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Through a figure, a feeling, a thought, the discovery of children, I would appreciate your feeling a state of the growth.
Thank you in advance.

Children of June

Through the encounter with the creature and the care of the plant, there was a lot of feeling a blessing of God this month.
From the state that children work on with a brilliant shining figure each one bare; clear itself; of the potato had, and felt in what absorbed it in mind.
The pill bug which somebody finds every day. I came across the pill bug having the small small baby in a stomach on that day. All are surprised at the excessive littleness of the baby! I saw it with a magnifying glass hard.
A ladle came over. All are interesting for joy for joy. Which "there is what a foot grows" which "met eyes" "that never moves. He/she tells that I discovered it in what severally. From the discovery of the friend, c/o kigadondon spreads. I observe it happily every day when I gather with nature.
A ladle became the frog. All delight! I look at the small frog with an earnest look.
"- that it was good to become the cheerful frog"
A friend brought a crawfish.
When "I was the breeding case, I was surprised and jumped behind"
"A nail is big"
What "was where" What "I caught how"
I kept tsumagurohyomoncho from a larva. There was the friend who told, "I seem to like leaves of the pansy" and looked for it and put it up. Then I ate more and more and did a lot of shit. And it became the pupa and waited when it was sometime that it became the butterfly. It became two butterflies when I made going to kindergarten in a certain morning. The pupa was thin, and it was small, but the butterfly with the big feather was born and wondered and was surprised and was moved.
As I moved feathers in a breeding case well and came to fly, I went to get it outside. It does not readily fly away whether you were tense in the first outside. In all "do the best! Go for it, I supported you. Then I seemed to feel relief and joy while sky high kuni flew away, and children did it lonelily a little.
The green pepper grows quickly and healthily, too.
A childminder "has the babies of the green pepper"
A child "? ? ?"
On seeing childminder "here"
A son "waaa! It is a great small green pepper"
I discover the fruit of the small green pepper immediately now.
"Great! There is the baby of the green pepper"

I made the bamboo grass decoration for the Star Festival.
A young child did dripping (blur picture) and made the strip of paper. A color was gradually blurred and enjoyed a state to mix.
The child always did sputtering (I let you scatter) in the image of starlit sky. While I worked, I noticed that coming near scattering of the paint changed with power.
The older child was pleased with painting a three-dimensional thing in a color and mixing it. Judging from various angles, I was particular about a hue while changing the direction.
The wonderful bamboo grass decoration which was full of the power individually was completed.
I sang "tanabatasama" while looking at the bamboo grass decoration which shook for wind.
♪... dry in the one of bamboo grass

Children of May

It was the Holy Mother month this month. I spent it while thanking Maria who always watched us kindly while imitating a heart of Maria again.
I gave it to Maria and did it after I drained water off the flower which I brought from a house by oneself on a day of the Maria festival.
At Maria among the flowers which everybody gave it and did, I had the lunch.
As the tulip was scattered, I dug a bulb and put it up.
"You take a rest slowly, and save power to have a heated again"
Kind maki of asagao, balloon number and others
The child always surrounded a species an older child while recalling experience of the last year.
Which "it was the green fruit such as the balloon" which "the front, a purple morning glory bloomed" "gathered kinds after a flower died. This is the kind!"
As there were many first people, the young child wound it up slowly joyfully and carefully.
I decided to raise the green pepper in the group which worked. "Did not like a green pepper too, there was the friend who murmured ...", but; while take care, grow a bud, and a white flower opens, and the change seems to feel by attachment for joy.
Led by a turn, I am doing watering.
So that "God, a morning glory, balloon number and others, a green pepper grow big well. I take care carefully together"
Production activity (older child)
I made a sweet flag and the swallow. In an occasion, I was able to build it up while turning consciousness to the small part.

Production activity (young child)
I made the carp streamer which swam by heart which I saw by outside play a lot. I made that I laid emphasis on a finger and broke it well with effort.
I arrange the opportunity to announce the production thing that I made in a house in front of all.
You made the carp streamer which swam a lot and were able to show me. The announcement seeming to be tense, but having a friend see the thing which made with effort "is great!" It feels that joy and the encouragement are connected in confidence again to get a nice reaction including "⁉ which I made how".

Children of April

A new school term began and reached the first end of the month. I think that I might have spent time while being tense in new environment while being excited. I felt a lot of children who did their best every day. I think that I can walk this one year while sharing the perseverance of children with protectors.
A smile increased to the new friend day by day, and a figure idle lively came out.
The swing which all love.
"The river" "is good"
"Wait a little more because you still just got on"
"Be replaced if you count 10"
I hear various exchanges to be able to get on in turn.
Dharma fell down!
Friends increased and "I put it" more and more saying "I want to do it".
An older child "can do it" There are a lot of figures helping a young child kindly "will I do it?". When I am in love by oneself, I watch it, and there is the state waiting for.
"Thank you", I float a very joyful expression to glisten while being embarrassed when said.
A sister gave me the cotton wool of the children nito dandelion. All delight!
A turn blew. The friend of the circumference stared at the stem that cotton wool and the cotton wool which flew disappeared more and more.
I shared that I knew the dandelion and looked at the picture book.
From the cotton wool which I flew together, a bud appeared and was brought up well and prayed you when a flower wanted you to bloom.
It is an English activity adopting from this year. I see it with interest promptly and hear it and talk.
It is the day when I met a teacher teaching English from April for the first time. I listened attentively to the self-introduction from a teacher.
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