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"News from bud class"

 I tell him/her about the thought of the daily state and children, class teachers of the children of the bud class with a photograph.

Is it June 7 orange? Or is it orange? ?

There is the job to tell one of the favorite work about the name of the thing of children. Not only things to put in fruit, vegetables, the body put a genuine article in the basket and tell it about a name, but also touch it and smell it and…. I use the five senses well.
I put fruit in the basket now. There was such an event today.
While pointing one by one; "this is an apple. This is an orange. This is lemon and time that I talked about.

A class teacher: "Anything in this" (point to an apple)
* 0: "An apple"
A class teacher: "Anything in this" (point to an orange)
* 0: "A mandarin orange"
A class teacher: So. This being an orange "anything in this" (point at a lemon)
* 0: "Yellow"
A class teacher: "

I was surprised at an answer "yellow" having come back suddenly till then as I touched it and enjoyed a smell, and the name of the fruit was over fruit from 0 0 definitely. But, through the exchanges with me whom I told, "this is an orange", it was revealed that I understood as 0 0 was taught saying "this mandarin orange is orange". That's why I would answer it with "the yellow" of the lemon when I pointed at a lemon next, and "this was asked with anything".
There are an orange expressing a color and the orange of the name of the fruit and adult thinks about the situation of the circumference and uses "even the same orange" properly. But it is to be what I can use properly as that has conventional experience.
The time when it is absorbing words like a sponge now. In children and a days about, it was the event that must spend it while being always conscious "how do own words reach the children?" and felt this.

"Beans are full!" on May 24

  Many fresh vegetables form a line when I go for shopping. I imagine the figure of children saying which "he/she looks happy when I tear it off and wash it" is saying "I am pleased to drop mud with a scrubbing brush", and "the children of the bud seem to be able to peel skin" is excited when I see that.
 The job that what children are pleased with very much every year provides "sora beans" "green peas" from a sheath in that. I introduced nosora beans and green peas to children in large quantities promptly this year.
I had you read the picture book which various kinds of beans including soramame, the green peas peanut came out to. The "beans" children who knew that there were various types even if I untied it, and there was size, a form, the hardness that not only the form of beans but also the sheath was various. A voice was over "knowing it" saying "I have eaten!".
A sheath was hard and did not readily open, but seems to have been able to gradually get an art. Anyway, I took out desora beans crazy about.

It is white and, in the sheath of sora beans, is soft and fluffy.
The sheath produced green peas on that day. Unlike sora beans, I can easily take it out of the sheath, but beans roll around like a brick. The figure which ran after the beans which fell into the floor hastily was pretty at all.
I produced sora beans.
I put on a soft and fluffy place in the green shell with white paint. "Light there was the child who put paint while saying light".
On is white, being soft, I ride green beans.
takusannokawaiisora beans form a line in the room!

"How can you do it alone on May 11?"

"I want to know the way"

Children filled with a lot of feelings that I want to do in life. But I am irritated saying "I cannot do it though I want to do it!" and cry and give it up and…A lot of figures fighting with oneself in this are seen.
Is the very simple thing that is casual according to an adult, but is a serious affair for the children!   I always think that I want to grant the feeling that wants to become possible.
Because children come to be able to make one into it, an adult should show it slowly slowly. "I carry it out exactly, and "telling in spite of being a thought" recommends that I stop it and tell children about a way to mind in "oneself giving you freedom to do" stopping mind in the precision place" which "the words do not use which which "I analyze movement and methodize it" "makes the place where it is difficult clear" while they show the movement" which montessori "picks up only one object".
While children think, "I was able to do it" that they want to see a face to do joyfully, I provide us.
I was able to see many "I was able to do it alone" this week. I feel that the children pray you, "I want not to want you to help him, and a way to tell" in "I cannot do it" from the figure of children some other time.
I show the way slowly in silence. I stare.
Can you do it in the same way as a teacher?
"I should hear a sound with a click…"
The way of holding bag is a point. I am impatient to want to do it early.
I am glad when I can open the bag of snacks alone.
If only a little has you help him, I can do it alone.
"Only hand biography ttemoraunjanakute, a little are all fine!"

April 28 parent and child excursion

April 27, the bud class is an excursion in parent and child in the park. It was fine and was endowed, and it was on the day when smiles of the children, protector overflowed.
After having made person play, gather; and a toy. "Is soft-headed mohitotsu with a donny did the copycat of the teacher saying is soft-headed", but father, mother seems to have been puzzled with "arere" than children. "It was greatly big, and, in the children, movement to greatly turn ..." and both hands was like the favorite.
Self-introduction of the protector. I had you talk about "the favorite thing of father, mother and the interesting thing" this year. It was the time when I was introduced and was very fun including the precious occupation between the unexpected hobby and child care.
Finally I gather together and take a picture!
In the expression that it is children still tense a little in the kindergarten, but is so good if with father, mother. After all, I realized that "a base of the heart" of children was of the protector.
In the kindergarten, this expression may be seen…I am looking forward to this.

Under the April 21 "the perceptiveness period of the order" enjoyment☆

A seal same as a tray of the work is put on the shelf and is to do tidying up to the same design.
After after having cleared it up by oneself, having stared at jitto seal and the tray, saying "is the same"; a word!
For children, "it is the same" is the best reliable material.
When "it is the same" is met, it becomes the expression that felt relieved so much.

I arrange cars to one line neatly. I hardly heard it as I concentrated on it even if we called out. In fact, this is the second. Displayed it before this once, and understood; after having looked, all took it to pieces, and displayed it once again again.
By the montessori education, I value "the perceptiveness period" of each child very much. The children of the bud class are just the perceptiveness period of the order. "I compare" "displaying it", but "same" is very happy time. As well as work, I have days to think that I want you to enjoy this perceptiveness period with all one's might in life.

It is the start of the April 17 bud class

"Can I do it, too?…"
I am interested what a friend is doing.
I blow up the feeling that "I want to try" in this way while observing a friend.

I made the carp streamer.
Using a small finger-tip, I put a seal. While the child who used a thumb and the middle finger repeated the number of sheets, I became able to have with a thumb and a forefinger. I was surprised at the power of the self-correction of children.
As is expected, it is right in the middle for the perceptiveness period of the order!
How to put on includes the feelings for the child.
Though I did not have the courage to still enter all, I seem to have found the place that could feel relieved in a room.
The world should spread out little by little from here☆
It was children puzzled over there being the existence except the family, but strain seems to have come loose little by little. The smile came to be seen, too.

Until the last time, I chose the desk where other children were not each, but all today carried a tool of the job to the desk with a friend.
It was the children that communal living still just started, but realized that children each other had already supported it.
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