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Institute of Fukuyama Akenohoshi

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[meeting of the S.M. Francis parting]

[meeting of the sister Francis parting]


 I made foundations of Institute of Fukuyama Akenohoshi, and a sister committed for 30 years or more for Institute of Fukuyama Akenohoshi performed a memorial service on November 14 following the fact that Francis was 102 years old and was done kaesaten. It was committed as Principal of elementary school, a childish director and a director for an academy more than 30 years and prayed to France after returning home every day again for a Fukuyama Akenohoshi academy. With various places, primary schoolchild of the class reunion, junior and senior high school students, staff of a school and children children who participated by Web delivery, I remembered a footprint of sister Francis and thanked the sister who was some other time in heaven.

Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct)
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