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Health and physical education target and characteristic

 For "health," "the mental and physical development and mental health" feature the theme of "environment "prevention of the injury" "prevention of the illness" "health and life" depending on a school year if healthy" and raise it. I learn a correlation of formation and mental and physical development of the self in the youth in particular and keep upbringing of the self-discipline in mind.
 By "physical education," I plan upbringing of the custom to get close to exercise and improvement of the physical strength with the goal of the making of basics of physical education with a health increase into the future throughout the life. For example, it is serve carrying out in all school years and the four system volleyball class that established the original rule for the score method.
The purpose is to let you experience the fun that this competition called the repetition of the relaxation when strain and a ball during a rally fell has. A student becomes gradually eager, and the technical improvement is seen by devising a special rule. In addition, I perform an annual long-distance running by the class of high 2 from average 1 for the winter season and aim at the mental and physical training of students.
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