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President blog (2018)

Thank you for your help! !

 At the school of this time, it is often that children give a wonderful letter to the teacher. In fact I am letter mioitadakimashita from the sixth grader who graduated yesterday. It was the letter heartwarming very much.
 "Thank you ...! Please live in interesting 70s, and please look forward to the future from now on! In star Elementary School of the dawn, I become the first entertainer. I love last life (T N)
 She seems to be that the future dream becomes an entertainer. I toast her dream
If "a teacher becomes hot again, may I come back? ・* * But do the best even if is hot. As a child of mother father, I will take good care of a family and a friend from now on and am in me who am gentle." (U S)
 "I began at praying and was excited of the person of the number on ... date present every time when it would be what kind of class. I engrave words word word of the principal into a chest and want to do my best at the junior high school (S R)
 "Thank you for telling the religion for principal, one year. The religion that I held with the principal was very fun, and when the next religion was in, I was looking forward to. Please support him even if you go to the junior high school." (H, М)
 "... I made my debut as an attendant last time at a church. In addition, I will study from now on in junior high student society. In addition, I am concerned with the religion deeply from now on even if I go to the junior high school as it is a school in the Society of Jesus. So I continue thinking about "what is the happiness?" that I value teaching of Jesus and the teacher was said and still live a life (F H)
 In addition, I began with all the fifth graders, and a heart and the smile of the good painter had the letter which floated from from various school years and a junior high student. He/she filled a heart for satisfaction easily warmly so as to be able to write all about no letter in the vocabulary which I had. It will be so even if I take the sentence mentioned above! !! !
 I think utterly. Children of the star of the dawn are children of 1, Fukuyama.
 Such children gave a sense of fulfilment and an ease to me every day. I spent happy four years. With today's completion type, I did these children and parting. I resign from star Elementary School of the dawn.
 But it is only a thank. It was happy four years. I thank all people concerned with me! !
 By the way, from such me, will be delicious from now on; ciao is omoraeruto omoi tteirua you and Hoshi! Because I was strong-minded, Hoshi fell out smoothly at the moment when I opened a door for a meal during this period and escaped. I pretend ignorance even if I cry with "korya - Hoshi, meal benaino ... remaining it". It is one, a parking lot and adventure of the flower bed. (I'm sorry! However, I came home) that it was Hoshi, a girl in a few minutes. What and a tail boa boa. The evidence that tasted fear. You can certainly let go of this! After all Kaino older sister objects even if I think of this. A finger is sweet to a cat to a domestic cat of the Kainos the other day though I am bitten and do a hospital commute for days. While feeding it a meal; "how did do it? I see, saying that is so is delicious rice, as for talk in a voice pretty kindly that is thought where appear from saying is it.
 Two people who must depend only on Kaino older sister from now on! Surely yorimomommotto will be to gain weight peacefully now! !! !Well, because there is not mother to scold saying it is saying "I make skin a samisen"! !! !! !!
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