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National language target and characteristic

 I assemble a curriculum before the basics, basics reaching the high contents while coping with the information-oriented society going to the change depending on the stages of development of the student and develop a class. In addition, I bring up an intellectual power and imagination while feeding ability to understand a situation and the thought of the partner precisely and ability to express along a purpose and an intention appropriately. I select a superior literary work and the beautiful Japanese teaching materials carefully to improve verbal ability and let you think about something, the way of life with the human being through the teaching materials and put an important point in letting you learn.

Reading instruction

 I establish approximately 200 recommendation books which a junior high student, a high school student wants to read.
 I divide a degree of difficulty into 3 ranks for all genres and list the things which are good for each from average 1 to high 3 and teach it through six years.
 I arrange the class for reading with 3 in middle 2. for one hour a week and let in particular you fill out the card for the original reading record. I correct an each person's thing and, in the case of a class, introduce the superior thing.

National language expression instruction

 As instruction of the field of modern sentence for the sixth grade, I make much of instruction of the national language expression. I perform it as connection from the making of the explanation to feature the theme of a reading impressionistic essay, reading guidance and the school introduction at the junior high school, the exhibition to the contribution to a newspaper to perform as part of an opinion sentence, editorial writing-style instruction and various short essay contests, making of the study traveler's diary with high 2, the reading and understanding instruction in each teaching material including the contribution of a tanka, a haiku, the poetry that is the field of verses more to expression instruction and make all an anthology.
 In the recent university entrance exam, a short essay is regarded as important. I let you write editorial writing-style in a class and supplementary lessons of "the national language expression" in high 2.3 and correct it and act for improvement of the power of expression through the polite individual guidance by the one-to-one with high 3 in particular.
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