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I tell him/her about a figure and thought, the growth of sumiregumino children with a photograph. I would appreciate your consideration for one year.


Present of Respect for the Aged Day

I produced a photoframe heartily while remembering grandfather grandmother. The children who "always do talks of kakobai ttekurerunda ..." "it is vegetables expert to bring up" "I send it by mail because I am in the distance and cannot meet!" grandfather grandmother joyfully. Have me please…The figure which prayed God for this was seen.

(A) wrapped the corrugated cardboard with woolen yarn. It seems to have been difficult to prevent woolen yarn from loosening than I thought.
I wrote a message and fitted it inside!
(B) I am decorated with masking tape by a mount ☆I put it lengthwise and put it aside and it is long and is short and…Individuality overflowed in this.
It is completed through woolen yarn around♪
(C) I tore origami. It bursts…This is apt to be thought of, but this is unexpectedly difficult for a small child and…A finger-tip is strengthened☆
I starched it with a finger well and put it.

Cadet teacher came

Beginning garden day of September 1. When introduce itself with "good morning!" to a teacher and the friend who met lively after a long absence, "that…There is a teacher not to know…I noticed with "immediately. The delight that I do not consider to report that "it is the teacher who can come for study" is saying it "is until September 29". One month with the cadet teacher was happy for joy and was great excitement.

To the piano which a trainee plays, a rock, paper, scissors train starts! I am highly motivated saying it is saying "I win!"!
It became the long train in no time ☆Today's champion who fought successfully through rock, paper, scissors from all "is great! I seem to be glad that I get applause saying you are cool.
I was taught a game called "newspaper rock, paper, scissors". I fold newspaper into half when defeated by gin Ken. It is a defeat if I fall from newspaper.
The first round! It is a game with a teacher of the training!
It becomes smaller! Is balance removed?
The second round! I played with a friend this time!
Invention was seen in how to fold newspaper by a child!
The last day. I had a handmade present from one per person. Which "I do not want to say goodbye" grieved by parting saying "I was lonely and cry".
Thank you for a pleasant memory♪

As for such figure……

Having sung "a bus game" by the meeting of the return. "I looked up! Oh, I looked such to the no lyrics! It is full of power of expression☆
Children doing block play after a meal. The shoes……It is in a mess, but in a sense is great as I can wear it without getting a wrong this…I admire in this…. I am watching a state in future how how to take off changes.


Announcement of the introduction thing

I establish the opportunity to announce the thing which I produced at a home as time of "introduction thing" on every Monday and Wednesday in the Class violet. I have you announce in front of all what you made it using how what you made. I know the usage of words and acquire a sentence and touch confidence by standing in front of all. I am glad that I have you praise it from a friend seeing it ♪ As a question and the suggestion come out more and more, I value the exchanges and the thought between children.
I seemed to make the musical instrument such as the marimba! The drumstick was made, too and actually swatted it ☆I noticed that it was different in a sound by a place to knock on.
All were surprised at a very long ring liaison! Some said, "I would count tsunaggateiruka which the number of was how many!" and counted it together together.

I did mud play

Even A! We cooperated and made the big groove. I entered together and tasted a cold bath feeling!
I take a mist from the top and am delighted ☆A hot day feels good.
C entered the muddy water slowly, too and enjoyed the touch. I tried the putting on and taking off hard to do mud play☆

For the Star Festival

A challenged compound color art. I put a paper streamer on the favorite direction and I painted a color and did each place. When it tore off tape after having dried, it seems to have been interesting that the white line which I did well came out.
B challenges a shellfish filler! I tried that I cut it with scissors on a line hard. As I broke up when I cut too many it, I worked very carefully.
C had marbling of the paper of the strip of paper with a favorite color. I was excited at a color and a mysterious design to mix.
On June 27, I did a bamboo grass decoration! Expectation is full to big bamboo grass in front!
So that a wish arrives☆


I planted a morning glory and the seed of balloon number and others

The children who knew the process before the morning glory blooming in a picture-story show. "I want you to bloom early!" since before having planted a seed Expectation is full "does a flower of what color bloom?".
"The seeds of morning glory are doing kakukaku, and the kind of balloon number and others is round"
I noticed the difference between morning glory and kind of balloon number and others. It seems to have been pleasant to make a hole in soil by oneself saying "I plant it here!".
A turn does watering.

It is cultivated vegetables in the summer

I planted a seedling of sumiregumiha tomato and the eggplant.
I observe it as soon as I make going to kindergarten and come in front of a room. I am surprised by the power of observation of the children who do not overlook a little growth either.
Which which "a leaf grows big" "becomes only slightly than yesterday tall" "there is a green baby tomato"; is excitement for the change for to days very much. I think that there is that I know only after bringing you up a lot how you are brought up. I want to bring you up carefully to be able to harvest it a lot.
I knew the difference between kind and seedling and the form of the leaf.
I had kindly quietly not to compromise.

After lunch…

I enjoy various play from the person who has finished having lunch. A feeling to want to challenge it that the puzzle of the world map has the difficulty and wants to try seems to appear. "I put it, and people increase with ..." more and more.
I challenge the Alps 20,000 shaku ☆If there are three people, how should you put hands together?…I was thinking about this while making trial and error.
I clean a desk and the floor by oneself. When a dustcloth became dirty black, became beautiful; get a real sense, and is the feeling that became a cleaning expert ♪ If a room becomes beautiful, it is comfortable!
C is doing garbage picking, too. Pick it up, and have garbage of a dustcloth and the role allotment of a dustcloth, the floor of a broom, the desk; and of the class cooperate together; and a room to a bright shine!

Rainy day

I enjoyed newspaper play. I am delighted when I do it like a shower! "yatte and a request do not stop once anymore!",
In "... for futon" and the scene to ask all for.
It is makeover to clothes!
A way is completed in a core of the toilet paper! A game to walk not to bump into each other began if I noticed.
A cooperated and built up a tower. I felt a bond in nature and the figure which gathered, and was idle♪


2023 began!

The days of 33 Class violet start! When a class teacher changes, and the children who were slightly being tense do gambling first; little by little for a smile ♪ I want to spend it laughing, and crying to be able to spend satisfying one year while sharing joy and sorrow.
"The string of the picture book bag can enter inside in this way"
A (older child) in charge of the care tells C (young child) the way of outfit. As he/she tells very kindly, I seem to be able to send garden life to C in peace. A who plays the part well while saying "da ... great as for the care." I seem to feel the worth doing.

I went for the walk in the academy

I look at the right and look at the left and look at the right and I raise hand after a car and a bicycle not being it, or confirming it and cross it. I start on a walk!
A well of C give me it hand in hand. As it is reliable, it is gone for a walk in peace☆
I found a larva in the middle of a way. It is interested with "... which will be any larva".

Outside play

I heard how to use playground equipment on the first day and thought together. I learned the importance of following a rule to be able to play without a big accident and injury happily.
The excavation that began with the voice "that I would have of the construction spot" of C. I carry out sand more and more.
I discover a root when I dig a hole! "What's this? I would pull it and and to nature joined forces. However, the root does not fall out and is given up…
B (child during the year) is made with a cake using a scoop and a cup ☆An eating house began.
"Want to run a race"; toiu request reaches it a lot. It seems to be comfortable to run in the garden with all one's might.
I am crazy about collecting insects! "The dumpling insect eats concrete" figure which told that I knew it being "... when I did not eat the green leaf" each other was seen. I always admire various knowledge of children.
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