture book or a conciseness book now. "Heidi" follows history received by Japan with this book in Chapter 1, and it is less than Chapter 2, and the theme that is characteristic of Switzerland coming out to original "Heidi" examines a historic problem. The history of grandfather or the food situation of Switzerland mention an interesting topic, and they mention Swiss history and economic religion.

Titivation accessories to make with beads

chibanobuyo/work Nitto study
 It is a writer resident in author nochibanobuyosanha, Las Vegas. The style that is pretty though it is real with a flower, fruit, a small animal as a motif is popular mainly. This book assumes that I enjoy the making of accessories in daughters with mother together and is written. Accessories for the titivation using a Swarovski pearl and beads are very pretty. It is sure that is pleased with even if I make it for a younger sister and the cousin of the primary schoolchild, thing. Let alone the introduction of basic tool and materials, I think that there is the design of the size of the original and is easy to challenge it. I recommend it to a person liking careful work in particular. 

November, 2019

  The shop buttocks of the rugby break off and pass through a war           Seishi Yamaguchi
 By Rugby World Cup 2019 carried out, Japanese average became lively hot the other day. There were many beautiful scenes where the powerful scene where a player clashed intensely connected the path vividly, and a try was fixed at. It will be that there are a lot of people who became a rugby fan triggered by holding in Japan. "The rugby" is a winter season word. The beginning domestic top league should swell from now on.
 Well, I introduce three books of Akira Yoshino recommended book, the picture book of adult which won Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the colorful illustrated book this month.

Science of the candle

Faraday/work Iwao Mitsuishi/reason    KADOKAWA
 It is a book published in the U.K. in 1861. By the record for six times of Christmas lectures held in the Royal Institution of London, a speaker is Michael = Faraday. It is the person known as the Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It seemed to be an opportunity this book that it was interested in science Akira Yoshino. I quote words of the faraday. "It is full of topics of conversation to arouse interest and, on the body of the candle, seeing from that place, judging from this, does it, and it cannot help being surprised at ways connected in the field where the science is various being various at all. It is good saying that there is not one thing which does not have a relation for the phenomenon that a candle can show among various laws to influence this space thoroughly." There are few words that are difficult as it is the lecture for children and is plain.

It was good to be able to meet you

Kodansha/edition    Kodansha

 Surely it should be for whom that think, "oneself is lonely". It is memory of "you" to support and may be words of "you" in such a case. The thought to the important person who cannot readily do it for words is actually a book clogged up. As the illustration of Disney including "Toy Story" "Frozen" "Mr. ink lady bulldog" "monsters ink" "Beauty and the Beast" and the character of Pixar colors all pages, there will be many people remembering the movie which I watched before. It is the picture book of adult that words affect a heart.

Astonishment size illustrated book of wide knowledge king 13 and a half

DK company/edition Shueisha
 Publishing company DK company of the illustrated book top-class in the world. The illustrated book of DK company gets a high evaluation for the beauty of the visual and the fun of contents. Originally this book translated a thing published in English into Japanese, too. I only read a plate a little and should feel, "it is slightly different from the Japanese illustrated book which I usually look!" at. As for the contents, as for the stories of a creature, the heavenly bodies, a language, the money, various. He/she should surely satisfy your desire to learn.

September, 2019

  Come over to the straight way; the living (come) of the kick autumn           Suju Takano
 I feel that it is a straight phrase without using the difficult words that "were the way where an autumn living, the way which opened out under my nose incidentally are straight". Would the author appear even in ginko? The sometimes straight way where an autumn day was going to fall into would appear in front. We seem to have possibilities to have a similar experience, too.
 The heat was over a peak, too, and autumn of reading approached. I introduce it mainly on a book to see it, and to be able to enjoy this month.

The rial size extinct animals and plants illustrated book Paleozoic era edition

Takeshi Tsuchiya/work technology criticism company
 It is the book which can enjoy a feeling of size of the extinct animals and plants which got mixed in with modern scenery. The life spent several billions of years from birth and evolved at microscope size little by little. It upsizes suddenly at the end of the Precambrian. Time of "size to show by the naked eye" this as for being able to confirm a fossil later. It is the life that came to take various size, but the extinct animals and plants in particular are hard to realize size afterwards. Please enjoy the figure of extinct animals and plants placed in the modern scene by a bright illustration.

Japanese 200 years map

The Keisuke Imao/supervision River appearance Publishing new company
 This book is a collection of maps following the local change to the present age from the Edo era. I choose 161 cities, areas from 47 metropolis and districts of the whole country. I am comprised of FIG. 5 in ⑤ 2018 basically for the ④ period of the high growth of economy (the 40, Showa generation) for ③ Showa prewar days period for the ① Inou figure ② Meiji, the Taisho era period. The map of Hiroshima has a map of Fukuyama, Kure in others in Hiroshima-shi, too. Please confirm the place of the star of the dawn.

Woman of the purple skirt

Natsuko Imamura/work Asahi Shimbun publication
 It is the 161st Akutagawa Prize prizewinner. "The woman of the yellow cardigan" staring at "the woman of the purple skirt" is somewhat scared. Though the refreshing impressions cannot taste it, they are books feeling like being seized with the feelings that are hard to make words. Natsuko Imamura of the author is from Hiroshima-shi. "It seems to be easy to read at normal" for the work of the author when I let you say to a fan. You like this book, and please read the precedent "net child" "duck" if a heart wants to be shaken more intensely.

June, 2019

  I beat evenly and stack a young (is heated) maple (Kaede) branch           Fusei Tomiyasu
 It begins to grow, and the room seems to call the young leave of the maple of the few time "a young maple", too. Does everybody know that there is the tree of maple at an entrance and the exit of the slope of the cherry tree of the school? The maple which is beautiful in not only the season of colored leaves but also the season of the fresh green. When the tree of maple thinks that he/she watches the commuting to and from school of the student of the star of the dawn, I am somewhat stouthearted.

The Japanese food rice which is good for Megumi Fujii

Megumi Fujii/work Gakken
 In the house of everybody, what kind of menu is popular? Is it Italian? Or is it Chinese food? Is it the Western food menu such as curry and the omelette with rice? If there are few orders on the day of the main dish, a fish hears the popular menu by a menu of the meat including fried chicken and the hamburger steak with the delivery lunch of the school. This book is eaten without any regret and introduces 140 articles of recipes of the Japanese food which is good for a body. The ingredients which an author advances in particular are a fish (blue-skinned fish in particular), a soybean and a soybean artefact (tofu), seaweed. Physical condition may be improved by reviewing the Japanese food which is kind to the tired stomach and intestines.

I read the book which I read three times twice

Koji Yanagi/work Iwanami new book (1776)
 If "this book becomes the guide of "the first novel" for the young people, and it is at an opportunity of reading it again for people who repeated age at the same time, as for is over in this as an author, being pleased, there are none. Let alone a young person, it is a book becoming the reading guidance to all people so that there is it with (I quote it than an author afterword). "Month and 6 penny" "then" "ghost story" "adventure of Sherlock Holmes"…A work full of nado variety is taken up. At first you must read it once to come across a book deserving it if I read many times. There are seven work of Yanagi of the author in the library of the star of the dawn. Do you not read "the special work" which a novelist read in one's youth?

Meeting bulletin of the history of collection of history of detailed positive study 26th - Bingo sight-seeing

Meeting/edition of the history of detailed positive sight-seeing
 The meeting of the history of detailed positive sight-seeing seems to meet start 40 years of next year in a meeting studying local history led by Bingo. It is "the Mizuno clansman details (list) to see on Fukuyama-jo Castle bottom details map in the the Mizunos times" when the contents of the collection of 26th "think about "- fort port town Fukatsu - Fukatsu highlands which prospered in the Middle Ages" from Kanbe Castle - construction of a castle of the wind and cloud to Kanbe battle". Above all, Fukatsu highlands are right these places where the school building of the star of the dawn is built now. I can enjoy a history of the imminent land with a photograph. Similarly I recommend it with "Yamashiro 30 selections around Yamashiro sight-seeing Fukuyama" whom a meeting of the history of detailed positive sight-seeing edited.

April, 2019

 Paths of mountain come and let you go something or other and write a violet            Basho
 The source of this phrase is "a weather-beaten travelogue". As it is taken up to a textbook well, there may be many people knowing it. When I walk the mountain paths from Kyoto to Otsu and take unfair advantage of weakness incidentally, the violet blooms. Is it a meaning as it is said that I am charmed by the state somehow? Because the color of the violet is purple, there is the opinion that Basho might think about "a purple connection". It is interesting that "The Tale of Genji" is connected to the Basho.

Handy version Japanese mushroom illustrated book to understand well

Kentaro Hosaka / supervision Gakken
 I am told that there are approximately 5,000 kinds of mushrooms in Japan. "Beautiful woman mushroom photo studio" which look at Chapter 1, and is beautiful Chapter 2 "danger! In toadstool Chapter 3, in "mushroom which I can eat" Chapter 4, "a strange mushroom and friend stand" in "mushrooms coloring a forest" Chapter 5 where I collected the mushrooms of the strange form and color…I follow in this. It is the mushroom which eats, and is delicious, but the thing which grows wild even if I take away an imminent "shiitake" seems to be incomparably delicious with the commercial thing. There are usually photographs of a blue mushroom and the green mushroom not to see very much. You read this book, and do you not increase the knowledge about the mushroom?

If there is not a cat, there is not the breath, too

Yuka Murayama / work Shueisha
 This book added correction, a correction to the thing which novelist, Yuka Murayama resident in Karuizawa published Web serially in in July, 2018 from August, 2017 and was completed. Father who lived as one dies suddenly of 92 years old, and this essay begins from the place where I take over <celadon porcelain> of rag Dole that was 9 years old in those days, and a cat becomes five of them. Having been one of a kind for an author in five cats a most elder 17-year-old tortoiseshell cat <maple>. When I was born, I take it up, and I am always together from there, and three months are diagnosed in <maple> of the existence such as the half of the body of the author in squamous cell carcinoma, an average life span. Days and the contact with people before letting a maple go by bite a heart. It is a work wanting the person of the cat lover and the person who is not so to read.

I write a classic of Manyoshu tanka collection - Japan④

Noriyuki Kojima, Masatoshi Kinoshita, Haruyuki Tono / revision, reason Shogakukan
 Topic and "Manyoshu tanka collection" that it is seem to be scarce popularity now at the bookstore by having become the source of the new name of an era "harmony to give it an order to start". In this book "in addition of the Japanese apricot the part of the opening" does not appear, but is edited to be able to enjoy a song of of Manyoshu tanka collection with a commentary. It is approximately 130 years until the middle part from so-called Asuka era to the Nara era that it is said to be "the times of all ages". A song filled with power to live for to "Manyoshu tanka collection" known as the Japanese oldest songbook youthfully rises. The person whom the preface of the song of the Japanese apricot wants to write takes "Japanese classical literature outline 7" Manyoshu tanka collection ②. There is this in the library, too.

February, 2019

 In spite of being winter from the sky flower nochirikuruhakumonoanatahaharunihaaruramu      Kiyohara (Kiyohara) deep (blow) step father (thicket)
 It is a song of great-grandfather, Fukayabu Kiyoharano of Seishonagon. A flower is scattered in winter from the sky. Speaking of "a flower," I usually point to the cherry blossoms with ancient writings. Of course cherry blossom petals do not fall from a cloud. Because "the other side of the cloud says in spring"; a season is winter. It is snow that fall from the sky. It is the song which a feeling to look forward to spring was composed on.
 I chose the book to introduce among various genres this month. The theme is rice ball, shark Louis XIV. Please enjoy it.

The leading role is potesara, hot sand of the Japanese hawfinch to feast rice ball - snacks

Tesshi/ work KADOKAWA
 "The rice ball" which is imminent for us. As for being said to be a rice ball, and associating it, was laver not wound up in thing which grasped white rice or it? It is this book to overturn the common sense. At first I am surprised at the photograph of the cover! I can see the lineup of the colorful rice ball when I turn up a page. When is how old, or introduce it from best 10, including the ① "rice ball with bacon green vegetables saute" ② "salmon and sky rice ball of lending it it" ③ "vinegar meal rice ball of scrambled eggs" ④ "bake it rice ball of pickled plum & okaka green vegetables" appetizing all. When I want to eat it, one cup of stomach is a recommended book.

Approximately life-threatening shark illustrated book

Asako Numaguchi / work Kodansha
 It is the book that the author who loves sharks, and made the title "shark journalist" by oneself said about a shark. I establish "the shark noyorozu counselor's office" in Chapter 1, and the author introduces the shark which an author experienced from experience to a reader by illustrated book makeup in answer to a question in Chapter 2 in order to solve "misunderstanding" and "the prejudice" for the shark. Even if "my world shark pilgrimage" shark eats Chapter 3, it seems to be delicious, and the shark dishes are introduced, too. It is the book which the passion of the author to clear itself from the false accusation for the shark, and to want to spread right knowledge is transmitted through.

Illustration Louis XIV King Taiyo and absolute Imperial rule in France

Makoto Sasaki / work river appearance Publishing new company (book of the owl)
 The French king who reigns for 72 years after succeeding to the throne at 4 years, 8 months old, and is authorized in "Guinness world record". It is Louis XIV. This book takes in the photographs of the building including many portraits and the Versailles palace and describes later years from birth of Louis. The author says, "King having intense image and estrangement with the actual situation as Louis XIV is rare". It is absolutely Imperial rule and a role of Louis XIV there, the book which comments on the art policy in detail more.

December, 2018

   Winter sunshine soft (swell) or dead tree in winter soft (swell) or any (izu) rezoya           Takahama (Takahama) emptiness child (kyoshi)
 The dead tree in winter seems to mean the tree which dropped a leaf exhaustively. I feel like being able to understand that winter sunshine is soft sensuously, but it seems to be readily difficult to express the beauty of the dead tree in winter saying "it is soft" for an ordinary man.
 I read this phrase and remembered Western painter Vermeer and Leonardo who liked gentle sunlight of the room facing north. If empty child and they had a common sense, it is interesting.
 By the way, I introduce three books this time. I chose you mainly on a book to see it this time, and to be able to enjoy.

Business of the cat

Tamae Hayashibara / work Eigoro Futamata / picture Gospel building bookstore
 Tamae Hayashibara of the author is from Onomichi. He/she plays an active part in the thirteenth graduate of the principal school as a writer of juvenile stories. This book is a story doing business that a cat lends "the hand of the cat" according to the title called "the business of the cat" with a picture book of the pretty binding. I do not sell a thing even if I say business and a cat does a barker and has the dinner of the flower bonito for a reward. A story begins in the place where a pancake person happiness temple makes a call to "association of invitation cat dispatch". Mankoji where 1,000 light temples do not become comes out and has the local way of enjoying. It is particularly recommended to the one that is a cat lover.

Panda to read

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi / choice Pen Club of Japan / Hakusuisha
 The giant panda which is popular probably because of the pretty looks. A beautifulness beauty has been born in Ueno Zoo in June, 2017 and of course is quite popular in Japan. Various essays and talks such as the miscellaneous thoughts about an episode and pandas from a story when a panda came over to Japan for the first time in 1972 to birth of the beautifulness beautifulness are recorded in this book. As Tetsuko Kuroyanagi loving pandas was chosen, it is a book full of the love for the panda. A writing member is the member whom higaaroha of the comic artist whom "I do it, and a bear cafe" was drawn by Jiro Asada of the novelist, variety including supervision Isao Takahata of movie "pandakopanda" are rich in, too. It is healed in the photograph of the panda of a cover and the back cover.

Scientific large illustrated book of dishes

Stewart F re-Mond / work
Shizuo Tsuji dishes education research institute / Japanese edition supervision river appearance bookshop new company
 It is the book which gangs were different from the normal dishes book in so that you who are 〝 reader deepen understanding about the science of food and dishes in the beginning, and there is that a door of the originality is opened with "which is the aim of the writer. I collect the difficult problems about dishes more than 160 and am doing a significant, practical introduction based on the latest science. It is often that conventional "common sense" is overturned. I think that it is a nice book toward the type that wants to work on cooking after having understood reason.

October, 2018

 Is movement kuo of the ha re lotus (do) a line even if I see it?      First Kichiemon Nakamura

 The haiku seemed to be a taste for an actor of Edo Meiji period. First Kichiemon Nakamura born in Meiji leaves a good phrase, and this phrase is one of those. The first good luck gate-guard office which is said to have been the actor of the wholehearted performance type. The state that lines pour on seeing the tear lotus of the pond moving for wind is indicated. By the way, what kind of lines would you speak of?
 "Autumn of reading" came over. I feel that it is the occupation which it is happy at all to enjoy a favorite book at this time that intense heat became easy to spend leaving, and is luxurious. I introduce three books this month.

Slapstick medical examination diary of the rare animal doctor

Kenichi Tamukai / work poplar company
 "A rare animal doctor" will be what kind of doctor. As for Mr. Tamukai of the author, the director of the Dennenchofu animal hospital is acted as. I decided, "let's become a veterinarian seen in various animals" from school days, and the animal more than 100 kinds has been examined so far. Let alone a dog and a cat, I seemed to be examined to fennec, a wallaby, an anteater with a mouse, a monkey, a pig, a frog, a snake, a tortoise, a goldfish, a newt, the rare thing. It is actually written with the writing style that faces you, and is easy to read with a state and invention of the provided treatment, the reason why a teacher aimed at the veterinarian and "a life". It is the book which I want to recommend to the person who is going to aim at a person, the veterinarian liking an animal in particular.

The eternal sky (the sky)

KAGAYA/ work, photograph river appearance Publishing new company
 It is a collection of scenery photographs of the third book of global pioneer KAGAYA of "the digital painting". "Entrance of the heavens" "frozen knight" can see various expressions of the sky and the earth by four copies of constitution of the "amazing sky" "poetry of the awe". I admire it whether such a scenery is really seen on the earth and cannot help holding a feeling of awe. "The frozen knight" letting you feel it to coldness of the air frozen hard is my recommendation.

Midnight telephone (small box, demystification story of the mystery)

Jiro Akagawa / work tide sentence company
 It is "demystification story" of all five "small boxes of the mystery" series edition. I am comprised of four short stories, and the last when all talks are unexpected is waiting. Some concentration is necessary to read an authentic mystery novel, but this series is most suitable for a change. It is the work which is recommended to a junior high student challenging mystery for the first time.

June, 2018

I move the city outside the large crystal of the air conditioner    Takashi Matsumoto
 I read this phrase, and I imagined the big city where a high-rise building soared. It will be that everybody surely remembered the summer of the big city. However, the phrase that this phrase was written in Nagoya in summer of 1941. The Pacific War begins in December of the year. When intellect reads it, an image changes very much.
 The rainy season set in in the Chugoku district the other day, too. It is the time when it is humid and is unpleasant, but wants to spend every day being careful about physical condition management. Of course without forgetting reading! I introduce "bread" and the book of "RUN" and "the smart thing" this month.


Secret of scientific - happy fragrance and texture of the bread

Seiichi Yoshino / work Kodansha blaubok 2058
 Bread is the food which is very imminent for us. I feel happy when I look at the bread hot from the oven in bakers, and is there the experience that I overbought just carelessly? It is "bread" loved all over the world, but explains it about the scientific secret that charm of the bread is born in this book. Chatting about various topics of the bread in the end of a volume and the introduction of the world bread are very fun, too. I enjoy bread more if I know the structure that delicious bread is completed after many processes and may eat more deliciously.

The run that 99% of people become quick in

Tokio Hiraiwa / work chikuma primer new book 298
 It is the book which is recommended to the student of the athletic club. 99% almost assume the ratio of person becoming quick in the time of a 50m race targeting at more than high school student. Of "all sports as for running hear the word basics!" well. I think that it is the place that anyone detects that the performance of the competition improves when I become able to run.
 In fact, a technique is necessary to run. This book teaches the technique. We practice the training that the professional training coach pushes forward, and let's learn "a technique to run".

Illustrated book of the breath to be in love

Tadaaki Imaizumi / supervision KANZEN
 Except a few exceptions, a wild animal does not seem to be able to do a mongrel. Because one of the causes is different in the way of courtship by the kind of the animal. The way of courtship is a kind of word and seems to be connected only with the same friend. It varies, and the courtship action presents it by an animal and emphasizes oneself hard and life-threatening talk about love and…
 The words of the author to "have a hard time because the place male mo female of the constipated station leaves a descendant" become the summary. It is the book which is recommended to a person liking an animal.

April, 2018

  Shirafuji (shirafuji) and yu riyamishikabausumidori    Turf (shiba) non-container man (blow)
 When movement of Shirafuji that shook for wind stopped, the flower which thought that it is pure white when I notice it incidentally is a phrase to be tinged with green faintly. The wisteria of the courtyard is purple, but pleases our eyes every year.
 The new year began. Congratulations on new pupils, entrance to school. The classroom where a school year rises each, and the person who is higher than a second grader attends school changes and will be to face it with a fresh feeling in the new year.
 Both a person liking reading and the person that it is not so, please go to visit the library this year. In cooperation with a person in charge of book, I want to aim at the making of library used by many people. Then I introduce a pleasant book appropriate for the new year this month.

Tokyo to enjoy on foot

JTB publishing
 There were few guidebook books so far in the library of the principal school. I wanted to put the trip book except Nara, Kyoto visited by a school excursion and purchased the series that "I enjoyed on foot" once. (any place other than Tokyo, I purchase each local book of Shinshu, Kamakura, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, Nara, Oomi Lake Biwa Wakasa.)
 This book is edited to be in the title to be able to enjoy sightseeing, the history, scenery on foot. In the Tokyo edition, the model course of 36 courses including around Odaiba, Harajuku, Tokyo Skytree is published including Nihonbashi, Marunouchi. How about enjoying a walk in reference to this book if I get down on the nearest station?

Traditional Japanese playing card to understand by comics

Hideko / work Ikeda Bookstore of the bean jam
 I learn a traditional Japanese playing card by all means in the principal school in the time for language. Does a second grader, the third grader remember the song which I learned so far? I do a card game at the age of an elementary school and will be that there is the first grader to remember a traditional Japanese playing card.
 Comics called "chihayafuru" made a hit, and, in what was filmized, existence of the competition karuta became very major. A 31-syllable Japanese poem and the classic world may come to be felt as well as a traditional Japanese playing card close when I find favorite one poem. This book introduces a traditional Japanese playing card from the first sequentially. As you are not particular about small grammar and convey a nuance by comics, at first please taste the atmosphere of the song. Not only comics but also the commentary is enriched and can enjoy it as reading.
 Besides, I purchase the series "understanding by comics" of the Ikeda Bookstore. (structure, geopolitics, the Constitution of Japan of an introduction to Kojiki, Oriental medicine, psychology, the Japanese modern history, human body) as all are guide, please pick it up casually.

The making of design to enjoy with masking tape

Fumi nona/ work boutique company
 Does everybody have masking tape? I think that many people surely have the masking tape of several kinds. (there are four kinds even masking tape of the star original of the dawn!) Convenience to put it, and to be able to tear off leads to popularity and is one of the stationery which came to be immediate rapidly.
 This book is a book for the purpose of making various designs using masking tape. I introduce various works in Part1 and, in Part2, introduce the basics of the making of design using the masking tape. Own belonging and present transform themselves into an original thing by slight invention. As you are begun immediately if there are cutter mat and a design cutter, please challenge the making of design on seeing this book.

January, 2018

     I am lighted up, and is darkness an arrowhead (kuwai) deeply?      Yata (I hate) arrowhead (jeer)
 Fukuyama is a production center of the whole country's best arrowhead. The arrowhead makes an outstanding performance as a mascot for New Year holidays, "a bud appears". The author lets the figure of the arrowhead tinged with the blue rise in darkness.
 2,018 years were over. I reach new age, and there may be many people who put up a new sign. "Reading is called pabulum". At first does neither a person liking books nor the person that it is not so see one book for a hand? Possibly is a wonderful encounter waiting?…
 "A textbook of the home economics" coherent to life caricatured the famous book more than the times this month; introduce by the art complete works of the epoch-making editing "how do you live?".

How to make right fried eggs

Product, the illustration / Morishita bookshop new company where I obtain it, and a medium River is
It is one book in the "skill in 14-year-old making a living in the world" series. "Vital energy" is important to live comfortably! This book is "a textbook of the home economics to become a proper adult". When washing, dishes are put in order, I am divided into four chapters of cleaning, the sewing and can learn each <basic ki>. It is important thing to wear basic "vital energy" to live with a family let alone a person living as one happily from now on. It is the book which is recommended to you "who have not done most of the dishes".

How do you live?

Original / Genzaburo Yoshino comics / Shoichi Haga Magazine House
 As the original enters "the best select" of the star of the dawn with a novel published in 1937, I think that there are many people who have read it. Now that I passed through 80, it was written a new as comics for the first time by the publication of the novel. Junichi Honda, also known as "COPER you" and "the uncle" of the eighth grader are main characters. It is also courage poverty, bullying, a difference… I press the theme of the life that does not change even if the background changes in the times. Of the title "how do you live?" is one of the question to us.

World masterpiece judging from ART GALLERY theme

 I purchased the complete series of art after a long absence in a library. These complete works edit a world masterpiece every theme. The previously published thing is a "Venus" "portrait" "paysage" "religious painting". The editing every theme can unusually taste a world masterpiece across the times and the frame of the painter. The space of the high quality is realized by a big screen and a best print technology of 30 X 30 and can enjoy masterpieces selected carefully from the ancient times to the present age. The chronological table of the end of a volume is recommended personally.  

March, 2017

I am late for cherry blossoms, and the Japanese mountain rose begins to bloom. Speaking of "bright golden yellow," it is an oval gold coin by a historical drama in secret. Aside from it, the state of the branch of the Japanese mountain rose that a leaf equalled a flower in turn floats in front. Contrast of green and the bright golden yellow of the young leave is a beautiful phrase.

Way of life that LIFE human being does not know

Kaori Shinohara / chomaseihaneryo / image sentence sound company

The history of the human is too short, and there is a lot of what the human does not know.
This book is a book learning a "strategy" for a human being to survive "custom" from the life of 20 kinds of creatures.
The comic with a realistic narrative-like illustration that the title page of each chapter is real. The main story is commented on following the comics of the pretty illustration. And finally, called the animal bean knowledge is constituted. I am how old or, from the contents of the main story, pick it up and introduce me.
・The baby of the capybara gets milk from any female of the group.
・A giraffe is the animal which is strong so as, in fact, to compete for the first place, the second place in Africa.
・Even if the foot of the octopus eaten by a natural enemy reproduces, I do not regenerate the foot which I ate by stress by oneself.

Scenery with the story

Yasuo Yamaguchi / work MDN Corporation

A castle and the town in the story that I saw with a story and the picture which anyone read in childhood. I collected the real photographs which became the model. Please enjoy a castle or the town which became the stage of the famous story that many people got close to.

Way of holding creature 

Toshimitsu Matsuhashi / giganticness Japanese book bunch

It is a chicken to an insect and a frog, a spider, a lizard, a rabbit…It is unexpectedly difficult to have smartly without injuring a creature while keeping one's personal security well. I consider it how the human being whom the expert of each field has should have this book so that the held creature is not hurt and am the book which I practiced. I think whether there is the creature that I do not have throughout the life, but am interesting just to see a state of the practice. Of course there is the way of holding dog and cat, too.

January, 2017

In February, 1928, it is a product in Korakuen, Okayama. There are many school years that visited Koraku-en Garden on an excursion. It is a white crane with a red crest bred in a cage, but setting birds free is carried out every year now for New Year holidays. There seem to be many coming and helping people to enjoy that I see the elegant figure.

2,017 years were over. Each is new and thinks it to be that I strengthen determination to make this one year a better one. Cold days continue, but are the thing which wants to spend the third semester for health care carefully.
By the way, the book of a book, the words of the dam also introduces the book of the fox this month.

/ work    Gakken plus

Do you know "the dumb card" which the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism issues? There is the rare card and seems to be popular. Hagiwara of the author says that the thing of the same design is exclusive as for the charm of the dam because at first the conditions that I did commencing with being the largest size and location requirements and a budget in the structure which a human being created are different.
A lot of photographs shot from the air using a drone are recorded in this book unlike a conventional photograph. I find a favorite dam, and how about coming?

Gills Francis Sanders / work Mayumi Maeda / reason    Wound former company

It is "words that it cannot translate" that cannot express the nuance well by the words of other countries that is put in this book. I feel surprise to "include such words in the world", and I can feel warm, and there should be it.
For example, there are such words.
・Spend it staying up late till late after Arabic (noun) SAMAR day went down with a friend happily.
・Fine consideration to take consideration into a feeling of Korean (noun) NUNCHI another person secretly.
・I come out of Russian (noun) RAZLIUBIT love, and a hood feels bitter.

Minoru Taketatsu / work    Alice hall 

Minoru Taketatsu is the doctor of the cause wild animal which is known as an author of "the thing which child gitsune Helen left". It may be said that a photograph and the sentence of this book are love letters to foxes to understand it from the title called "a love letter". Of the book these various expressions of the fox being caught, letting think about the relation with the animal with a person think that is attractive. It is a daughter of Taketazu to have gained the sincerity of the fox. She seemed to be really equal with foxes.

October, 2016

  It is a phrase letting you realize the cool that an autumn sign dwells in not only the sound of boiling water in a teakettle but also the voice of the water. Than "mountain collected poems."
  It was this summer when the lingering summer heat was severe, but at last cooled down in the evening in the morning. I work on study calmly and am a season to enjoy reading, and to be able to do it in autumn. In the library, I display the autumn and wait for the visit of everybody.
  By the way, it is the book which entered the library newly to introduce this time. Mainly on the book which can enjoy a beautiful photograph, I introduce three books.

/ work Toshimitsu Matsuhashi / photograph truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation

  Thing, it which are indispensable because birds are birds are feathers. The feather maintains temperature and is not only necessary to fly. I accomplished evolution to each lifestyle. A design, the color that nature created is impressive. Please enjoy many beautiful photographs. "The evolution that birds accomplished sees" the subtitle.

Yoshiyasu Ida / supervision Gakken

  There are various countries and areas in the world. In each natural environment and society, the culture of the country is born. I learn nature and culture unlike Japan and am the series that can know the common thing. Even if the environment put is different, as for is going to aim at the rich life by peace, thinking, everybody is the same. In this series, do you not check world countries?

Shunya Nishida / product Tokuma Shoten

  I moved in to Nara from Tokyo positive large ha, one year ago. Nara is a hometown of mother passed away. Though I met you, Nao of a red snapper to father works, and the close friend is busy with the graduation ceremony of the elementary school, too. I hesitate, and French Bull-Dog Sauce which seems to be a dog is handed by positive large ha, the homeless man who thought, neither "spring coming nor the junior high school is nice at all." and is asked saying "look for an owner.". Days to walk the town of Nara with positive large ga dog begin on this day. Of homeless Uncle though "looked at the cherry tree in you, a while ago, do not bloom even if is waiting. The cherry tree blooms all too soon if I notice incidentally. Therefore at first the word, I walk is impressive.

June, 2016

(takahama) an empty child (kyoshi)
  This phrase expresses a state when I sprinkled the moss. A lot of moss grows in the slope of the cherry tree of the campus. Bryophyte does not have the flower and chooses a spore case to a flower when I have a science-like talk, but is like the really small flower in appearance.
  The rainy season begins, and humid days continue. It is near at hand in the full-scale summer. I want to be careful about physical condition management enough. By the way, I introduce this pleasant (as for one uchi series) three this time.

/ Yuki Suetsugu product / jikaiketsuikodansha

The original is a comic, and Chihaya, Ayase is the youth drama of the main character the girl who can write youth to the competition karuta. As I win great popularity from all over the magazine serialization and was become the movie animation, the knowing person thinks that there is many it. The original drew the high school days of characters, but the junior high school times of Chihaya where this "novel chihayafuru" was not drawn on the original are described in all four volumes. You answer the voice "that you wanted to see well for the junior high school era of Chihaya" of the original fan, and it is this work which reflected the idea of the author, but please read it as you can enjoy it enough even if you do not know the original. It is particularly recommended for the person who is interested in a traditional Japanese playing card.

Picture / kurisutiyana S Williams sentence / Jennie bloom tide sentence company

It is a large-scale book. At first I am fascinated by the beauty of the color of the cover. The coloration that I have less seen very much so far to "be beautiful" and the which I said may get a hint. Shocking pink, black, blue are purple to gold…Various colors are studded with and are very fresh. I divide the whole into five parts to be in the subtitle with "five paradise, various creatures" and describe the figure of creatures. To see the figure of the creature inhabiting "the paradise" such as the Amazon Great Barrier Reef Himalayas, please taste the feeling that went on a trip.

Product / Nukaga Mio Shogakukan

Speaking of "a cord (cord) there may be many people to regard as relay road race!". The Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden of New Year holidays is very popular, and there are a lot of novels which handled relay road race. This "cord meal" is the story of youths spending youth on relay road race. The story of the dish is adopted effectively to be in the title with "a meal". The thought for each other who is brother who is different in one and a tangle on playing a game play a key role, but the girl appears, too. Let alone a person playing sports, it is the novel which the person not to work as can be impressed by enough.

April, 2016

  It is a familiar song, but is transcribed in Manyoshu tanka collection by a traditional Japanese playing card like the top. The green of the mountain and the white color of dried clothes float in front and are a song letting you feel early summer.
  The new year began. The slope finishes the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom, and the fresh green is bright to eyes. Let alone new pupils, upper-class students will be that a new school term was surely reached with a fresh feeling, too.
  You think that you are busy until an athletic meet too much without the date, but please turn a foot to the library. I display pleasant books visually and wait for coming of everybody.
  By the way, I introduce three books from a new book this time. It is three books of the book of the favorite cake of everybody, the book of the words of the season and the book thinking about "a life".

Backe Akiko, Italy Atsuko Nose / work Treasure Island company

In the days of a child, have you not thought a cake and the dish which you saw with a picture book "to want to eat it?" It is one book granting such a dream of the small time. A chocolate cake and the ice cream of "the starving green caterpillar", a pancake of "chibikuro, sambo", the picture book including the doughnut of "Bam and kero nonichiyobi" are same. How about everybody challenging it?

Keiko Yamashita / work    Asahi Shimbun publication

  I think that Japanese is a beautiful word. Four seasons and beautiful words gaattekosodehanaideshoka where it changes that there is a custom to attach the greetings of the season to in a letter for a long time. There are various means of communication including email and LINE, but is very glad of having a heartfelt letter now. I think that the interest to words increases just to know the words of the beautiful season.

Fumio Kikuta / work Shigeaki Hinohara / supervision Gakken

  This book is a book thinking about "a life". Though I am given "a life", as for us, it does not continue forever, and "death" visits all people. Therefore I decide the way of oneself of life by oneself and am the message to youths living in the future from the author who wants to grow happily.

February, 2016

(say) ji (ji)
  It is a haiku of Yuji Kinoshita who is a poet, haiku poet from Fukuyama-shi. It is the haiku that the sensitivity like the poet is felt.
  New year began, and the third semester began. Though it was warm until the end of the year, it is January, and full-scale cold visits it suddenly and hears it if there are many people falling sick. I do not want to catch cold having influenza if possible. We live life that a gargle and hand-washing are regular and do it, and let's work for the prevention.
  By the way, I introduce three books from a new book this time. As the impact of the cover chose the strong book, please look for it at the new book corner of the library.

PHP Institute Office

  It is the series second released following "riyuugaarimasu". Has everybody not thought, "an adult is dirty!" in the days of a child? I may still think so by any chance. In this book, a small girl vents a question on father, and father answers for it, but the answer is interesting at all. "doshiteyubizumouonankaiyattemo, daddy nokachinano" It is condition, "the daddy does not die because "I am sent back to a child once again if defeated by a child, and there is the rule of the secret." called a fresh start". The face of the joyful daddy of the last page is unmissable.

Kei Nishikori, akisanei* / work Bungeishunju Ltd.

  The Japanese approximately 15 years ago might not expect that a Japanese belonged under best 4 in a world ranking of the tennis. It is Kei Nishikori to have written down for "the dream becoming a world champion" and the graduation collection of works of the elementary school in such times. This book is the book which I wrote down his distance from 2010 through 2015 mainly on the blog which he spelled since the age of 19 years old. Nishikori who is not exaggeration even if I say that there is not the person who it becomes "the national hero" now, and does not know it. I think that his figure which is going to be opposite to a self may be useful for the person wanting to be what kind of way without being now glad now sad at the ups and downs of the ranking.

Plan production / grass Tsuchiide version mountain and valley company

According to the title, it is the illustrated book of the rose. As Fukuyama was the city that aimed at "the town of the rose" both in name and in reality, I wanted everybody to read it and chose this book. As for the contents, most are photographs of the rose of the color. 200,000 kinds of rose gardening kinds seem to be said. I divide such a rose into six systems, and a characteristic is introduced with a photograph. There is the flower totally different from the flower to be said to be "a rose", and to image and thinks that there is new discovery. Which is your favorite rose?

September, 2015

The top of Wakaki of (chinaberry) is an autumn sky, too            Ryuta Iida (iidaryota)
  It is said that the chinaberry gives off a noble fragrance indulgently. Of "the chinaberry Futaba ho shi" that the chinaberry seems to express a sandalwood (sandalwood), actually, is a totally different tree… In any case the autumn scene that a clear autumn sky spreads through on sweet-smelling Wakaki is very refreshing.
  By the way, hot this summer is over. Commencing with a memorial festival, a school festival, I want to spend this second semester with many school events well. It is three new book books to introduce this time.
I act as a keeper for 25 years and am played an active part as a picture book writer widely now. The representative writing has if "I stop by "gorilla Saigon cinnamon" of the storm".
Wonder of the dolphin
  For us, I think that a dolphin is an imminent animal. The dolphin show of the aquarium is extreme popularity every time and is said to have an effect of healing by swimming with a dolphin and is got close to both a child and an adult. It studies the original figure of such a dolphin and the characteristic as the creature, and it is this book that explain clearly. The viewpoint for the dolphin may change by knowing various ability of the dolphin.
People climbing over the tragedy of revival - atom bomb of Hiroshima to hand down by comics―

 Concerning 70 years after the war, a lot of newspaper and on TV related matters to war were delivered this year. The person who experienced war gradually decreases, but thinks that it is our responsibility to convey the experience in history.
 This book focuses on revival of Hiroshima who reached being bombed 70 and expresses it by comics. Why is it that Hiroshima who has become the burnt field was able to achieve miraculous revival? Various things are taken up from the restoration of the lifeline to the revival of "the meal", birth of citizen's baseball team, Hiroshima Carp and are a book letting you believe "human power to be able to recover" itself.


June, 2015

The beautiful wind blowing (rokuguwatsu)           Masaoka (Masao) grayheaded cuckoo (spread)
  It is the phrase that expressed a day of the refreshing May sunshine that "beautiful wind" blows. So that wind and the light of the sunny interval of the rainy season sense it bodily.
  By the way, the book of "the eel" which a book and the life that I introduced an industry inheritance of Japan to this time are not known to too much, an immortal masterpiece introduce in a modern version of "kyo rinu with a style".

I chase the mystery of eel 100 million years

Katsumi Tsukamoto / work Gakken education publication

It is kyo rinu with wind

Mitchel / work Konomi Ara / reason Iwanami Shoten Margaret Mitchell / work Yukiko Konosu / reason Shinchosha

January, 2015

I who am dim of (bud) am go hinikeri in admiration and the sky      Sachio Ito (Sachi minding it)
  The fragrance of the thin month (crescent moon, crescent (sengetsu)) and plum is a symbol of "the admiration". Is dim "admiration" a feeling to yearn for the person? It is the song that a state that to become loose in the sky, and the feeling is crowded and opens is expressed.
  The age is changed, and a cold day continues. As there seems to be the sign that influenza is prevalent, please attach everybody mind. From a new book, I introduce three books with a choice of the book except the novel this month. As anything is a book readable happily, it is recommended for a change.

Wound (the beginning) / edition, supervision Asuka new company

  Horada of the editor is the illustrator who is a graduate from Hiroshima University department of literature and is ukiyoe print-like doing a thing with pride. The ukiyoe artist who skidded in time in the life of the Heisei comes back by the late Tokugawa period in some kind of opportunities, and this work takes the appearance to describe manners and customs of the world of the Heisei in a vague recollection. Of course it is fiction, but is interesting how culture, manners and customs of the world of the Heisei were reflected in the eyes of the ukiyoe artist when I let imagination work and read it.
"The large Japanese sunflower" (covering next) is the Tokyo Skytree. "kuzukyuoke" (you smoke waste, and put it) is a rumba. Then what on earth will "the buttocks gun" (shirideppo) be?

It is Takashi / picture Tokyo Shoseki to the wall Takashi / sentence shop

  It is the book which was taken up on TV at the end of last year. Words (saying "I show it" "I express it" "foot" and "a leg") and a form to have a different meaning resemble it while being the same reading in this book and do not know a difference well and explain ("Sunday" and "parfait" "a sea lion" and "a seal") to know it using a photograph at first sight.
  That it is good in Japan and is called "the right flatfishs to the left flatfish", as for the flatfishs such as the United States, there are many things which are reverse a direction. It seems to be "a flatfish "a flatfish one having a cute mouth" definitely to be afraid of a mouth".

The Takeo Samaki / Japanese edition supervision Nitto study head office

  I collect a world map more than 80 and am the book which took up a notable theme of nature, a creature, technology, the history, the culture. As it is commented using abundant photograph and data, it is recommended for junior high students. Through a world figure, I think that I am connected in knowing the situation of Japan and the state that I saw objectively of Japan.
  It is one question here. On earth will there be the thing which is not a quadrangle in the national flag of the independent country where there is 196 it how many? The person wanting to know the answer come to the library.

September, 2014

(te) Is ninoseshito un () a decreasing grape (grape)?      Tatsuo Nagai
Is it a mutter of the author "to pass through un?" I understand that I right feel the cluster of the grape to be with autumn itself.
  It is a season suitable for reading in autumn. Autumn Book Week is planned every year at school. You visit the library at this opportunity, and do you not find favorite one book?
  I introduce book two books of the scientific field, novel one this month. There is predominantly much rental of novel in the principal school, but it is recommendation that challenge a new genre.
  The origin of a dog and the cat and a secret, the dietetics of the body also wear it with this book about the wonder of the action. Through a dog and a cat, I want to deepen the understanding to a creature.
  It is quiz one here! It will be which among dog cat Homo sapiens that there is the most required amount of the protein per 1 kg in weight. The person worried about an answer comes to the library, and please read this book.
"The cultural history of the illustration rainbow"
  It is the beautiful book which I used a lot of photographs for. There are feelings for the binding. Three angles of covers are pictures of Newton dismantling sunshine using a prism, and coloring of the rainbow color is given the part of "the small sum" of the book. It is the cultural history of "the rainbow" according to the title, but is the book which "the history of the idea whether you think how because a person solves a rainbow and understood" can read to be in "an afterword".
  Unexpectedly the researcher who devoted life to the study of "the rainbow" does not seem to be found at all. A mathematician, a clergyman, an astronomer, a philosopher, a physicist, a doctor, a painter study "a rainbow" as a pastime, and that is why the information about the rainbow seems to disperse in every field.
  That we Japanese answers with "seven colors" routinely if asked about the number of the colors of the rainbow, this is different in an answer by a country…(it seems to be five colors in six colors, Belgium in the United States)
  The person to tell to be hard for me to deal with can enjoy the content of the physical science in the chapter of the "photo studio of the rainbow" "tradition of the rainbow" "literature and rainbow" enough.
"Tomorrow's children"
  It is the drama which is developed with a novel of popular Hiroshi Arikawa on the stage of the child nursing home called "the tomorrow's house" in the principal school. Through a behavior of kana and Hisashi living in Mr. Shin Mitamura flat ya Izumi, facilities of the new rice staff, the preconception for facilities and a selfish image may be repainted. It is not a story of the optimistic love, but Arikawa fan is unmissable.

July, 2014

  The author hears the invisible small birdsong of the figure in one big tree growing thick of green leaves. The vibration of the voice of the small bird just becomes light and the vibration of the color.
  By the way, I introduce three books this time. It is a hot season, but the library is cool and is comfortable. By way of enjoying the cool air, do you not look for a book?
  I cooked some dishes to see this book, too. As for the dish appearing to "one frying pan side dish" and "ingredients dakusango meal", clearing is easy, too. As a lot of dishes which even junior and senior high school students can challenge easily are introduced, please make everybody.
"The Univ. of Tokyo, the puzzle that a Kyoto Univ.-style brain is refreshing"
  It is the second of "the puzzle which a Univ. of Tokyo, Kyoto Univ. type head improves" which became the bestseller more than 100,000 copies. I seem to be able to form the flexible brain which is easy to cause a flash by solving a lot of puzzles. Even if the puzzle of this book does not use the pencil, I can untie it just to see it with eyes. In addition, it is ryomon where the member of the puzzle club of Univ. of Tokyo and Kyoto Univ. made all puzzles putting all the skill. It is one book which is most suitable for a change.
Shuntaro Tanikawa spells "kanaikun" in a night and is the work that Taiyo Matsumoto completed a picture for two years. As there are feelings for the binding, it is a book wanting you to see it for a hand.
  The living person dies before long. What will happen when I die? This picture book describes the death of "grandfather" of the picture book writer who was his classmate in the youth called the fourth grader more than "kanaikun" passed away and 60 years ago.
  Anyone of us will have fear to "death". "Grandfather" knows that the cherry tree of the next year is not seen anymore. "Do not want to think about death seriously; grandfather still not to want to think thoughtlessly." "I" of the grandchild know the death of grandfather in a skiing area and think, "it began". On earth what would begin? The answer is not written. You read this work, and do you not think?

April, 2014

A shadow expanse of (hazakura) comes (come) and deepens and comes (come)      Tatsuko Hoshino (stand come)
  Tatsuko Hoshino of the author is the second daughter of Kyoshi Takahama and is the one of the high haiku poet of the evaluation in particular among the whole families of the empty child. I will spend some time standing the author under the cherry tree with early leaves. The shadow of the cherry tree with early leaves gradually surrounds the author, and the state that "I deepen and come", and takotoo is surprised at can read which "I open and come".
  The new year began. Congratulations on new pupils, entrance to school. It will be that big hope was surely had while looking at the cherry tree of the slope. Please enjoy coming school life without forgetting the present fresh feeling.
  By the way, I introduce three more than a book to introduce a book of the book of the cake which I want to recommend to a girl liking chocolate this time and the Japanese traditional culture, tea ceremony (chado) and a Japanese classic to.


"I learn etiquette of the tea preparation in the glance of first tea ceremony - person"
denchusen* / work Chuo Koron new company


"100 books of 1,000 years"
Kennichi Suzuki / edition Shogakukan


January, 2014

It is rurashi (I came)       Kajin Aioigaki (aioigakikajin)
  It is the phrase of the meaning that hard big winter passes, and small pretty spring did. What kind of thought would the author reach the spring arrival in?
  A Happy New Year. It was warm New Year holiday this year. It has been left only the third semester this year. Because there is the word "All's Well That Ends Well", I want to connect it with effort well in the new year until the end of March.
  By the way, I introduce this one of Takashi Yanase who died in two books associated with native district Fukuyama, Hiroshima this time and 2013.

Fukuyama uzumigohan meeting for the study / issuance glory / editing

  Is familiar for a person living in Fukuyama; "see the whirlpool", and desuga may be not very well known nationwide. This book "sees a whirlpool" with a novel and a comic and introduces a nimatsuwaru talk. Furthermore, I think that the local person can enjoy the person who is not so as "I see the whirlpool", and there are no origin and recipe, Fukuyama uzumigohan MAP. "I see the whirlpool", and ga should spread out nationwide. An author of the novel part is the plate sea teacher who took the birch in a principal school until 2009.

Kiyoshi Shigematsu / work Kodansha

  Is 1975 not the year when I cannot forget it for a carp fan Hiroshima people more than late 40s in particular? It is the year when consecutive last Karp won the championship for the first time for three years until the last year. This age, hat of the carp turned into red from dark blue, and the uniform turned big, too. Led by Manabu who moved in from Yukio, Tokyo to be naughty baseball boy shops, newspaper reporter, it is a work about the distance until first championship of their friendship and carp. 1975 was a year of the turning point called the 30th year from atom bomb throwing down. It becomes another theme to talk about a historical fact. Let alone the person whom Karp likes, it is the work which the person who is not such interested in baseball can enjoy.

Takashi Yanase / work PHP Institute Office

  I make a manuscript based on an interview to comic artist, Takashi Yanase who died in 2013 and am a work made the book. I quote it from the text partly. "The person performing justice must prepare for oneself being hurt. Anpan-Man puts up one's face. Because though I fall, I cannot help doing so one's energy. Justice has a kind of sorrow and may be hurt. You are not so cool."

September, 2013

"shitsuyoshu" More. The heart of the author sending it to heart, the Susukino heart of the cloud seems to come.
  Summer vacation troubled by intense heat was over, and a new school term began. It became easy to spend morning and evening, and at last an autumn sign came to be felt. We have the big event called the memorial festival bazaar in September. Let's work with responsibility respectively to be able to enjoy it to a visitor. Of course it is important to enjoy. Please usually enjoy atmospheres of the different school.
  By the way, speaking of autumn after all "autumn of reading." Do you not assign dozens of minutes before arriving to reading to sleep? Surely the new world spreads out. I introduce three books from a new book this month.
  On the other hand, how about about one sentence of the last of the work. There may be more people not to know.
  In this book, I take up one sentence of the last of "the masterpiece" and add comment. The read person can enjoy the unread person enough. It may be sometimes good to begin to read a work after knowing the last.
"Animal size sekkin wolf"
  Association of National Geographic continued investigating nature, geography, the history all over the world since they were established in 1888. Series of "animal size sekkin" is series made with National Geographic by a researcher and the photographer who observed an animal for many years of popularity. It is winding of "the wolf" to introduce this time, but is a book letting you think about not only the life of the wolf but also the coexistence with the human being.
"A brief cake"
  I think that there is the person enjoying the making of cake a lot in the principal school. But it takes time plenty when made with a cake. I should be able to easily cook a delicious cake……! It is a book wanting the person who thinks so to read by all means. I borrow part of copy of the cover. "I mix it round and round and only bake it light sakusaku!" "I try a so delicious cake for the first time!" How about? Do you not want to cook a cake?

May, 2013

  It is the haiku that I composed on bright scenery full of the summer light. It is a good haiku in refreshing early summer.
  2013 began, and one month passed early. New teacher and classroom, class in charge
Is it about time when I am getting used to mates soon? A season of the early summer comfortable soon. I will enjoy the reading activity.
By the way, it is the news from the library. A new bookshelf will enter the section of the pocket edition this year. With it, I aim at more enhancement of the library corner. I wait for the request from everybody.
I introduce three books from the genre except the novel this time. As you can enjoy it only by a lot of parts of the color printing seeing all three of them, please see it for a hand by all means.
  It grasps the present conditions definitely to be opposite to a wild animal, and it is necessary to change indifferent attitude toward personal nature. It reads this book, and it may become the first step of the stocktaking to feel saying "a funny thing somewhat takes place".
"The decoration of the flower to make with paper-cutting"
  It is a decoration of the flower mainly that this book introduces. I introduce a three-dimensional swag to be able to enjoy easily. I can buy the paper to use with the paper of the both sides same color with the moderate waist called the Tant paper in the stationery section. Of course I think that you should challenge it using various material as I can make it even if I employ the general origami or handbill which were colored only on one side. I recommend it as a person of no real ability at the time of the bazaar. "The paper tile" appearing in the latter half is most suitable for the wall decorations.
"The world map of sports"
  World maps may not be usually tied to sports directly. However, in this book, I take up sports played all over the world for 30 items and show the situation of competition population and the distribution, TV viewership using a world map clearly. As I enunciate about the history and the social phenomenon of sports, the economic phenomenon, I think that I become able to enjoy sports from the viewpoint that gangs were different in to be until now if I read this book.

February, 2013

   The author looked at a spring positive (hi) and people of the spring wear who poured while waiting for a bus at spring still early time and would be convinced of coming of spring. In "spring in the haiku," it is said that it is until the day before from the beginning of spring (about February 4) to the beginning of summer (about May 6) according to China and a Japanese old calendar. It deviates from our actual feeling for approximately one month.
  By the way, I introduce a novel two books and book one book about the star this month. As it is only the book which junior high students can enjoy enough, please read. As original Sakumoto of a movie and the drama will display it at any time in future at the new book corner, too; in fun.
(young adult) is estimated as a novel, and is a very clean innocent love novel.
 "The eyebrows" of the main character have mysterious power. I see the places that apparition of a living person and another person suffer from. Grandmother of "the eyebrows" has something like inspiration and can cure a disease.  When a school is closed, "the eyebrows" help grandmother. Through the relations with a classmate and the family of such "eyebrows", it is a novel letting you think about life and various things such as problems of death, the nature. I think that I can feel good old even if adult in a Showa generation reads it among them as the good old music and book, movie come up.
"The demystification dinner 3"
  It is the third of the obvious extreme popularity series. This work became the blockbuster of the series total 3,400,000 copies breakthrough. The exhibition of the movie is decided in August, 2013, too.
The familiar character is in good health, and Reiko Hosho begins to try to be a young lady same as before, and the Kazamatsuri inspector misses the focus same as before. Of course malicious language and the inference of Kageyama are quite well, too. A quantity by one episode is short and is readable between the study easily…Is such a thing a popular factor, too? It is the "mica" first to go out from Episode 1 to Episode 5, but Episode 6 of the last story is newly written, and there is a big change for the relations of three people.
"The world of the star getting close to a star in a myth story"
   For busy modern people, time to look at a star slowly may not very have it. But a romantic episode is in the constellation coloring a night sky each. In this book, I come to be able to enjoy 21 myths with many illustrations and photographs. As the way of the constellation observation is explained in detail, please recall the story of Greek gods while actually looking up at the night sky.

November, 2012

This song seems to be a song when Michinaga Fujiwara whom everybody knows took shelter in Sagano. You had to sing the song well in old days to succeed in politics. I can see the surprising first page and may be interesting if I have present politicians write a song. .
The library public lottery was finished on a favorable reception in 2012. I tell you that there was more than 700 rental during a period. The announcement of the elected candidate is a plan of November 22.
By the way, I introduce three books from a wide genre this month.


"A professional cheese handbook"
Norio Kimura / work truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation


"Marathon step-up training"
Manabu Kawagoe / kanshujitsugyokorenichihonsha


September, 2012

There is the tree of fragrant olive in the west of south school building and the north school building. I feel autumn arrival in a small orange flower and a sweet fragrance. Is it a symphony "40th G minor" of Mozart to drift to the morning blue sky?
We have various events including school festival, memorial festival bazaar, Zen meditation Kiyoharu society and the school excursion for the second semester. You make a lot of pleasant memories, and please assume it bread to tomorrow!
By the way, let's introduce three books which we seem to be able to enjoy from the book which became available newly this month.
Though "I see it well, I do not know the name…Flowers called ". As I am gathered up monthly, and the way of looking is written, do you not take a walk through this book to one hand?
"It is mysterious and sees it! Psychology to really understand"
Such as "which psychology test, you types" of the magazine do not look at the section carelessly? In this book, I comment on psychology clearly, and the technique that I seem to be able to apply is introduced by oneself.
"How does the master of the memory remember it?"
"How is the friendship made?"
It is one book which can stare at the heart again.
"American literature (Iwanami Jr. new book) to read in animals"
Do you like an animal? In the literary work, various animals appear. As for the huge enemy who emerges from a cat, the ocean like the smart dog and demon who are faithful to the master, and stands in the way before a main character….
As the work with the video of original Sakumoto and the movie is introduced by the library including "an old man and the sea" of Hemingway, "a white whale" of Melville will read it in total by all means.

June, 2012

In the star of the dawn, the class of the pool has already begun, is this phrase scenery of the pool, too? The dashing figure of the young girl who changed into swimsuit floats vividly.
The rainy season sets in and reaches a gloomy season nationwide. I want to spend it being careful about physical condition enough while thanking for rainfall eagerly longed for.
By the way, I introduce three books this month from a new book corner. How about for a change when I was tired from the examination grind?
In fact, "my cat" is not a cat. It becomes too much big, and "I" of the owner move into a big house. When the destined lover whom a cat met there explains it by the words called the tortoiseshell cat, is slightly complexed; is talked. Tortoiseshell cat of the lover is very cute.
"The world of three will"
Fight of table, five length Hara of a fight, the dispatch of troops of a fight, asking politely, the red wall of oath, Guandu of Momozono……I recite many cameos of three will that anyone knows lively, and a photograph introduces the ground of the connection. The careful commentary of the writer having many books in conjunction with three will and Chinese poetry is a nice book. I recommend it to a person attracted by a person liking the history, a hero of three will in particular.
"Go over the forest of 1,000 years"
According to the title, it is the mysterious story for 1,000 years. With the work which won a Newbery Prize silver medal of 2009, I became National Book Awards candidate.
The story also develops three kinds of "time" "now" "25 years ago" that is not so far "the far-off past" called Chitoshi old days while going back and forth. The main character is two kittens and old dogs; other characters (?) There are many things which are not mo, a human being. The grandmother of the water moccasin is advanced age to be far over 1,000 years old. It is 325 pages of works, but is the work which even the person whom it does not fit though I read a book can challenge casually as it is managed from 124 chapters, and each chapter is short, and the writing style is easy.

April, 2012

"A German stone horse" It is the song which I quoted from "an early summer basket residence". I feel a humorous thing for the act of the significant cat.
2012 began. Is it about time when I am getting used to a new teacher or classroom, classmate in charge soon? I want to do my best for this one year without forgetting an original fresh feeling in the year.
By the way, I introduce the appearing book of spirit appropriate for this time, a book to be excited at a little this month. It is particularly recommended for the person who is interested in a fantasic thing.

"The story of 100 people"

Akemi Itsuji / supervision Kodansha
  The girl may have a crush on a princess all through the ages. Have you thought that everybody wanted to become "a princess?" This book attracted the stories of 100 princesses. From an actual person (Princess Diana, Marie Antoinette et al.) to the princess (sapphire princess, Anmitsu princess, reia princess et al.) of animation and the movie, I can enjoy the story of many princesses regardless of east and west and a genre of yo. In addition, it is "a princess point" to be interesting. <tragic love> <political marriage> <evil woman> <Cinderella story> <stepmother> <fighting princess> <empress>! By the way, which point will you be attracted by?

Without "giving it up foot I see it trip of the directness uncle"

Takashi Yanase / work Shinnihon publishing company
  It is the fairy tale of adult whom Takashi Yanase who is famous for Anpan-Man series spelled. A daddy longlegs does not become; "see means of transportation; there is not a directness uncle" so cool either, and is the person such as the unidentified shadow. As you know, as for the life, he is full of difficulty, but he sees means of transportation, and the directness uncle helps the person who is in trouble. The person says, "I do work of the extremely rudimentary help.". Is a foot not that I see it, and the existence like the directness uncle is required simply because it is the time when it is busy like the present age?

"A back narrow path to walk in a photograph"

Tetsuo Hisatomi / work Sanseido
  A photograph more than 100 point of "the okunohoso way" which Tetsuo Hisatomi copied from the Showa period to the Heisei period is published in this book. The reader can taste a trip of the Basho of 600 present villages over Tohoku, Hokuriku countries after leaving Fukagawa. As the text and the footnote appear, it may be studied ancient writings. If is better off at time, follow a footprint of the Basho to one hand in this book leisurely; think that want to go on a trip; nowadays.

February, 2012

I say the time when the cold that it is past ha, the beginning of spring "not long in spring", and a day has not yet stood very much remains. Both the white color of the heron of this phrase and the state that the thin foot of the heron moves over water express feelings shallow in spring well.
There became left a few it in 2011. A colder day continues, but wants to try physical condition management hard carefully.
By the way, I introduce three books from a new book book this time. I chose the book which the person who was weak in reading seemed to be able to enjoy. As you put it in the new book section, please see it for a hand.


"The life that Koshien gave"
Nakamura / work Kodansha in total


"The element illustrated book space is made of 92 elements"
Adrian dinguru / work Megumi Ikeuchi / reason SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.


December, 2011

The Advent begins, and preparations for homage of Christmas begin in each school year. Even if it was the end of November, the highest temperature exceeded 20 degrees Celsius and was not able to realize the readily full-scale winter arrival, but was chilled significantly this year when, as is expected, I heard a voice in December. Let's be careful not to be ill with a sudden environmental change.
"The library public lottery" which I carried out in November was finished on a favorable reception. Because the rental number of books doubles, and there was a reaction as the counter can stand in line for the lunch break, I want to carry it out by all means in the next fiscal year. Please challenge the person who came off the person whom a lottery was this time again.
By the way, I introduce three books from a new book this time. It is a document with a novel and a photograph to introduce this time, but what challenge the book of the genre not to usually read using a period of the rental for a long term of the winter vacation may be good.
Proton that picture book "blue sky ribbon" became the bestseller (as for the OA a plan of December 3) and Harumi of the newspaper reporter are close friends and have a past abandoned together by a parent. One day the son of the proton is kidnapped, and the threatening letter "which the life of the son does not have if I do not announce the truth" has been sent. On earth what is "the truth?" Please read with picture book "blue sky ribbon".
"1,000 visual competition between two teams"
The TV saga of 2012 is "Kiyomori Taira", but is a book introducing many people including Kiyomori to. It is the new competition between two teams book which I cover all to their ancestor, descendant while focusing on the drama of people who lived in so-called "the competition between two teams social confusion period", and describing it in detail. Let alone the person of the competition between two teams enthusiast, it becomes the content that a beginner can enjoy enough. It is full of the colorplates, too.
"A collection of Asahiyama Zoo photographs"
As it is this section in 2009 and introduced "the zoo of the dream" and two books of "the Asahiyama Zoo", as for the introduction of the book about the Asahiyama Zoo, it is to the third. The Asahiyama Zoo that is not exaggeration even if I untie it where a novel display method works, and there is not the person not to know now. Please enjoy the expression that you did lively of animals that spirited photographer, Meisa Fujishiro takes it and takes down. The movie of approximately 70 minutes is recorded in the DVD of the appendix and can taste Asahiyama Zoo entirely. With a collection of really graceful photographs, as for the commentary sentence, just; slightly. The photograph of the stomach of BIC of the snow leopard is the best part!

September, 2011

   Morning, the evening becomes very cool and shows a severe sign to finally tell the end in the summer. There was the closure of a school by the invasion of the typhoon at the very beginning in a new school term, too, but might you regain a calm pace soon? We have many events for the second semester including memorial festival bazaar and Christmas society. Each one fulfils one's responsibility and wants to make an effort to be able to spend substantial time.
  By the way, I introduce a planned new book forming a line in the library soon this month. As a photograph and an illustration looked with a choice of a central book, please go to visit the library.
Shannen that U.S. number one call is high in ability, the popularity together is in charge of the photograph by the photography of the lineage cat. I convey the charm of the cat thoroughly.
I wait for the person of the cat lover, such "a textbook is welcome!".
"A world stained glass culture illustrated book"
The stained glass creates wall surfaces satisfying the light that is well acquainted with the building and changes the ordinary light that a person felt into the special, significant light that was correct for the purpose of the building till then. I say that the writer concentrated power on characterizing the cultural religious expectation that the times when I laid stained glass sent to each.
This illustrated book takes away three hundred points of stained glass from a small cathedral to the thing of the sanctuary and introduces a meaning and the symbol of the story described in a window with a plate. From the times of the origin of the stained glass to a glass work of the 20th century, please taste a wide work with a commentary.
"Dialect Dictionary to understand at a glance"
  Various dialects are in Japan. This book deepens understanding about the dialect that is local "spoken language" (by the way, the words of Fukuyama are said to be "a Bingo dialect".).
I comment on the characteristic of the national dialect in detail according to the metropolis and districts according to the district and introduce the lyrics or the story using the dialect. In addition, with "the order of the kana syllabary dialect encyclopedia which collected words used well every day," I can check dialects of the whole country from common language.
  It is quiz one here. Because I am called "ashinokubi" "hard lump" "walnut" "kurokobusu" "ishinago" in a dialect, where is the part?

July, 2011

Hot…I seem to mutter "unintentionally.
I go directly to the cool room and want to draw breath with cold drink and ice cream. But I think that there is a lot of not being able to do it only in the summer. Sea bathing, camping, a fireworks display. In summer of 2011, please make an important memory.
  From the book which became available newly, let's introduce three books of the theme like the summer this month.
  The main character of this story is Mitsuhiko Asami of the primary schoolchild. It was a journalist not to work as suddenly in the suspense drama of TV, what kind of child would Mitsuhiko of the boyhood be?
  In a villa place of Karuizawa visited with a family in summer vacation, the missing case of the woman happens. A doubtful tall man appears, and, as for Mineo of Mitsuhiko and the childhood friend, Eri of the pretty transfer student, curiosity is full. The achievement of detective boy begins for the worry of adult in the other place. In the forest on earth what…?
  Mother of an older brother and the person of steady of familiar Mitsuhiko appears on TV.
Collectors guide" of "the cloud"
  Is it a thunderhead to match summer sky well? I rise highly like a tower and am the feeling such as "the castle of the heavens".
As for this book, there is the rare thing which is rarely seen in Japan including "circumzenithal arc" and "the cloud of the kelvin Helmholtz wave" in with a collection of photographs of the cloud photographed in world many places. I return for a photograph if I see a strange cloud in a mountain and the sea, and how about comparing it with the nephogram index of the end of a volume.
"The traditional dish, summer cooking that I want to convey to the future of Japan"
  In everybody, there will be the person going home of the tray in families. The simple local cooking of the grandmother handicraft is something with the usual dinner and comes to want to know how to make.
  This is the book which I introduced the home-cooked meal using the summer ingredients of various parts of Japan to. It is local people not a professional cook to cook. Please challenge it if you want to make it to see a photograph.
So that one article of this inside becomes the specialty home-cooked meal of your house!

April, 2011

The heart to send out buds (makes out) entrusts it if it springs out and      Ayako Hosomi
The new year started. As for the flowering of the cherry tree, an entrance ceremony was able to look at the wonderful cherry tree of the slope this year in comparison with an average year although it was late. Because "it was a new school year, I will challenge a new thing." I think it to be what I may decide in "we always continue to continue it, and let's do our best." each. We feel like having a duty to do that there is it to oneself as hard as possible while there is much one feeling great by the Great East Japan Earthquake. I want to spend days believing that each person's perseverance surely leads to revival.
By the way, I introduce three books from a genre except the literature this month.


"The Tsukiji art handed down directly fish's way of judging"
Jun Hagiwara / editing Tatsumi publication (Tatsumi mook)
"The meal tray for athletes"
Kumiko Ebi / work Ikeda Bookstore


Correct answer of the quiz

January, 2011

A Happy New Year. The cold is severe, but let's do our best in physical condition this year carefully still more. For examinees in particular, it is the important time when I had a public performance close. I pray so that everyday ability shows it enough.
From a new book, I introduce three books this month.

Bungeishunju Ltd.

 "An illusion of ghost - New York" was remade by a Japanese movie and became the topic recently. There will be a lot of people who are interested in the story that the soul of the dead person returns to the world all through the ages.
 As for the story, husband, Yusuke who became missing begins in the restored scene of wife, Mizuki three years ago. Mizuki who wanted to eat a white ball with the bean jam which was a favorite of Yusuke suddenly at midnight felt the thing such as some feeling. Yusuke has already died, but I have a clear figure, and there are both the appetite and the temperature. Other people can see it. Two people go for a trip to visit people concerned with after his death from the next morning. About a meaning or the gentleness of losing it, it is a work letting you think about many things. I recommend it to a high school student liking reading a novel.

Star company of the money of Raleigh Harz Anderson / work Nakai Haruno / translation

  This work is one book in the "Mac animal hospital volunteer diary" series. By this winding, a girl loving cats called sunita is a main character. A hurricane approaches the town, and damage such as the inundation spreads, and children play an active part to save the animals which failed to get out in time. There may be many preparing people for the natural disaster, but always thinks that there are few people thinking to the evacuation site of the pet. As it is summarized in the end of a volume about the anti-disaster measures of the pet, the person keeping an animal should actually refer to it. As the cut is easy to read cutely, it is one book suitable for junior high students.

Yuji Yamashita / supervision poplar company

  The photograph of various "things" appears in a textbook. Many photographs appear in a textbook of the history in particular. However, unfortunately the photograph of the textbook is small and does not seem to be often a color. I do not know a small place and am hard to get an image of the size, and is there the embarrassing experience? With this illustrated book, I introduce a history document from Jomon period to the Meiji era in size of the original. I think that I can feel fresh surprise including "the one which was so small though I have seen it in the photograph many times". I recommend it to the person who is interested in the history in particular.

October, 2010

   This summer when I was said to be record intense heat. The severe lingering summer heat finally told the end, and an autumn sign came to be felt. Autumn was short, and the forecast to seem to be severe winter appeared, but took it up mainly on a novel this time this year in order to enjoy "autumn of reading".
  I introduce the work which I took up at a student morning gathering.
Originally, as "a postal novel," I seemed to be mailed only to 50 chosen readers. The most last chapter written a new increased and became the book.
A character called "Mayumi" is very impressive. By the way, does engine of the motorcycle start last? I think that it is pleasant to imagine the back of the ending.
Night travel Ferris wheel
  It is popular writer from Hiroshima, Minato kanaesanno new work. "Confession" has been filmized and is one of the writers who are read well in libraries of the principal school. On earth what happened in the Endos and the Takahashis? What is slope disease? It is a work letting you think about a family.
0 (zero) of the eternity
  Naoki Hyakuta of the author is famous as a broadcast writer. I deal with the constitution of "the detective knight scoop". This book was published as a book in 2006 and was become the library in 2009. I continued being gradually popular and seemed to become the bestseller.
 Kentaro Saeki and older sister, Keiko of the freelance writer who were about to lose the aim of the life begin to check grandfather, Hisashi Miyabe storehouse killed in action in the Pacific War. I did not expect the figure of the grandfather who appeared from the testimony of former fellow soldiers. With the fact of the surprise sealed for 60……?
Storm of Japan
  It is a book made with thought to "want to know this Japan which oneself live in more and yet more". From a child to the elderly, the member of the bandwagon "storm" to have a wide constituency takes a trip to each place and talks about an actual feeling. As it is an article not for sale, please come to the library to read.

April, 2010

  A new school term began. A camp made with the friend of the first grader and the orientation camp of the fourth grader are finished, and is it about time when I am getting used to a new classroom and a new member soon? With an athletic meet close at hand, the exercise of the cheering party seems to become lively on the campus, too.
  By the way, there was revision of the best select after a long absence this year. I post the list of recommended books from each subject in a library. High school students without a class of reading goes to visit the library positively, too, and please find favorite one book.
  I introduce three books to be able to enjoy from a new book casually this month.
When I squeeze up in a bottle, and around three years pass, we are a pleasure, and let's wait for the completion as we become delicious.
May it be interesting even if I change "my pickled plum" for a friend?
Trace of magician 90 of the Takashi Yanase fairy tale
  Takashi Yanase was born in Tokyo in 1919. This book was published to memorable age to reach a 90-year-old birthday (the birth registration is given in Kochi.). From the sentence that he recites about one's life, I quote it. Even if "I let you do anything, at last I know it because it is late, and the head is not good whether it is around 30 years to know a normal person on 3rd." "Oneself may think whether an underprivileged thing was good in talent glittering too much much than me earlier when I see what people who jumped out have already retired."
  It is too famous for "Anpan-Man", but Takashi Yanase is the person who played an active part in many aspects including the editing of words and the magazine. It is the book which can taste work of such him in line with his life.
kanokochanto madeleine wife
  Ten thousand castle eyes studies that "Kamogawa horumo" became the topic are the novels which they report in Mitaka-shi first elementary school and wrote a new. The cheerful girl of the kanokochanha first grader, the cat of the elegant dirt tiger that the madeleine wife talks about the foreign language and the Japanese midget Shiba which gensan* was a husband of the madeleine wife, and got old! Their every day is full of a wonder and surprise by a series of unexpected events.

February, 2010

  Despite a mild winter, a colder day continues. The fashion of new influenza has a completed feeling, but cannot make light of the seasonal flu, too. We perform hand-washing, a gargle, ventilation sequentially, and let's try for the prevention.
Many books entered the library for the third semester. I introduce three books from the book which I registered newly this month. It is fun just to look in the new book section.
Please come to find favorite one book.

Poplar company

  From Hokkaido to Okinawa, it is the book which I introduced local cooking of the all over Japan to according to the metropolis and districts. The traditional ingredients of the native district are introduced and they match it with a dish and can learn difference in food culture of each place. As a color photo is collected abundantly, I can enjoy various food culture of the native district with eyes. With the dish of Hiroshima, an embankment pan and the sea eel meal of the oyster are chosen as "100 selections of local cooking of the Noyama fishing village".

Munetetsu Tei / work Kodansha

It may be an unexpected thing, but only more than 100 years seem to pass after sitting straight is accepted as a general custom widely by a Japanese.
On earth what is the sitting straight? What kind of process would "sitting straight" to be right only by how to sit down on identification be born after? The writer speaks a historic background of the sitting straight clearly, and Japanese in the future understands a positive side and a negative side of the sitting straight and aims at building new sitting straight culture. The viewpoint of the writer arresting sitting straight as exercise is fresh at all after there being the demerit for sitting straight and the person who does not turn detected that there is it.

Simon Schama / work Hiroshi Takayama / reason river appearance Publishing new company

 Rembrandt was born in the Netherlands in the 17th century, and he grew up by a maelstrom of the religious war. How did he called the child prodigy reach the specific image boundary beyond great master Rubens? This book chases the long way. An inconsistent case, an incoherent space-time fragmentary passage unfold slowly as if it is a novel while being history of picture and are connected. Please enjoy this book described as "a history book and biographical music to play" in a book review of "the Times" with much pictorial record.

November, 2009

New influenza was prevalent, and a warning was announced nationwide in Hiroshima.
We perform hand-washing and a gargle well sequentially, and let's try for the prevention.
I introduce three books from a new book book this time. I chose the Nobe rise book of the movie, the sketchbook of the popular writer, the collection of photographs of the stained glass. As you introduce the book that there is many it at the new book corner of the library of these three books, please see it for a hand.
Tsunogawa library
 This book is a work written a new movie based on a script of (February, 2009 exhibition) that "Asahiyama Zoo penguin flies in the sky".
I introduced Asahiyama Zoo last time at "the zoo of the dream", but this zoo proud of the best attendance in Japan has been hit by a crisis of the close many times once now. In such a difficult situation, the figure of staff who wrestled desperately is described in the making of zoo given "a dream" to children. It will be interesting even if I read while comparing two books.
Atsuko Asano / product 
Bungeishunju Ltd.
It is a sketchbook of familiar Atsuko Asano with "battery" and "No. 6". A work published in the evening of Saturday of the Sankei Shimbun from 2007 through 2008 is compiled. A youth novel, fantasy, the SF which was clogged up with colorful six parts as shown in the title called "a toy box" tightly. I may say one book only by the author playing an active part widely.
Masato Shida / work
Tokyo Shoseki
The author learned technique of the traditional stained glass in French national high applied fine arts school stained glass department. Including attendance at school average, it spends time of 20 years in total, and photography reports on the stained glass of approximately 900 churches led by France, and it is this book that gathered up.
The color photo which the author photographed is used abundantly and can enjoy it just to see it. It is good one book at this time when I had the Advent close.

September, 2009

 The summer vacation was over, and the second semester to be able to work on study calmly came over.
An outbreak of new influenza is concerned about nationwide now.
We perform hand-washing, a gargle well, and let's try for the prevention. A lot of new books enter the library. I introduce three books which are readable happily from a new book corner this month.
Tsunogawa arts and sciences publication
 A zoo most popular in Japan will be Asahiyama zoo now.
Though it is in the north ground called Asahikawa, many people come from each place. As for Bando of the author, it is played an active part as a vice-director of this Asahiyama Zoo. He/she aims at the making of space having the person who came relax relaxedly while being the space that can have animals too much really lively.
In this book, I mention "the history of reflection" of the horror of the wild animal and the Japanese zoo and talk about the zoo of a secret and the dream of the action display of the Asahiyama Zoo.
Yuko Murata / product
 When food service industry was not yet prosperous in the old days that were not so far, it was natural to make the feast in a house. Surely it will be that there is a basic feast dish in home of any place. A favorite thing can taste anything now in eating out and food stores in the department store basement even if I do not handcraft it. But after all they may not stand the taste of the extremely common feast to make at a home.
 This book is a choice of the modern feast dish which added the menu of popularity to the constant seller dish which has been continued cooking from old days recently. As I am particular about a simple recipe and am commented using an abundant color photo carefully, even a beginner can challenge it in peace. You read this book, and do you not increase "feasts of my home?"
NHK announcement room / edition
Tokyo Shoseki
  It is a creature, and the words are said to change with the times. "The literary Japanese" spends long time in Japan and is matured and left a superior literary work, but, on the other hand, * tato cannot but say to the maturity of "the colloquial expression". I am interested in words and want to react sensitively to build "the colloquial expression" that everybody understands it and can understand now that society becomes complicated, and sense of values diversified.

June, 2009

   I reached a season of the rainy season. Shortage of water is worried about and is worried about long-range forecast this year. It is the place where I want to expect rainfall eagerly longed for for the farm products. At the time when it is easy to fall sick, I am careful about health care and will take sleep and the nourishment enough.
  A lot of new books enter, and the new book corner of the library is substantial this month, too. Please go to visit the library.


"A tiger and a month"
Koji Yanagi / product
Theory company


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April, 2009

It is) to ( niahamu Kenkichi Nakamura

  The class of the new year begins, and is it about time when I calmed down soon? Let alone new pupils, current students will be that a new school term was reached with expectation and determination each, too. I will send substantial school life without forgetting the fresh feeling.
  It is to talk by the orientation of the library every time, but a library is "a place of the learning" and is "the place of the encounter with the book". It is a long time since and it begins to be said that loss of interest in printing type advances, but is happy to be able to meet many books while everybody is at school effectively using a library if I can help you.
  By the way, I introduce the book which I chose this time from the corner of the new book book.

Heibonsha Publishers Ltd.

 There may be many people that a heart softens when I look at the picture book. This book is the book which I introduced high rank best 23 of the book published in 2007 to based on the questionnaire of 106 people liking a picture book. The cut is introduced by a color photo, too and can enjoy it just to see it. "The toshokan lion" which I introduced before in this section comes first in the section of the overseas translation picture book.
 In the field of the domestic picture book, a rakugo picture book or the kabuki picture program seem to be popular, too. Among the young people, movement to review a Japanese old thing spreads now.
I want to stock the kabuki picture program "which I pat" in the library.

Mitsuru Moriguchi / work science eye new book

 The fried chicken which is the food which is imminent for us. The rib exits by all means if I eat fried chicken. The writer tries whether you cannot feel the dinosaur from a bone of this fried chicken. If it is several pieces or gathers you because it is fried chicken I take one bird to pieces, and to have fried in oil, I should come back to original one of them. By the way, will it become one of them when I put several pieces together?
The answer reads this book, and please find it.

*nan hemp / work new tide library

  A blockbuster of the winning the Naoki Prize was made the library. The *nan hemp of the author is a Tokyo-born woman, and good person molding, psychological description are appreciated. With this work, a lonely fight of woman detective, sound way Takako collected the overwhelming sympathy of the reader. As there are other novels which I did on the stage of the police a lot, please call out to a librarian room.

February, 2009

   In 2008 when was full of various memories, there became a few more it. A pansy and the primrose which were almost numb to frost grow big all too soon when I look at the flower bed of the entrance side and open a small flower quietly. I have already come in spring to there.
  Many new books became available this month. We see it from that, and let's introduce two pleasant books.

JTB papurisshingu

 LRT is abbreviation of "Light Rail Transit" and is a next-generation streetcar. Everybody might have looked at "a peach" of Okayama-shi and "a green mover" of Hiroshima-shi, too.
The world advanced city changes car-centered transportation system and is going to adopt LRT as the tool of the new citizen-based town planning. A new vehicle is introduced in sequence to carry a part of city function in towns of Kochi, Nagasaki, Toyama in Rome, Amsterdam, Houston, Hong Kong, Japan. Person and LRT which is the transportation system which is kind to the earth which were chosen as aging progress and measures to global warming. How will it be different from the conventional streetcar?
Each on the conditions of a country is felt and wants to get on a form and the color of wonderful trains running in the world town breezily a little.

Hiroshi Tsuyuki / work art publishing company

 Do you like the accessories jewelry corner of a department store and the shopping mall?
Though it is slightly still early for students, as for the genuine diamond and sapphire, there will be many people gathering the silver crosses which I bought at the ring of pretty beads and a handmade bracelet, bazaar to the accessories case.
If the accessories such as accessories and the jewelry get a peace of mind, and there is the mental role to satisfy fashion feeling, it is on a symbol of power and the financial power. A lot of Japanese accessories before the Old Stone Age reaching it in the present age are introduced, and, in this book, there are a comb (comb matsurigoto) box of baldric and Masako Hojo of the memento of Michizane Sugawara, the considerably rare thing such as the wedding ring of Commodore Perry among them. It is fun as Japanese history and an industrial document.

November, 2008

   The blue beautiful sky where the bell of the Angelus seems to be breathed in. Winter came over. In everybody who climbed the slope in the morning, and attended school, the person who wore a scarf and gloves came to be outstanding.
  It became long, but how about a hot drink and the book done relievedly in a breath between study at night? As you replaced the new book case of the library, please come to see it.

Don Bosco Corporation

About "a petoro Funato part and 187 martyrs," I think that everybody heard a story from a sister.
I keep the cause of the prohibited religion law of Tokugawa shogunate government, Christian faith and am the Japanese man and woman believer, cenobite, Catholic priest who became a martyr in each places of the whole country. The first beatification was held in Japan.
It is written by words easy for you with a beautiful cut whether background and they who are why were chosen as "a happy person" (person blessed by God) in this book in the times whether it was people who did what kind of way of life. Let's get courage from their way of life that did not abandon faith at any time!

Mary = Aude & eruviru myuraiyu / work Tokuma Shoten

 Does everybody look forward to a present of Christmas? There will be the person changing it between friends.
Julian of the main character of this book does not believe Santa Claus anymore. I asked parents for an expensive game console. But the present which the parents did not know on a day of Christmas was under the tree. The present which genuine Santa might drop carelessly. Was it the thing for other child?…. How would Julian do a present? Would you return it?
A heart is a book becoming warm softly.

Koji Yanagi / work theory company

 Have you read "I am a cat" of Soseki Natsume? It is slightly long, and but episodes not to understand well somewhat form a line, and there is the enigmatic part.
A cat is not a main character, and this "case book" is talked about through the eyes of the boy of the detective story enthusiast which would freeload at the house of the teacher. That, in fact, in many events to come out to a work of Soseki, a boggler was hidden! It is interesting to compare by reading.

September, 2008

   With autumn arrival, the slope of the star of the dawn is covered by colorful fallen leaves. Red, yellow, sepia, the form vary and are like the beautiful obi presented from a season.
  Many new books entered the library. I equal the bookshelf of the book review in a row and wait for the use of everybody. Please see it for a hand.
  Let's introduce two books which we seem to be able to enjoy from that this month.

Akifumi Corporation

What did you eat for the yesterday's lunch? It is very important to eat. It is easy to understand various relations with using a quiz and comics and can tell me food comes in this book from where, and what you do for a body.
"The reason why a hamburger became a hero what"
As for "the chocolate, the cause of the pimple is true"
"What kind of thing becoming an overweight cause"
There is the answer somewhere of this book.

Written by Barbara McClintock hiba arborvitae Publishing

 In everybody, there may be always a thing left behind and a person losing it. Arrive at the school; and, "oh, gym suit ganai!" What I should do, a head becomes blank.
While I go home from a school, Simon of the main character of this book leaves the thing that it is various in the point where I dropped in at. To a picture, a scarf, why of the cat which I had or a jacket and a sweater…. The older sister who returned together hits a sigh and is angry and is already dead tired. Simon will lose it why. And will the lost thing be found?
The stage of the story is France of the early 20th century. Up to the clothes of cityscape and the people such as the old picture postcard, the details of the interior, please enjoy the cut drawn carefully.

July, 2008

  A hot day continues every day. We spend substantial summer vacation being careful about physical condition, and let's reach the second semester well.
  It is a year of the 60th anniversary of the foundation this year. For a memorial festival bazaar of September, a Shusaku Endo literature exhibition and a lecture of Junko Endo of the wife are held. At this opportunity, I will read a work of Shusaku Endo. You think that there is the grade that read "the last martyr" by group reading, but please search it with the PC in the hall as a lot of other works are prepared in the library. I want to have the person who does not still read Catholicism and the deep "silence" of relations and "a deep river" said to be a masterpiece read it by all means.
  By the way, "secret Nome" and an essay of grandchild, Mariko Hando of Soseki Natsume that Shusaku Endo was concerned with a translation introduce "a fortune cat of the Natsumes" this month.

Published by Shusaku Endo, Yoko Yamazaki, Terachi 51 / reason Sanrio Company, Ltd.

   porutofurito and hyuigen of the author go on a hard trip in response to a request of Nome. Two people finished eating a mushroom and a meal of the cream, and it has been assumed that I noticed in Nome. I am given the superior sense of touch, sense of smell, taste, hearing, and two people who had you pour it to a pixie hood of Nome cross the wasteland of the Siberia the prominent eyesight that is a characteristic of Nome. This work is "Nome" Vol. 2, but the person who read Vol. 1 can enjoy the person who is not so. The afterword of wonderful cut and Shusaku Endo of Dutch painter porutofurito is recommended.

Mariko Hando / work new tide library

 Of "rice bran miso of the Natsumes" becoming out of print now and "Soseki woman fortune-telling enthusiast" it is this book that published a thing about Soseki in one from two books in a mass mainly. The writer was born as four girls of the eldest daughter writing brush child of Soseki writer Yuzuru Matsuoka and Soseki of the same discipline. It is the essay which I described a living of the Natsumes whom I heard from a writing brush child and the daily life as the grandchild of the great writer in with full of humor.
Commencing with the circumstances that the kitten which became the no model that "I am a cat" settled down in the Natsumes, stories of the rice bran miso reaching the Natsumes from generation to generation are written.

May, 2008

  The new year began, and one month passed. Is it about time when I am getting used to the environment of the circumference and a new classmate soon? At the beginning of April, current students will be that a new school term was reached with expectation and determination each let alone new pupils, too. Substantial school life wants you to send it without forgetting the feeling.
  It is to talk by the orientation of the library every time, but it is "a place of the learning", and a library is "a place of the encounter with the book". I am happy that everybody uses a library during attendance at school effectively and can meet many books if I can help you.
  I introduce three books this month. As I am introduced on TV and am filmized, a title may have many people with the learning by hearing, too.

The bird library where Kodansha is blue

The mother dolphin who bottlenose dolphin "wisteria" of the Okinawa beauty and others Sea (churaumi) aquarium is incurable, and is good at child care.
Such wisteria was an illness and has lost the tail and fins. I want to let wisteria regain the swimming of the dolphin somehow.
Therefore many people made time and beat my brains and put power together. It is the hot story of true more than two years.

Katherine Paterson / work Hamae Okamoto / reason KAISEI-SHA library

It is the work which is filmized, and became the topic last year. I attracted great attention at the same time as it was published in 1977 and received "Newbery prize" assumed the best honor with the children's book.
This work is written based on the case that there was practically. Lisa Hill of the girl friend of the son of the author was touched by thunder once and has died. It is the work which does not terminate in the happy ending, but will surely leave something in a heart.

Fuyumi Ono, Megumi Hatanaka, Naoko Uehashi others / work Shinchosha

 It is "yom yom" which is thrilled every time just to look at the members of the author, but the now issue does not disappoint expectation, too. Pink shocking as for the color of this cover.
There are various devices in the page and is made to be surprised. A fixed fan is an increasing magazine in the star of the dawn.

December, 2007

It was left one month this year. In this season when cold becomes gradually severe, I want to be careful about physical condition management enough. Homage of Christmas waits if I survive a term-end examination. The event of Christmas only in the star of the dawn be met for a calm heart…… In addition, I think that it is a good opportunity to pay more attention to a traditional event of Japan for New Year holidays. Do you know the meaning put to New Year dishes? Please challenge the making of handmade New Year dishes.
By the way, it is the introduction of the new book book this month. As I loan it for a long term for the winter vacation, what challenge a masterpiece and the book of the genre not to usually read very much may be good.

All "picture scroll The Heike Monogatari" nine volumes

Jun Kinoshita two sentences, Yasuo Segawa picture

A "silence of the nightingale" "triumphant return of the jieneraru rouge"


November, 2007

  Autumn Book Week was over, too. It became slightly chilly, but is a season suitable for reading. The equipment for book which I purchased after I enter the second semester is over, and new book books line up one after another from now on. You visit the library, too, and do you not find favorite one book?
  By the way, I introduce three books from the new book book which I purchased this month.

PHP Institute Office

Do you know the genocide that happened in 1994 of Rwanda? By the estimate of the Rwandan government, it is the pitiful case that the person more than 1 million was murdered in approximately 100 days. There may be the person who saw the movie called "hotel Rwanda". This book is the true story which followed the experience of the author right in the middle of the holocaust. imakyure spent 91 days with seven women in a restroom of the size like the closet. She learned the meaning of what "was made use" of in the fear.
She with Catholic faith brought about a miracle by the deep faith. It is certainly a story about deep faith in the situation thought to be the impossibility and the determination that I am going to survive at the same time to actually describe the inhuman terrible event that happened in Rwanda several years before just ten.

Eto Mori

  It is the book which is outstanding by the cover of the pretty illustration in a new book corner. I think that it is in the book which it is easy to read to a junior high student and purchased it, but the sixth grader in charge of the cleaning of the library seems to like it. The secret that true haatto was surprised at was in "komatsukun" which got 27 chocolate on Valentine's Day.
The series of this "popularity" is a book giving spirit to us. Of the same author "DIVE!" moawaseteosusumeshimasu. This is a story of boys toward OLYMPIC including the high jump.

Written by Takashi Koshio Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.

 From TV and a newspaper, economic news is broadcasted every day. However, we may not know it unexpectedly what kind of mechanism the economy changes by. In this book, I work on a simple question about our economy as much as possible from the front.
・"Why does the price of vegetables change every day?."
・"Please tell me the structure of the pension."
・I meet a simple question "how does the stock change it?.".
The person who is interested in economy, please read.

September, 2007

In this summer, the severe lingering summer heat continued in comparison with an average year. In autumn, summer fatigue may gradually pile up before I know it. I want to be careful about physical condition management enough. By the way, an event continues with an entrance examination briefing session from now on in school festival, memorial festival bazaar and October in September. Students may be busy with the work of the person in charge, but introduces the book which, meanwhile, seems to be able to take a break.

Shinchosha, new tide library

Megumi Hatanaka of the author made the debut as a comic artist through Assistant comic artist, a member of bookstore.
I win the thirteenth Japan fantasy Novell award excellence prize in "shabake" and continue a writer activity afterwards. "shabake" which assumed the sickly young master a main character is serialized by the love call from a reader and increases fans by "nekonobaba" "lie lie" "to come of the discount" to "master" year by year. Though ayakashigatakusan comes out, a unique tender atmosphere is attractive. Three books to "nekonobaba" made the library in the library and picture book "miitsuketa" become available.

Written by plastic deep Kumar Japan business publishing company

 It is written in the subtitle, "Veda mathematics of the magic tells". "The Veda mathematics" is a tool of the magic without the kind in the field of the calculation, and this book is the book which it was written by "the Veda" which is a treasure house of the wisdom of ancient people to spread the arithmetic that I drew in total.
Content is various formulas and the application and an exercise. For example, 65*65 calculation comes to be possible in three seconds. Using technique of the Indian style mental arithmetic, do you not aim at the calculation expert, too?


   With the magazine which Shinchosha launched in December, 2006, I appear to 3 now. The pretty cover that the illustration of the panda is outstanding becomes the trademark. Both a lot of complete novel and essays and the writing camp are luxurious. When nominate the members of the first issue for an example; Ira Ishida, Hiromi Kawakami, Kaho Nashiki, Sawako Agawa, Shuichi Yoshida, Riku Onda……There are other names of many writers. Please pick it up casually.

August, 2007

  A season of the rainy season came over approximately one week late from an average year. It is the thing which I want to spend being careful about physical condition management. On a day of the open school of June 23, I was able to invite many visitors blessed with weather. The people who went to visit the library, thank you very much.
  By the way, I introduce two books from the problem book of the young people reading impressionistic essay whole country contest this month.

Komine Bookstore

  It is the one in the problem book of the junior high students. An author is a vulcanologist, but I like dishes, and the biggest relaxation seems to be to stand in the kitchen. It is this book that an author spending considerable time in a kitchen on a holiday explained a volcano using imminent materials clearly.
The experiment materials to chocolate and cocoa, milk only as for the familiar thing including the mayonnaise source. Of course I begin an experiment so that I am eaten after having tested it after washing hands well.
The eruption rarely happens, but danger is surely avoided if I understand the structure of the volcano without being upset. It is the book which such thought of the author is transmitted through. I should be able to study the structure of the volcano while testing it happily in a kitchen.

Written by Hiroto Kawabata Kadokawa Shoten

 It is the one in the problem book of the high school students. "tachan" of the "Kyoko" of "me" (*) and the wife mother-in-law and 5-year-old son "mirai" and 2-year-old daughter "Asuka." Above-mentioned five people are main characters. It is the repeated cultivation of five short stories, but can read as an independent story each.
Kyoko has a relapse of a cancer and is hospitalized. The survival rate five years later is said to be 50% even if operated on for the second. In such situation, each character thinks in various ways about a life and space. * of the boyhood interchanges with "mirai" and is the work with the mysterious atmosphere. "Life" and "death" are books letting you think about a connection and the space of the life.

June, 2007

A midterm examination was over, and spring Book Week began. It is refreshing at this time before the setting-in of the rainy season and is most suitable for reading. Please go to visit the library. I introduce two books from a new book book this month.
A footballer as for Shinji in the soccer family as for birth, Kenichi of the older brother of genius. I played soccer routinely to a junior high school, but lost passion and hope for the soccer without being able to show power in a game a little. On the other hand, the player that the ream advanced at 100 meters at the time of 2 among with a born sprinter until the final of the national convention. However, I left the land after it became average 3 somehow. It was a field stand high school at a public high school, the prefecture beginning of spring near the house that such two people entered.
Let alone a person of the track and field club, it is the work which I want to recommend to the person who is far from exercise. I think that I can surely feel wind. "Ham meat tta"……You are an authority of excellent land if I understand this!
"Love! Cat town nago"
 -shaped island, it that a cat floating in “ Mediterranean Sea curled up are nago. 14 turns of the century, more than 50 cats moved mew to nago with Earl Bell. The descendant of cats became approximately 22,000 of them now. nago is the cat town where a cat accumulated the history with a human being together. "(Than the text)
 nago is a state having an original currency. (please check whether it is an existing country by oneself!) nago where cats live in in beautiful stone cityscape in a grand manner. Many tourists visit this country. The author visited nago many times and came across destined cats. By all colors, all the letters are handwritten let alone an illustration, too. The person keeping a cat is the book which the person who is not so can enjoy. "Look for "your cat love degree check" of the appendix and these cats!" I think that mo is interesting.

March, 2007

   February is going to come over soon if I think that I celebrated the New Year quite recently. It is the thing which I talked well "Time flies like an arrow". It is a cold season, but reading may be the luxury only by this season in a kotatsu leisurely, too.
  By the way, from the end of the year through January, a new book enters the library one after another. I introduce three books from that this month.


   Seigo Matsuoka of the author is the first person of the Japanese culture study while I am engaged in research and development to sustain information culture and information technology by editing engineering laboratory's director now. Originally, as for "1,000 thousands of nights," got popularity more than access 1,200,000 in a book review published serially in Web, but in the this time contents thorough polish, in addition, of "the complete works" became grand. With the collection of book notices which it was written as the only rule that I write only one book about one author, the wide knowledge of the author is indicated. Of course it thinks that it is interesting to read the book review about the book which I already read to be helpful as reading guidance. It is a considerably thick book, but please pick it up.

Written by Shotaro Ishinomori Chuo Koron new company

 I know and am a masterpiece taking four years of Mr. Shotaro Ishinomori. Do not despise it with comics, and he, a commentary and the chronological table are substantial, too and are good as a primer of the Japanese history. Even a junior high student becomes the contents readable enough.

Tadaaki Imaizumi supervision mountain and valley company

 It is the illustrated book of the puppy which parent and child of 105 dog species appear. It is an unbearable book for the person of the animal enthusiast. I think that there are many people smiling unintentionally when I see the photograph of the puppy. Besides, a collection of photographs such as "world dog illustrated book" "book of the cat" "parent and child of the animal" becomes available. Thing, ukeaidesu which are healed.

February, 2007

New year began, and one month has passed already. Despite a mild winter, there is the snow after a long absence, and severer cold seems to continue. I keep regular life in mind and am the thing which wants to try for physical condition maintenance. By the way, it is the introduction of the new book book this month. Other than the book which I introduced in the following, the work of Iwanami library and the blue bird library entered more than 250 books. Mainly on the world masterpiece which anyone knows, a work or the series of the Japanese popular writer are prepared a lot, too. As printing type is big and is easy to read, I recommend it to junior high students. I think that it is good to read the work which I have read let alone the work which there is not of having read once once again soon as I appear in the new book section of the library.

Kevin Hawkes / picture Shinchosha

If a lion is in the library, on earth what will happen. I am pretty, and the lion coming out to this picture book thinks, "a lion should be in the library of the school" without words. He/she lets you think about following a rule. For the person of the animal enthusiast, it is a very attractive picture book.

Taku Shiraishi / work Treasure Island company

There are a lot of secret and wonders that we human being does not know still more in the natural world. In this book, I introduce the human being whom a creature has and ability and the life that there is not. It is the mouse year, but thinks that it is the fact that is not known too much a mouse drains the tears, and to sing the song of the love this year. (than "the mouse which is in love drains the tears and sings the song")
  I want to read how to put subheadings of the table of contents with exquisiteness just carelessly. For example, "the insect which wants to commit suicide when is parasitic precaution" "the real identity of the sucking blood cuttlefish of the hell living in the deep sea" ・There is "fish having bait by a butt, that I am really produced" "a future super bulletproof jacket to edit in spider silk".

Koji Aida (I ask) / work Treasure Island company

 Though I want to cook a delicious dish, I am busy and cannot do it. There may be unexpectedly many people from toiu. It is the recipe book which came out of recommended blog to such you. I recommend it to mothers who want to add a change to a menu.

October, 2006

   The memorial festival bazaar was over, and the season that it was easy to spend came over. It is also autumn of reading the autumn of autumn, the sports of the appetite. Of the autumn though spend time, and there are various kinds to a person, it is readily said, and it is a thing that spend a quiet time to one hand in a book.
  By the way, from the book which became available newly this month "the space nya which goes!" ・"The mystery of the pyramid" introduces "sparks".

Iwanami Jr. new book

   The Chinese noodles with fried vegetables of "the anything cat which is why" and the rice vermicelli of "thing I know it cat" are navigators. As I take a form to solve the question of cats using comics and a photograph, even a junior high student is enough intelligible contents. A lot of experiment and observation possible easily are introduced. Do you not splash "vegetables rocket" using a fragment of a vegetable paring and the fruit, too? For the person who is interested in the heavenly bodies and science, it is particularly recommended one book.

Sakuji Yoshimura Iwanami Jr. new book

 Do you know "the world seven wonders" by Philon? The only thing left in the seven wonders in now is a pyramid. The familiar author is concerned with excavation of Egypt on TV, and it seems to be 40 years. It is this book to have settled that such an author understands a pyramid and a mummy at this stage. The result of the new study including the face of the mummy mask being different from the face of the person who became a mummy is included. It is a recommended book for the person who is interested in ancient Egypt and archeology.

Written by Shusuke Shizukui illusion winter company library

 It is recommended one book for a person not to be able to miss mystery for long autumnal night. It is the long piece more than 500 pages, but is a work readable at a stretch. Man, Takeuchi whom he judged an acquittal on before moves in to the next door of Isao Kajima a former judge. Takeuchi gets the heart of people of the Kajimas skillfully, but has a case mysterious in sequence around the Kajimas. Is Takeuchi a person of the good will as expected?……? Investigate the initial work "glory course" that did on the stage of the world of the judo and a cause of the death by accident of the alpine skiing player; "trample the silver", and recommend mo in addition.

September, 2006

   The second semester began. Commencing with a memorial festival bazaar, it is the second semester with many events. The lingering summer heat is severe, but I brace myself and want to still do my best.
  o introduces, "I read space" to active play doctor reaching 95 years old in October, 2006, message "you of 10 years old" to the generation when Mr. Shigeaki Hinohara is young the book about the heavenly bodies this month.

Nakakou new book

  It became the topic in summer vacation that Pluto was demoted from the planet. Triggered by it, there may be many people who looked up at the sky. This book is an astronomical primer. Though I hardly know anything about astronomy and the space, I am interested a little. It is written for such a person.
The earth where we live in is one of the solar planets, and a planet is the excellent heavenly body, too. It may be necessity to think that we who live in the earth want to know the whole various heavenly bodies and space.
For a person of guide, a plain explanation is written. As there are many photographs, I may enjoy it just to see it. I seem to be able to never see the night sky same as a night sky to see tonight. I want to right enjoy the world of the once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Shigeaki Hinohara Fusa Tomiyama international

 The writer is the director of St. Luke's International Hospital in Tokyo, Tsukiji. What have begun to intend to become the doctor at the age of 10 years old. When a family doctor saved a life of mother. It is the book which wrote the thought that such writer wants to tell to 10-year-old children. I am how old or, from a subheading, pull it out.
・With that alone it is splendid to have been born.
・The experience that is the worst in the life that befell me. Thanks to the grace, there is present me.
・One necessary for a doctor is not only knowledge about the disease.
・The gene which I got from parents becomes the human plan called you.
・When it is bad when it is good, there is the family together. There is the great place of the family.
・Let's talk why we were not able to realize harmony.

July, 2006

By the way, I introduce two books this month.

Toyo Keizai Inc.

  What kind of additive will be used for the food which we usually eat? In the world of the additive, the consumers have a lot of parts of the invisible "shadow".
The writer worked for the specialized trading company of food additives. Therefore I make use of the experience and talk about the additive clearly.
"The getting out nature" "is with a chemical seasoning", and, in an entry, there is without "buying it to see only a price". The rich eating habits are books letting you think about something after not denying food additives in vain, and having accepted the merit of food additives.

Seo Maiko  Kodansha

 The book of Seo Maiko is very popular with the students of the star of the dawn. The image to imagine this novel from the title called "a happy dining table" may be a slightly different talk. Anyway because one sentence of the opening sentence "intends that my father is today and resigns as my father."
Some individual people including "my father" "mother" "Tadashi" "Yoshiko Kobayashi" "Oura" appear. Various events happen, and happy ending or omoi breath and an unexpected ending wait.
The imminent topic including the exchange meeting with class representative definite decision and the nursing home is included and thinks that it is the one which can empathize.

June, 2006

   There will be many people whom it is gloomy in the rainy season and dislikes. But I boil the thing a thought and do it. I can enjoy reading regardless of weather. A plan to go out is called off because of rain, and do you not see a book for a hand when you are bored?
  I introduce two books of the slightly interesting title this month.

Iwanami Jr. new book

 A water flea is "a water flea" when I write it in a kanji. There seem to be many people thinking the result or a water flea to be a microbe. However, with a respected multicellular organism, the thing more than 4 millimeters has length and can catch the water flea with chopsticks. I belong to Crustacea taxonomically and am the friend of prawns and the crab. I introduce the unique life of such a water flea and am a book touching environment and the ecosystemic structure.

Ryoichi Yamamoto responsibility editing   Diamond

 It is the book which I introduced that contribution to society is possible even from thousands of yen of a little money from 100 yen to.
Though anything cannot be settled for money not almighty, the money becomes the driving force to change the world to depending on how to use. It is your will at the same time as the money is a social system and is choice and is a tool conveying it. If each person's actions pile up, can cause a big change; can do it. 50 such examples are introduced.
For example, I can buy two trees of cashew nut for 100 yen. If the young plant grows, and the body becomes, the forest which people of the Indian minority race spend is regenerated, and it is their food before long, and it is in the income source.
In this way, it is a book letting you think about how to use of the money.
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