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President blog (2018)

To the container that the new water is new! !

●3年 阿部 友紀乃 さん
●3年 小川 璃子 さん
●3年 葛間 由姫保 さん
●3年 藤田 琉音

 A Happy New Year.

 Light pink-colored peach blossom blooms to the tree of peach in the entrance of the academy. Though it is January, ... has already told spring to the neighborhood still more in winter though it-colored. Thankful. I think it to be ... early if it is spring.

 That is because it was reported that I expressed one year in one character with "an evil", but, as for "the evil," there was the thing which could nod personally last year. I had a hard time for unexpected event, misunderstanding, the sad parting such as the matters that became obstinate, the correspondence including the example not to know of the reason.

 However, the family of the star of we dawn is not discouraged. I think that I manage it laughingly. Furthermore, I think that Jesus does something. (in the world, I seem to say no weather)  Anyway, you should protect yoha, children.

 It is three months until completion this year. I am going to work with every effort.


 Oh, it is you, Hoshi inferior, expansion chu. Will good will not to understand always set it neatly in their house to be warm? It is thanks, a thank. Therefore there was beddo of various forms and did the living that was goja where I never thought with the house of the cat group and went over the year. When it is at the time of a meal because know the delicious meal well, lengthen, and do it, and look out of the wire netting window, and ", ~ is, is stomach decrease ttanya ~ n! I remain it, remain. I remain it and talk to us to say desire shiinya ~ n.

When Kaino older sister feeds it a meal, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry crawling, a hold. Yes, I make bait spearmanship kindly while being about to say, I will eat. I "there are not ~, any productivity anymore. I only do it while saying, you want to gain weight, and the meal food gains weight, express a feeling of thankfulness a little. It is ... ... in being actually pretty, and there being no help for it. They sometimes leave the bait which Kaino older sister did. I do not leave it at the age of me. Only it has feeling of strain. I resemble young children. They have a heart, too. But I cannot only talk. Oh, you and Hoshi are protected well this year by gentle people; and "straight kiteikunya ~ n!"


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