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President blog

President blog (2019)

Heartily I wish you a Happy New Year

 2020 started.
 A thing what kind of for the children of the second grader who was the first to come to the gymnasium in front of the opening ceremony of the third semester by a New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine
I asked whether you prayed.
    When even if there is little life of Yemeni people who sent the rice ball lunch fund-raising, take your ease
 As I was able to do my best because baby which I prayed for, last year God watched it,
 Thank you, when cheerful, whole family can spend it for child who conveyed the feeling of thanks, one year of this year
   Happiness except thing and oneself not to ask child, God who prayed, and to thank every day
 I was glad when I acquired that I prayed.
Because, as for it, all instructional activities are carried out as a base for Catholic mind our school
 It is nothing but this.
Our school's greatest event is Christmas mass. The cause of the theme "tsunago each person's ring" of this year,
 I keep the greetings of the smile that a partner gets well as God, a present to Jesus in mind and,
 Work on cleaning, and work on the visits such as nursery schools, and send the rice ball lunch fund-raising to Yemen, with world people
 I made thought to want to be connected warmly the action. I celebrate birth of Jesus,
 In the mass that father and children and the staff of a school and protectors pray for calmly together 2019
 It was the greatest joy to have been able to complete.
  On a visit to Japan of the last year Francisco Pope "having a look of the prayer to follow a command.
  It is to notice that those lives are nothing but a present from God. One life is only it each
  It is not a concluded thing and says, it is connected each other.
Since the synchronized terrorist attacks that happened in the United States in 2001 the world from war and terrorism, a chain of the violence
 It is not escaped. It is essential to have a feeling to pray for to build the peaceful world.
 I value that I pray with a heart of the neighborly love every day and, in the daily "small actions" and growth of the child, find joy,
 We adults want to grow up in spite of being a connection by step, each other with children well, too.
  In all all of you, this year about children thank you for your cooperation.
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