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[high school graduation ceremony] Director notification words
"The 70th Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school graduation ceremony director notification words"

 I tell all of meetings of dear boai, protectors, the staff of a school, all people gathering here about sincere thanks and blessing. We do not just reach a turning point called the graduation today and bless an opening of the new departure.

 I who stood before everybody who graduated would stand near just now in 1974 50 years ago half a century ago and graduated from a Catholic boys' school. I think it not to be able to imagine it to everybody what kind of time Japan was 50 years ago. The year when the first shop of the convenience store in everywhere of the town was done commonly now was 1974. Thereafter I greatly changed so as not to be able to imagine it in those days in the times for 50 years. The most of what is predicted in the future as of now are forgotten in the same way for 50 years of these, and it must come to attract attention that nobody thought.

 I want to give from me who graduated from a high school 50 years ago to everybody taking departure one word. That is the word English verb unlearn (Ann Rahn). Verb learn of the meaning learning has a prefix un. A meaning of repetition, the repetition is put not the negation that is simple in this un, and Shunsuke Tsurumi of the philosopher translates this saying "I learn and untie it". I will introduce an interesting episode when Tsurumi heard this word for the first time from his writing.

 ――It is an event of 1939 when I was made to study in amerikahe at 16 years old without being able to be familiar with a Japanese school. When I worked in a Japanese library of New York in 17-year-old summer vacation, Helen Keller visited the library with an interpreter of the sign language. When a director played the record of "the spring sea" of Michio Miyagi, Helen Keller touched a record player, and when I felt what it was and I told and asked me about an impression about the music with chance and answered it when I was a Harvardian, oneself "learned" a lot from the next Radcliffe women's college there that I performed, but the tremor said that then it had to have more it of a lot "manabihogusa". I learn a lot (learn) and I learn and untie a lot (unlearn). It reminded you of the scene that necessary knit again in total of own figure after, at first, that edited the sweater according to the model and got it back to original woolen yarn once again next.――
I all provide the contents from the drawer that a lot was clogged up which I learned in a high school and empty it when I talk in a different way in the which does not appeal even if I say that I knit a sweater and am hatched, and it may be said that then I arrange it by arrangement easy to use of oneself again.

 I' ve learned many things but later I had to unlearn. About unlearn which a remark of Helen Keller called this included, I think that Tsurumi is not a meaning "forgetting". If learn, and do not untie it, it means that wisdom to live in the life does not have it; as for, "of course, the knowledge to learn at school is necessary that is it. However, I am worthless only by having learned it. The thing which learns, and untied that becomes the blood and adds meat and plain explanation, it is.
 As a graduate 50 years ago, I learned many lessons through the life, but the most important one sometimes parts with an old thought and custom in that and is courage to open the mind for new way of thinking and how to work on. A flexible thought is necessary so that the world changes consistently, and we also adapt ourselves to the change. I think that we greatly grow by learning, and untying it.

 I worked as a researcher after the graduation from university for a long time, but, meanwhile, the field and the level of the technique to be necessary depending on the social change changed, and a technical object changed more and more. I reconsidered that I learned in the past to cope with these changes, and I always made adjustment, and it was necessary to build up process of thinking only for oneself once again. A posture that there was not some wrong place or I reexamined it or doubted it, and to think about was necessary for what oneself learned so far and thought to be right. In other words, unlearn did the understanding of the conventional study system, and it was the starting point of the study that repaired the habit of my thought pattern there. There was value for me, and the process was fun when I looked back now. I still value this custom and send "are you not kept in the common sense?" and days to talk to itself whether it is with "is there not any different approach?".

 Everybody leaves a Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school and jumps into the new world. I think that I often have an experience of not being able to make use of most that I learned so far there. Everybody does not persist in having done learn and thinks that I want you always to reflect a habit and a routine of own thought.

 Finally happiness and success sincerely pray the coming life of everybody for the thing full of waxes. I do today's graduation by the new opening in the life of everybody. So that this new chapter becomes brightest for everybody.

March 1, 2024 (Reiwa 6)
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi's director
Yasushi Tanaka

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