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 The new year begins; one month. The children of Shinnyu children were completely used to garden life, too and came to be able to eat the lunch happily together, too. I planned parent and child excursion on Wednesday, April 28, but was called off for prevention of new coronavirus spread.
 Checkmated lunch in a lunch pack to taste an excursion feeling even a little in a nursery school and planned to eat together after having gone out for a walk, but ate in a room as it was unfortunate rain. pakupaku was fun, and a lunch unlike usual lunch was able to eat in delight. I had apple juice and the lemon pop from a director teacher for fun.
Dish simmered in with deep-fried two kinds of rice balls, chicken style, Vienna sausage broccoli Mayo, potato carrot, strawberry
Pizza toast, apple juice lemon pop
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FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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