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Privacy policy

  In the principal school, observe laws and ordinances to be related about the information that identification can distinguish in the name, individuals including an address, a phone number, the date of birth listed in documents submitted by a student, a protector, and make the use purpose clear, and management has a pain severely; do it. In addition, I collect the personal information by appropriate means and do not do the handling beyond the range that is necessary for the achievement of the use purpose. When I change a use purpose, I will tell you beforehand.
  The use purposes of the personal information to collect in a principal school predetermined procedure during at the time of an entrance to school procedure and being on the register roll are as follows.
  1. For duties accomplishment about college register management, transfer, class organization, the certificate making
  2. To accomplish the duties in the instructional activity in charge, results processing, management
  3. For health care, ensuring safety by the medical examination enforcement
  4. To accomplish mail, the communication of necessary documents in an instructional activity
  5. For receipt of money management about the tuition payment, the duties accomplishment with communication, the notice
  6. In a school year, the class where the student belongs to, to perform necessary communication in terms of education
  7. In the club activities that the student belongs to, to perform a necessary matter in instruction
  8. To perform a parents' association, the communication about the class reunion

  But, in the principal school, I may entrust a supplier with a part of the duties mentioned above (medical examination, achievement test, trial run for an examination). About the duties trust, I offer all or part of the information necessary for duties trust based on "a rule about the protection of the personal information".
In addition, as a general rule, in the principal school, the personal information does not disclose it to a third party, but may disclose personal information exceptionally when I can judge it when necessary because life, the body of a case to bear the duty of disclosure based on laws and ordinances and a student, the protector protects property or other rights, profit and when I need the emergency and I cannot get individual consent. In that respect, please understand it beforehand.
  I would like the inquiry about the privacy policy at the following.
Star girl Junior High School of Akira Fukuyama, the high school general affairs department
Telephone (084) 922-1682 / FAX (084) 925-1533

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