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Birthday party of December

There was a birthday party of December.
I was able to do the celebration of the friend whom one came to have a big together.
16 friends were birthdays and were more number of people, but all were able to announce own name and age very well.
The program from a teacher was a panel theater called "the patisserie of the atomic bomb atomic bomb donny".
It was a song of the hand-washing, and the lyrics to "carry the strawberry on board" came out, and the making of cake and hand-washing were related, and "beat cream like swelling" was interesting.
The figure which washed its hands while saying "bulky cream ♪" was seen even after returning to the room and the children enjoyed it and washed my hands.
I get a grip by hand-washing and want to be careful not to catch cold.
I was able to say the name and age in a loud voice
It was the song of the pleasant bathroom
I read a program very seriously
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