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Setsubun <1 or 2 years student>
Category:Event,The lower grades
Ogre of the second grader
Ogre of the first grader
A pretty fat-faced woman goes around the school building
In the classroom of the third grader
I go around the school building throughout
In a library room
I exterminate the ogre of the heart of the sixth grader
I displayed a holly in the classroom where an ogre was expelled.

1 or 2 years student did the bean-scattering ceremony of the Setsubun.

The ogre whom there is to each mind
Teachers surrounded beans and exterminated it.

Easily scared ogre, irritation ogre
Joke ogre, rambo ogre
Lazy ogre, crybaby ogre…

The 1 or 2 years student that the ogre in the heart was swung, and became a fat-faced woman
Over each classroom, I exterminated the ogre of the heart of the upper-class student.

All are healthy, and, for one year, can spend time happily this year….

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