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President blog (2020)

"The world of the summer child" that was able to enlarge the God's country

 The staying learning of 3 days and 2 nights to perform it in fourth graders is one of the events that "the world of the summer child" is important to our school which is a Catholic elementary school. Therefore I wanted to perform it somehow and performed "the world of the summer child" without staying from August 31 to September 2 while infection of the new coronavirus was not settled while taking measures.
 The result makes a big success! A fourth grader class teacher and teachers and the children of the cooperation corps gave wisdom and I cooperated and spent two and a half days and was able to make an irreplaceable memory for the 54th graduate.
 I participated in a starting expression and campfire of the second day, candle service of the third day, but realized size of the growth on daily 1st simply because I spent it with children at a turning point, a turning point. The "cooperation" "future" "overflowed, and each person's, looking back by the "growth" that "finished it" "great success" "instant" "action" "failure" candle service that expressed the world of the child with a word "very" in summer that "it is difficult" listened attentively to a quality of child while thinking one paragraph to "have the mission that was special as Son of God individually." to be it.
 The teacher in charge completed it by the word "flame" "bread". 
Summer of this year when I thought in "flame" oneself and planned it. I felt strength for the energy of everybody who was going to create their summer while I was not able to come in an average year. I sometimes hit the friend, and the fluctuation of the feeling was seen, but, with the campfire, it was in a ring having one Olympic Torch relay of all, and the 54th graduate connection was a symbolized scene.
It is in "bread" Paternoster with "the bread every day", but there is it with "a thing doing a heart and the mind including the living wealthily" other than a meaning called "food" when I check it in a dictionary. It is bread bringing up everybody that failed as well as a successful thing in preparations and these three days. All past experience becomes the pabulum of everybody and believe it when he/she does coming life wealthily.
 I want to complete the word "hope". I enlarged the God's country while being considerate of a partner as "a child of the light", and cooperating and it was reliable at all and was proud of the children who went up the stairs which grew up to the upper grades one step surely.
 By infection spread of the global new coronavirus, the way of our life greatly changed, too. It fits the new rule called "a new lifestyle" to survive the times of the corona vigorously in the present with corona, coming after without comparing it with a past good thing and is that it should just do to make an effort that I create better things. The 54th graduate children incline all energy to there being it to oneself present and create the world of the child in new summer and "I cope with a change and enjoy a change and evolve." He/she told the splendor. Thank you.
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