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[high school graduation ceremony] Director notification words
"The 69th Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school graduation ceremony director notification words"

All of meetings of hoshikakeri

 Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school congratulations on your graduation.
I graduate from a high school and become the joining a group to an adult with reality. A new trip to walk a different course individually begins.

 There is always a full-scale support of families and sent student life, but is treated as adult who became independent alone now so far. Please wear a way of thinking that you did well you value it most, and what you live in how oneself wants to grow.
 I call that "sense of values" in the world what you value. The sense of values varies according to people. Sense of values does not have the good or bad unless it violates a law and troubles you. The sense of values that each one has should be respected.

 Sense of values accepted most in the world is sense of values to establish weight in the economy. Both are more economical; is valuable, or, with this as a ruler, pick it from the choice of the action. A company profitable more survives if they say in a company, and the company which is not profitable is screened. This becomes the logic of the capitalist society where we live.
 According to this logic, ourselves think about their interests, too. I distinguish the thing which becomes the harm that it becomes the profit for oneself economically and act so that a profit grows big than harm. In other words, it is that I choose a thing to receive more when I compared a thing to give that I receive it. I learn that I grasp this interest and choose own action to be able to get profits as much as possible. Such an action is not at all that I am blamed, and the action that, on the contrary, it is minute and calculates an interest and took is praised as "a smart thing".

 The Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school which everybody learned is a school founded based on Christian sense of values, but the Christian sense of values is slightly different. In other words, not sense of values based on an interest, it is sense of values based on love. A famous point written about love is in the Bible.

 The love is patient. The love is kind-hearted. I do not envy it.
 I am not proud of the love and am not arrogant.
 I do not bear a grudge without getting irritated without seeking self-interest without being rude.
 I am pleased with the truth without being pleased with illicit sex.
 I bear all and believe all and expect all and endure all.
     (first letter 13 chapters four nodes - seven nodes to a believer of Corinth)

 Actually, this Section 1 is well a read point as the Bible reading at time to hold a wedding ceremony at a church, but is at all words expressing not only between a couple getting married but also Christian sense of values most. This which abandons the logic based on "an interest", and obeys the logic based on "love" is the sense of values that Christianity tells. When I compared a thing to give that I receive it, it is that a thing to give in reverse a while ago is bigger. No, a thing to just give it, and to receive may be to the open gratuitous love. The Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school which everybody learned is a school created by the logic based on the most this love. Otherwise the French sisters who did not understand Japanese 75 years ago came over to distance Fukuyama, and why would you be going to make the school?

 The world is thrown into confusion because of aggression by Russia in Ukraine now. The country which demanded immediate withdrawal from Russia at Russia which invaded Ukraine, the place of the United Nations General Assembly went up to 141 countries. Japan does it in the neighborhood where I criticize Russia, but if this war is democratic, it is a fight of the absolutism, and there is often a tone that a thing same in Taiwan Strait may get up when I forgive the tyranny of the absolutism nation. Democracy will be that there are many people thinking that it is justice that protects this from absolutism in universal value and is. Of course the democracy is important for us by the system which the human built strenuously.
 However, such a tone is slightly different from the Christian sense of values. Russia is not criticized by war by having performed a challenge to democracy and takes the life of Ukrainian people away and tears up a family loving it and should be criticized by having destroyed an important hometown. There is not universal one in democracy or absolutism. You should realize that human love is universal.

 In fact, everybody who learned in a star of the dawn will understand these well. However, much sense of values is mixed and confused when I attend society, and important thing is really often covered.

 Please always learn and think and please pray from now on, everybody. When you learn, you never just check it in a book and a net, and please hear the words that people to be concerned there with talk about. When you think, not an interest for oneself, please think whether a person concerned does not grieve there. When you pray, please remember that you calmed a heart at the time of angelus. This "living for others" is the mission that we were given.

 Then you depart from a port called the Fukuyama Akenohoshi, and please start on the trip of the each person's wonderful life from now on for the new world.
Then have a nice day! Bon Voyage! Have a nice trip!

March 1, 2023 (Reiwa 5)
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi's director
Yasushi Tanaka
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct)
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