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Christmas society

I did Christmas society.
I was able to celebrate birth of Jesus.
The beginning of Christmas society was hand bell "shizukeki" of A. It was nail pickles for a sweet sound.
The slide show "day when I was born of Jesus"
There was praying well. Can become a gentle child like Jesus.
The program of the nursery staff was soft and full bag theater "hide-and-seek of Christmas".
I saw it slowly and carefully.
The animal which a plastic bag swells out, and hid claps its hands whenever I come out and is delight!
I let eyes dazzle and saw it.
Santa Claus came to the nursery school!
Get a present; and with a smile!
Santa, thank you!
It is Jingle Bells with Santa♪
I sounded a pair of maracas and a bell.
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