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Geography and history, a citizen aim and characteristic

 I act for fixation of the basics scholastic ability while clarifying the living of people and social structure, causation of the history development through the field of geography, history, citizen at the junior high school and feed the nature that is necessary for a person of formation of the democratic, peaceful national society.
 Primarily, through the systematic learning that assumed a concrete historical fact the cause from birth of the human to the present age, I act for grasp of a regional characteristic and the historic causation and, in "world history," plan upbringing of the historic intellectual power. Second I serve for upbringing of the ability for solution to the problem without falling into simple learning by heart in the case of history learning while always performing linkage with modern world phenomena. Third I practice upbringing of human resources having an international field of vision while trying rather active reception while removing the prejudice for cultures on the basis of the contemporary situation called the diversification of the sense of values. A figure assumes an ability increase means of the course security while taking an entrance examination trend into consideration for the university entrance exam.
 I aim at the making of true scholastic ability (power to live for) to be able to think about way of oneself of life by learning the Japanese history in "Japanese history". Particularly, I put an important point in feeding a historic intellectual power through theme learning to be able to get a hint to live as next-generation Japan, human being carrying the world through modern history learning. In addition, by the practice of the issue of historical materials, I develop ability to utilize comprehension (intellectual power to read a social background) and the document.
 "The ethic" is the wide subject of the foot including psychological contents mainly on the youth, sociological contents thinking about problems of the modern society as well as the philosophical contents of thinkers of all ages and countries. Through learning of a view of the world, the view of life of the ancient sage, I aim at the class to become the opportunity to think about a thing by oneself. With high 3, I carry out the problem practice with various forms and let you acquire power to open up a course.
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