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Spring excursion
Mountain climbing
Art museum
The town exploration
It is a lunch in a park
It is a spring excursion today. I prepare for a lunch, snacks and start according to school years!
1, a sixth grader: While the sixth grader did the care of the first grader, I climbed Mount Zao in an orientation format in spite of being a street at a checkpoint. "This side     
      Let's walk! ""End soon! Let's do the best; attach a hand, and call. I returned to the school and ate a lunch calmly in a classroom. A sixth grader is a first grader
      I went to the classroom to meet you of this and enjoyed tag in an athletic ground. Thank you.
2, a fifth grader: The fifth grader aimed at Fukuyama-jo Castle while helping a second grader. Check the state of a building and the town on the way; distracted walking, learning nitsu of "the town exploration" of the home economics   
      I threw it. An animal of Fukuyama Museum of Art was pretty and observed it calmly. I worked as a lot of questions. Return to the school, and in an athletic ground
      I ate a lunch. As for the snacks! 
Three or four years student: A fourth grader led you and aimed at the rose park while checking public facilities on the way. Society, synthesis-like learning nitsunageteikima of the third grader
      Do. The fourth grader became the upper grades. It is a turn leading a third grader so far though I had you take care. From the making of card
      I did my best. I looked reliable. The three or four years student stood in one line in a park, and all the members ate a lunch calmly looking ahead.
I think that all school years became one of the events to remain for the memory. In addition, the protectors who watched it by volunteers on the way, thank you very much.

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