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Through a figure, a feeling, a thought, the discovery of children, I would appreciate your feeling a state of the growth.
Thank you in advance.

Children of March

  When March began, an older child began to be conscious of a day of the graduation, and stories to be another 0 days came to be asked about being able to come to the kindergarten in a conversation well. I worked on wanting to do it with all one's might and played with a friend a lot and told and was days to feel in no time. During few days that I always spent only in a child, young children after the graduation ceremony, I seemed to have realized while understanding it as an older child already grew big, and a child, a young child always went in the elementary school when it was a group and parting to hear. "That, A (older child) were few days when a remark called anywhere" was given suddenly.

  An older child graduated, and a child, a young child always reached a day of shuen, and this year was over. In all being smiles, and this day having been reached, it is full of appreciation. When look back on this one year, it having been pleasant, having been glad, the thing that challenged, the thing that worked on tenaciously, the thing that accomplished, a regrettable thing…A lot of children float. And I change what each one tried hard as hard as possible every day and feel that both the body and the heart see the children who greatly grew up.
A day to feel it to be slightly warm came out. The bulb of the tulip which I planted in November grows quickly and healthily and takes out a bud and stretches out a leaf.
I seem to have discovered "⁉ which was not that ⁉ this, a bud" bud. I feel what spring gets closer to. I smiled when I said that it might bloom when one became big.
To people in us which made the lunch, I made the message card of the rice ball with appreciation and presented it. I described the painting of the menu of the favorite lunch with a message.
"Thank you for always cooking lunches"
"I loved a hamburger steak"
"I was glad that he/she put a strawberry and the mandarin orange"
"The lunch which mother cooked was delicious"
The day before graduation ceremony. It is the last day to spend together. I did a farewell party by the meeting of the return. I always got a message from an older child for a child, a young child one by one. I thought well and, in the figure which he/she conveyed heartily, felt one big growth again.
"I was glad that I could play together a lot" "had good that I could make friends"
"There will be "I love it" in friends from now on"
At the time of "relay and dodge ball, thank you for supporting you"
"A kindergarten try which "thank you so far" hard from now on"
I was involved and said goodbye to an older child. The child, the young child always gave words to a lot of older children then.
"Congratulations on graduation"
"I love it"
"Let's see you again"
"Come to the kindergarten to play again even if you go to the elementary school"
shuennichi. I prayed God who always watched it for being looking forward to coming to have a big one from appreciation and April.

Children of February

Together with a dodge ball meet, rope exercises, the dumb person of the table of life, there were various approaches for an ensemble, a farewell party, the older child including the king crab Museum visit this month. There was figure which made an effort tenaciously, figure to think that it became better, and to work on, figure to concentrate on eagerly, figure to search, that cooperation felt the big growth including the figure which united with a friend a lot. In addition, on seeing a state of such an older child, a child, young children always have the feeling to respect at the same time to have admiration and expectation, a feeling excited at in it being to an older child, growing big. And that is not only this event and I spend it together and exchange it and am the feeling that grew big with mind in daily life more every day.
An older child dodge ball meet. I looked at the ball well and worked quickly and bargained over friends voice, and it was earnest, and the figure which united was seen. The support of a child, a young child was always big encouragement, too.
Older child rope exercises. Through the experience of rope exercises, I was able to get close by jump rope. In addition, there was the harmonious figure which moved while thinking about not only own movement but also the movement of the friend in group of 2, group of 4, group of 8.
After a dodge ball meet, you were able to always show a child, a young child the medal which an older child got.
A voice of the "cool" "good" "great" admiration that "a ball was fast" was always given from a child, a young child more.
The Setsubun society when there was the person who the pleasing person throbbed, and felt nervous.
At first, of the favorite ♪ I enjoyed a song of the underwear of the ogre with pepusato. The underwear of the fur of the tiger attracts attention.
I did the horn relay of the ogre by group opposition.
It is passed the next friend on by the horn of the ogre. A friend whom I rode on a head was pretty hard not to fall.
A red ogre came over and was turbulent. The person who is scared, and hides behind a bottom and the teacher of the desk, people who approach the ogre happily immediately though I was surprised, and wind up beans. There were various reactions. There was the reliable person who protected an afraid friend!
A farewell party. The group which worked sang "I surround a picture in the blue sky", and they danced "Ohisama power". Movement became powerful, and a singing voice came to echo whenever I repeated exercises and felt the state that a bond deepened from such a change.
To the older child who was taken care of, a product presented the message card of the bouquet from a young child.
"Thank you for telling various things"
"Thank you for being gentle"
"It was pleasant to have done search for insect together"
I put the letter in the bag which I always knit paper from a child and made and presented it.
Saying "let's make a color looking good on 0 0"; including the hue thought well, and made it.
"It is a friend all the time"
"It is for spirit in the elementary school"

The older children who received it were pleased very much. I was reading the letter with a joyful and gentle expression. A child, young children seemed to have become always warmhearted on seeing that, too.
Older children announced the ensemble that I worked on by a departmental horizontal contact in a company activity (music).
It reached it together to be going to make one music in total while being conscious of conduct and the sound of the circumference.
Play called "the moving of the raincoat" was popular for the outside play. A child, an older child, various friends always gathered with nature, and I joined us, and a young child enjoyed it. It moved at ease to catch while it being pleasant to succeed in escaping, and letting a cheerful voice sound.

Children of January

New age began, and the first month was over. A state of what kind of growth is seen or is a pleasure this year what kind of shining children you can meet.
After the winter vacation, I enjoyed battledore and shuttlecock. It was very difficult, but, in putting it on the feather, the state that I enjoyed was able to call at the difficult place. As I found enjoying it while wanting to rally, but not readily flying to a friend, and not being able to return the feather which reached it, and making trial and error, I did it over and over again. There was a figure to be pleased with so as to jump up and down in two people when I could rally with a friend.
Friends came to tell that I got an art. Particularly, a child, a young child should be always doing an older child and told. A child and a young child always always respect "A is great" on seeing a figure of an older child "do you come to be able to do it if I become A?" and oneself blows up expectation to grow big.
I enjoyed the karuta with a friend. A feeling called ‼ which I want to take is strong, and all are very earnest. When a label was read, I strongly concentrated on it and was looking.
I am glad for joy when I get it…I am annoyed at being annoyed when I do not get it…. I taste various feelings. When people who were depressed were without getting it as expected, I encouraged friends and advised you.
I became new age and, by the first English activity, was taught the twelve signs of the zodiac in English. Even English left the twelve signs of the zodiac in interest having had been increasing through New Year holidays and seemed to be interesting.
I came to get absorbed in cat's cradle. On seeing a friend, the people whom I came to like increase. As a made thing, things good at it are different each, I tell between friends and absorb it more and more. When I find it in a book when I want to try this, there is the figure which I try hard in spite of being a thought slowly and carefully well when you do it this way.
A friend and a teacher see it, and "they can brighten ‼" and an expression when I can do it. The exchanges spread saying "I show it in great ‼ this time".
The hyacinth which had hydroponics carefully from November bloomed. The flower of the bright beautiful color blooms and is emotion. I observed the state that a small flower opened the flower little by little.
In time for outside play, I worked as a lot of jump rope. A child, older children always worked on rope exercises in exercises and added it to the former hop and a rear hop and were doing it while devising that I came out in rope exercises by oneself.
As for the older child, several degrees including a thing and the strategy to try hard did talks for a dodge ball meet and tried an exercise of the dodge ball hard while deepening solidarity. I noticed in the good place including doing the best and being good at it of the friend, and there was the state to call out to each other.
The day when a lot of snow fell. The children really felt a blessing from the figure in delight. I walked over snow and ran and I collected snow piled up and made the ball and was valuable contact with the cold cold snow.
The friend who knew that snow was crystallized saw it with a magnifying glass, but suggested it carelessly. As I was not able to do it this time, it became the fun when it snowed next.

Children of December

 I moved forward this month while preparing for Christmas together.
 I read a lot of picture books about Christmas. When the understanding to a meaning of Christmas deepened, the joy became bigger and bigger, too. In addition, the state that was reading a picture book while putting there thought felt that an older child was decided to undergo own position by a Saint drama.
 I spent that I sent the feeling that was kind to people in circumference carefully. So that "all are usable comfortably, including which "said in thank you" "tried a help hard which "a place to line up told the friend that it was not revealed" which "told you cat's cradle" which which prepared the slippers of the restroom" "helped the friend who had an injury" in a house" was able to send what kind of kind feeling, or shared it together every day. And eyes turned and noticed gentleness and the kindness of not only oneself having been able to do it and oneself having had you do it but also other people, and the figure which I thanked came to be seen. In addition, I spent it to become the peaceful world to be able to reach Christmas when people of the world were heartwarming while praying so that a kind feeling of each one was help.
The children notice that they are ready for Christmas in a barn, a Christmas tree, the kindergarten including the lease for the change immediately. In the decoration of the Christmas tree, I found a favorite thing each.
There were a lot of pictures of Christmas when I looked in the free sketchbook of children. It reached it I thought about Christmas well, and to have described or to be looking forward to Christmas.
I made one lease together. A child always made the base of the lease and I made the paper-cutting that an older child chose on a leaf and decorated it, and it was colorful, and a young child described a decoration in a pastel crayon. I sent this lease to the primary schoolchild who came for Christmas visit as a present of thanks.
I made the candle of the group collar which worked together. I looked back toward oneself on the day what kind of gentle feeling you were able to send to people in circumference and put small origami on God in spite of being a story with mind every day. The candle which shined warmly clogged up with the gentleness of all of the group which worked was completed.
I gave the candle to God as a bouquet of the prayer in Christmas society and did it.
As God told, can do a feeling having a gentle all carefully in cooperation, the peaceful world.
A hyacinth after starting hydroponics grows rapidly from November. When it made going to kindergarten, and it finished morning outfit, it became nature and the daily work in this way to observe. I notice few changes well and am surprised.
It became cold and came to wear a jacket. It is difficult, but some fastener and buttons of the jacket become able to gradually smoothen it by daily accumulation. I make use of the power for people in circumference when I come to be able to do it by oneself, and there is the figure helping a friend.

Children of November

The children who pick up a ginkgo joyfully when autumn deepens, and the leaf which changed color neatly begins to fall. And "I show the ginkgo" offered you saying "I look here", but gathered you absorbedly so that nobody answered.
In spite of being having noticed, the thing which found it, what I knew a lot of story, I strolled in the academy while feeling comfort of the sunlight and wind in autumn.
I want to jump over a tree one by one when I go along the way of the tree.
It was the children indicating the reaction in particular on a tree, the leaf of the type that a kindergarten did not have while looking up at the trees which changed color.
I was surprised when I talked and was doing that cycad and the ginkgo lived on this earth from old days as there was a dinosaur wonderingly. The state whether felt a thing called the history from the figure which looked difficult, and thought what kind of thing it was was able to call.
I began the hydroponics of the hyacinth.
Pour a good water into a container…
While thinking about the which and the root that a bud comes out to come out to well,
I put a bulb…
To environment in the soil, I put a black cover and did it in pitch-darkness.
Enduring it without taking off a black cover while being interested for a few days. Many roots grew and were surprised.
"Jellyfish I see it lazy -"
I brought all face close for joy for joy and observed it with a smile.
I planted the bulb of the tulip which I dug it at the end of spring and put up.
As I was able to know structure and the structure of the bulb well when I began the cultivation of the hyacinth, I recalled that and I thought about bulbs in spite of being a view well by oneself saying "it will be below as a root came out of this" and was able to plant it.
I have a cultivation kit and bring up the shiitake. I get close to the growth of the flower, but the growth of the mushroom is unusually interesting. It seems to be pleasant to put up water using a sprayer.
On the Seven-Five-Three Festival, an older child did 753 blessings type in a temple of Confucius. It was time to appreciate the thing that became big.
You came back to the kindergarten and were able to always show a child, a young child the Ocycrius japonicus which an older child had with a blessing type.
When a child, a young child always told that "shining to silver" was saying "there is Maria" in various ways, I heard it while an older child smiled.
I made Christmas cards to send to Philippine children by the approach of the parents' association.
It was nice to be able to write the letter and wrote a picture and a letter happily.

* asked for a Christmas tree and was able to express that I imaged it to bring snow at ease.
I was pleased with mailing it by oneself very much.
I thought of the friend of the remote country distantly and, also, sent it carefully at all as I prayed so that Christmas when people of the world were happy was invited and made it heartily.

Children of October

There were various events this month. There was a lot of feeling perseverance and the growth of children, one of a friend and the deepening of the connection in that.
I used the body which I received from God in sports Festa as hard as possible and did my best. In an exercise, the adjustability of the body grew more and more, and the confidence ran out, too.
Through an approach to sports Festa, I feel comfort to move the body and move a body in the outside play, and children challenging a kinematic activity increase.
"uuu…There is power. But I was able to get nervous! "
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5…"
I jumped hard while counting it. An expression glistens when I can jump a lot from the front.
I went to a country bumpkin while appreciating a blessing in autumn.
Even if I did not give it up as I was looking forward to it even if soil was hard and I was tired a little, I dug it tenaciously.
"Great! "
It is big, and I can dig a connected potato, and there is no way for joy. There was the child who was surprised that I felt the weight saying "a potato is heavy".
It comes to seem to be autumn, and there is completely the child who finds a pinecone and an acorn, and brings it. While touching it, and looking at that, ♪ A pinecone ♪ I sing the song of the acorn lively.
I found a lot of grasshoppers and brought it. A question is given by a friend loving insects severally. What "was where" What "I caught how" "i unogairune ⁉ "let me touch it" a type"
Puppet play appreciation. I was drawn into a story more and more.
There was the child to "try in that way in a house because I had a doll".
Few days when I watched a puppet play later, I did the coloring that I got. In spite of being coating, I talked about a lot of fun things and was asked a lot about the remark that arrested stories well.
I was looking forward to it all the time on the last day in October and was "heated heated ☆ festival".
Is heated; was heated, but enjoyed it so as not to stop, and a voice called "best ..." was given.
An older child went around the shop by the shopping game with a young child of the care. All are wonderful each; can do shopping, and is satisfied very much. As I touched the figure which people in house bought in life, I knew the exchanges with an eating house well.

Children of September

The second semester began, and one month passed. There are a lot of events for this semester. The elder state that children always have pleasure from past experience and the feeling that I am enthusiastic about can call. What will young children have? What kind of thing will you do? I feel this to blow up imagination and expectation while hearing the story of childminder and older brother, older sisters. Challenges together various for joy to work on with a friend in spite of being a feeling think that can experience it.
For sports Festa, I did my best every day this month. I used the body which I received from God as hard as possible and worked on an exercise while feeling pleasure to move the body. It came to be able to be difficult and felt joy to know it by oneself, and to be able to move and followed the confidence.
On Respect for the Aged Day, I made the present of the flower for grandfather, grandmother. "He/she played, and, thank you", "he/she called, and which "let's stay again" "was well", and "I love it" attached I am glad" to one nobody heartfelt message.
A young child comes to be able to finish sandwiching it being conscious of a form.
The child was able to always cut the three-dimensional, hard paper cup well. That turns into a flower and is emotion.
I cut it finely carefully, and the older child pushed it forward when I opened a flower neatly.
A childminder brought inekari rioshite, rice.
How does this become the rice?
I took a fir tree out of rice little by little in turn together. I took by one drop carefully.
When it was an earthenware mortar, I took from one of a fir tree. I breathed it in turn together.
"a! I got it!" From this was removed and became the brown rice.
"I have eaten brown rice"
"A color is different from the rice which I always eat"
"Let's ask mother because we want to eat brown rice!"

Also, I was able to know that there were power, the work of people that there was there many it I was brought up, and how the rice which I had every day was done.
Cadet teacher came from the middle of September. The children talked a lot and threw off my reserve. I invited it to play and the lunch positively.
I was taught song play and had you read a picture book.
I had you present the flower of hearing it of the group which worked which you made with origami on a day of the parting. "Wow, it is ‼ beautiful ‼" and children of the delight to a three-dimensional flower. I looked on a hand carefully quietly.

Children of June

Through the encounter with the creature and the care of the plant, there was a lot of feeling a blessing of God this month.
From the state that children work on with a brilliant shining figure each one bare; clear itself; of the potato had, and felt in what absorbed it in mind.
The pill bug which somebody finds every day. I came across the pill bug having the small small baby in a stomach on that day. All are surprised at the excessive littleness of the baby! I saw it with a magnifying glass hard.
A ladle came over. All are interesting for joy for joy. Which "there is what a foot grows" which "met eyes" "that never moves. He/she tells that I discovered it in what severally. From the discovery of the friend, c/o kigadondon spreads. I observe it happily every day when I gather with nature.
A ladle became the frog. All delight! I look at the small frog with an earnest look.
"- that it was good to become the cheerful frog"
A friend brought a crawfish.
When "I was the breeding case, I was surprised and jumped behind"
"A nail is big"
What "was where" What "I caught how"
I kept tsumagurohyomoncho from a larva. There was the friend who told, "I seem to like leaves of the pansy" and looked for it and put it up. Then I ate more and more and did a lot of shit. And it became the pupa and waited when it was sometime that it became the butterfly. It became two butterflies when I made going to kindergarten in a certain morning. The pupa was thin, and it was small, but the butterfly with the big feather was born and wondered and was surprised and was moved.
As I moved feathers in a breeding case well and came to fly, I went to get it outside. It does not readily fly away whether you were tense in the first outside. In all "do the best! Go for it, I supported you. Then I seemed to feel relief and joy while sky high kuni flew away, and children did it lonelily a little.
The green pepper grows quickly and healthily, too.
A childminder "has the babies of the green pepper"
A child "? ? ?"
On seeing childminder "here"
A son "waaa! It is a great small green pepper"
I discover the fruit of the small green pepper immediately now.
"Great! There is the baby of the green pepper"

I made the bamboo grass decoration for the Star Festival.
A young child did dripping (blur picture) and made the strip of paper. A color was gradually blurred and enjoyed a state to mix.
The child always did sputtering (I let you scatter) in the image of starlit sky. While I worked, I noticed that coming near scattering of the paint changed with power.
The older child was pleased with painting a three-dimensional thing in a color and mixing it. Judging from various angles, I was particular about a hue while changing the direction.
The wonderful bamboo grass decoration which was full of the power individually was completed.
I sang "tanabatasama" while looking at the bamboo grass decoration which shook for wind.
♪... dry in the one of bamboo grass

Children of May

It was the Holy Mother month this month. I spent it while thanking Maria who always watched us kindly while imitating a heart of Maria again.
I gave it to Maria and did it after I drained water off the flower which I brought from a house by oneself on a day of the Maria festival.
At Maria among the flowers which everybody gave it and did, I had the lunch.
As the tulip was scattered, I dug a bulb and put it up.
"You take a rest slowly, and save power to have a heated again"
Kind maki of asagao, balloon number and others
The child always surrounded a species an older child while recalling experience of the last year.
Which "it was the green fruit such as the balloon" which "the front, a purple morning glory bloomed" "gathered kinds after a flower died. This is the kind!"
As there were many first people, the young child wound it up slowly joyfully and carefully.
I decided to raise the green pepper in the group which worked. "Did not like a green pepper too, there was the friend who murmured ...", but; while take care, grow a bud, and a white flower opens, and the change seems to feel by attachment for joy.
Led by a turn, I am doing watering.
So that "God, a morning glory, balloon number and others, a green pepper grow big well. I take care carefully together"
Production activity (older child)
I made a sweet flag and the swallow. In an occasion, I was able to build it up while turning consciousness to the small part.

Production activity (young child)
I made the carp streamer which swam by heart which I saw by outside play a lot. I made that I laid emphasis on a finger and broke it well with effort.
I arrange the opportunity to announce the production thing that I made in a house in front of all.
You made the carp streamer which swam a lot and were able to show me. The announcement seeming to be tense, but having a friend see the thing which made with effort "is great!" It feels that joy and the encouragement are connected in confidence again to get a nice reaction including "⁉ which I made how".

Children of April

A new school term began and reached the first end of the month. I think that I might have spent time while being tense in new environment while being excited. I felt a lot of children who did their best every day. I think that I can walk this one year while sharing the perseverance of children with protectors.
A smile increased to the new friend day by day, and a figure idle lively came out.
The swing which all love.
"The river" "is good"
"Wait a little more because you still just got on"
"Be replaced if you count 10"
I hear various exchanges to be able to get on in turn.
Dharma fell down!
Friends increased and "I put it" more and more saying "I want to do it".
An older child "can do it" There are a lot of figures helping a young child kindly "will I do it?". When I am in love by oneself, I watch it, and there is the state waiting for.
"Thank you", I float a very joyful expression to glisten while being embarrassed when said.
A sister gave me the cotton wool of the children nito dandelion. All delight!
A turn blew. The friend of the circumference stared at the stem that cotton wool and the cotton wool which flew disappeared more and more.
I shared that I knew the dandelion and looked at the picture book.
From the cotton wool which I flew together, a bud appeared and was brought up well and prayed you when a flower wanted you to bloom.
It is an English activity adopting from this year. I see it with interest promptly and hear it and talk.
It is the day when I met a teacher teaching English from April for the first time. I listened attentively to the self-introduction from a teacher.
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