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I appear on hello tax Festa <chorus department>
Category:Daily events
I answered an interview
Occasion rose tree of the academy
A chorus department was held in becoming it on port plaza day
I appear on "hello tax Festa 2023",

The skill of the love
Saint rani star is clear; this evening
ave verumu korupusu

I showed four pieces of this.

As well as the family of the chorus member
As for the children of star Elementary School of the dawn, the family
He/she came for a lot of support.

Port plaza day to becoming it
"The occasion rose tree" of the academy is displayed and goes down
To the ornament of the tree, break it; other than a rose
The ribbon of the prayer that an elementary school 5 or 6 years student wrote enters.

Look at the tree on outing to a port plaza by all means.
(until Monday, December 25, I am displaying it before a Tenmaya Department Store hapitaumpotopuraza shop afternoon tea)

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