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State of children of November

 In November, the leaf of the ginkgo changes color very neatly and I pick up fallen leaves and gather you and think that I take it in to find autumn, and to play and spent it. I enjoyed outside play while feeling cold including sudden cold and seemed to notice a change of nature from autumn to winter.

Ginkgo play

The children discovered the thing which collected the leaves of the ginkgo in the corner of the garden immediately and gathered when I could use it for the play of children.
Bouquet of the ginkgo

I went for a walk (11/24)

I wanted to have you feel a lot of changes of nature that you went out before and went out for a walk. Was wrapped up in an acorn and the leaf of the ginkgo as it overflowed and was great excitement. A thing to be able to enjoy by a video or a game was full in our life, but the present of nature from God did the sensitivity of children wealthily and felt that the impression was immeasurable.
"A teacher, please"
"Own face found a big ginkgo"
I take a ceremonial photograph on a yellow carpet

Young child walking (11/2) to the garden outside

 I went for a walk in a bud class and young children to "a park with the dirt". It was connected by new experience for the growth of children to have taken a walk being conscious of saying hello to walking, people whom I met without opening it with a road safety lesson between a thing and the friends who passed, and were able to practice a person on a road of the crossing that I learned. As it was big adventure to appear outside a garden, the tense expression was seen, but looked glad at all when I arrived at the destination as much as I tried it hard.

Production (child during the year) of November

kusha tto rounded aluminum, and a child always made the stamp, and sutampingu did paint of red, yellow, green, the brown. I enjoyed compound color and expressed autumn colors.
I heard a voice called "... which was pleasant because it was free".
This is sutampingu by the hand. I use it for the background of the operetta of the Christmas society. [saying I make cold tai comfort too much as for great excitement saying it was it.

Autumn of reading

An older child went to the book section and chose one book from many picture books, and it was said that I read it for rest in lunch break. It showed interest of each children when I saw a state to choose.
I sent interest to the book which a friend chose.
As it was the book section that all used, I knew that a thing and a book to spend calmly were placed according to genres and the mind was calm and was able to spend it being conscious of what the cause returned to the place that there was carefully. .

I planted the bulb of the tulip

I display straight it so that the flower which formed a line neatly blooms.
I plant it while confirming the direction of the bulb. When "a tulip blooms, is it a first grader?." I planted it for the young child who entered a kindergarten in April heartily.

Hydroponics of the hyacinth

 I set up black drawing paper on beginning the hydroponics of the hyacinth.
A childminder: "It will be why that I cover it up with black drawing paper"
Children: "To cover it ..."
A childminder: "Why do you cover it?"
Children: "Well, ..."
     "I planted the bulb of the tulip in soil if I said so. To do it in the same way as that!"
A childminder: Exactly like that! When it makes it the same in soil, and it darkens it, this is because a root becomes easy to appear"
The children observe a root growing little by little to hear the explanation every day and share what I noticed with a friend.
"- that a root grows more when I saw the front"

Group play "toriyanse"

 I connected it with the story of 753 celebrations and introduced music called "toriyanse". It is contents to go, but holds onto the barrier to return a charm given for the celebration that grew up until 7 years old to God when music is over. I enjoy the thrill, and the feeling that throbbed gives life passing through a barrier. The children noticed it being the same as the play of "the rondo bridge".
The friend caught by is a smile.

Rainbow da -!! (11/17 rain)

Children love rainbows, in a class ♪ I request songs on "the other side of the rainbow" well and sing. I went to see it when I knew the thing that a rainbow was applied to in the sky after rain while being excited at the terrace. I was able to look only at the corner (between a school building and a nursery school building) of the rainbow, but was pleased very much.
 In Christmas society to God of the mind give it, and present a bouquet of the prayer as a thing. I put paper on the form that decided in a class when a gentle act was possible for people in circumference and complete it. When I talked about the form, a lot of voices to want to present a rainbow to God got nervous. When one opinion went up as there was the opinion that the heart wanted to present "much heart gathered, and why don't a rainbow finish appearing?" the mind that I did not consider to be, "that is good" became one.
I put it with a gentle smile. God is pleased with.

Cultivation of the shiitake

As I received a shiitake cultivation kit from the protector, I bring up a shiitake in a class. When the mushroom knew that I planted bacteria not a kind, I was surprised.
When I put bacteria on a tree, I knew that I used tonkachi.
I enjoyed a fragrance.
The crop picked it off by hand. A state to lay emphasis on a little was seen.
I had the friend who hit in a lottery harvest it.
When the next shiitake grew, I gave water by a sprayer.

State of children of October

 It was the month that I touched the natural object a lot in October and thanked friendly feeling God and spent. When I go for a walk in the climate that it is easy to spend in autumn and work on a challenge list, I think that I was able to see a smile and the perseverance of children a lot.

I touched it with a chestnut

 Even if the children knew the chestnut, the chestnut which entered the burr seems to have been rare. "Kana ... that I have a pain if I touch it" It was interesting and considered it "to enter for what kind of feeling inside".
"tsu, well, ..."
I touch it carefully not to come to have a pain
I check the touch of the chestnut which the burr produced
I cut it with a kitchen knife and saw the contents of the chestnut

I played a Japanese pampas grass

I knew the Japanese pampas grass which was one of the seven flowers of autumn and it touched it and smelled it and enjoyed it. I was surprised that the ear which I closed opened with time for the change.
"It is like a soft broom"
"An ear opens! Smell imokaidemiyo ♪"
I noticed that I was the day in looking like gold
I transformed myself into an eared owl

I went for a walk

In the comfortable weather that kimmokuseiga was full on Thursday, October 19, I went for a walk. When I came back from a walk when I discovered an autumn flower and looked for an acorn desperately, a lot of children who sweated were.
"I found the leaf of the beautiful color"
A beautiful cosmos bloomed
I like it, and the fragrance of the fragrant olive is
The shower of fallen leaves. It is the expression that all are good for

Wall surface production

A young child: I concentrate on it and use the scissors
I can coil myself around a core of the toilet paper
It is always a child: I make the fallen leaves with a blur picture
An older child: I broke an owl
As for the theme, one work was completed together "in autumn"

Autumn of sports

 As I decide by oneself while looking at the challenge list to practice what, a figure to repeat it without giving it up, and to practice is seen. When I was accomplished with an aim, I look very glad. The patience that I do not give up runs out.
A relay began only in children across a class
"I examined last life and became able to jump over ..."

Appreciation of the exhibition of the nursery school

 I went to see the exhibition of the nursery school. "... that the cosmos would come how" "I want to see a this shop" "I would use what materials" thing that I felt that "ice looks delicious" told a lot.
I see the photograph of the explanation with fascination
I saw a work slowly and carefully

I tried cleansing hard

 For childcare visit, I tried the cleaning of the floor hard in a purpose to want to greet people in house comfortably together. Of the floor found it when was rough, and added pressure until became soft and smooth, and wiped it. On seeing the floor that became beautiful, the heart was satisfied, too; looked.
An earnest expression is wonderful

State of children of September

 I finished summer vacation and was pleased with having been able to meet a friend and a teacher, and the second semester started. If I regain life rhythm, and there is the child making "good morning!" and going to kindergarten well, there is the child who seems to feel some fatigue by an exercise of the sports Festa. I receive you with a smile and want to watch step and the growth of children warmly every day for the second semester.
A state at the time of the going to kindergarten.
I drink water voluntarily, and the physical condition management is perfect.

Harvest of seeds of the balloon chasuble

I take it looking for the fruit which became brown and take a kind out of the inside. The color of the kind having turned from yellowish green to black and having noticed that a design was like heart and the thing that I felt told a lot. When it was a special thing, on seeing a figure to put on the palm protectively, I felt for the children. I seem to look forward to seeding of the next year now.
I tear a crunch-crunch and a fruit and enjoy the feel.
I discovered that there was three class in one fruit.

For Respect for the Aged Day

For Respect for the Aged Day, I prepared the present into grandfather grandmother with everyday thanks and a heart of the consideration. "shiminanda ... always comfortable going out to the house of grandfather grandmother to play" "feeding delicious rice" feeling that I loved "I want you to be well forever" told a lot.
A young child: I am doing "a blur painting" by a coffee filter.
The completion of the blur picture butterfly.
The child and the older child always made a bag of the heart.

Strategy meeting

For sports Festa, I work as a lot of exercises of the relay. I make a strategy meeting every time on a day relaying it. I give opinions together what kind of turn I will run with whom the anchor does it to. Various opinions flew and adopted decision by majority when it was not gathered up. It may be a thing and a weak point good at it each for people, but is impressed by the figure which runs while supplementing power together as one team.

Cadet teacher

Cadet teacher entered the Class lily to 9/19-10/2. I love all the trainees who smile when I am gentle and meet eyes. As he/she coped kindly, to hear a story, I was able to build a relationship of mutual trust immediately. I think that it was the period of the blessing for children and a trainee.
The question time from all "what kind of food do like?"
I had you read a picture-story show about the viewing the moon
The Othello game that a trainee prepared for. A lot of smiles of children were seen and spent happy time.

The child topping worth October issue "gentle Samaritan of the heart"

Do story-telling of "easy Samaria of the heart pitches a camp", and a share beats it together afterwards; go ioshimashita. If there is the person who is in trouble and notices, which people do you want to become if it is "people closing their eyes" or is "people helping" all? In quest of this, what would the friend who is in trouble alone do without the seat of the lunch being decided in a story if? I asked about this and I thought together and announced the opinion. If "it was me, you went near, and how did you do it? I asked this, and the answer "that I offered to eat together here" came out when it was me. On the contrary, I pretend not to notice, and how about when I hang cold words such as "meal benayo ... there?" I replied that which "I hate that" was saying "a heart does not want to become a cold person" when I heard this.
 They were conscious and spent the word "that they became the neighbor of the person who was in trouble and would help" with that was teaching of Jesus with children, and were people who felt unpleasant not? I look back on this and think that all should become the class which can spend time comfortably.
I came across the gentle scene.

State of children of June

 I touch the small creature and plant in June and think that I was able to take in that I value "a life" through an experience to be impressed by.

I raised a frog.

 Because an older child draws a frog by a picture, I will keep a frog as the introduction in a class. As the frog ate only a live insect, I had a hard fight on a bait spear. In time for outside play, the boy of a certain older child starts on search for bait of the frog. Was looking for a butterfly and a mosquito, a fly, but chu々ho maerareman. "A teacher" when went as was called it by to University excitement, found a spider. When I caught it desperately and put it in the breeding case immediately, the frog moved to a spider with the lightning speed and did only a circle in no time. Some children who saw the moment were surprised. I told saying it was saying "I was hungry very much", but might have looked scared.

 The children put hands together before a lunch, and please pray every day. I may sometimes tell children. The life of many creatures enters the lunch box. A pig and a cow, a fish. It is the creature which he/she gave "a life" to become the nourishment of our body, therefore a heart is loaded praying with when I tell when I will have you thank me. "A shrimp is sprinkled on my rice. A lot of lives are carried. There was the child who noticed, I must eat carefully, and talked.

 When I saw a frog ate a live insect, I was worried whether it was horrible in children, but I took the fact and seemed to observe it as I knew that we human being was supported for "a life".
It seems to become nature and the smile when I look at the small creature.
I set it free and observe the movement of the frog
I made the frog with clay

Besides, I touched it with such a creature

Baby snail 

Crop of the cucumber

A fruit was produced!
Grow up
I finally harvest it
"... which is like a telephone. Kana - which can call in this. "- which is like a banana." The vanity children varied.
Work of montessori "cuts vegetables". I bark it using a peeler and cut it with a kitchen knife. Concentration increases.
I touched you and played, and "a cucumber was made".

Observation of the turf

I observed the state that turf grew by water and sunlight. As children said that I wanted to name it, thought about the name together.
Naming "korochan"
A turn gives water by a sprayer well.
A topknot-cutting ceremony. A turn cuts it with scissors joyfully.

Cleaning after a meal

 After having finished eating, I wipe a desk neatly respectively. By cleaning consideration and the class to others comfortably, it feeds a feeling of self affirmation to clean the desk which somebody uses when oneself is helpful existence.
 The young child began the cleaning of the desk in June, too. I got an art to squeeze by oneself by repeating experience to narrow down a dustcloth to.
I took to clean it if I finished eating.
In the floor to a bright shine.
I sometimes enlarge the room and wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Power sticks to a lower part of the body and an arm, and it is for the making of body as I forge a human trunk again. As the room becomes beautiful, the heart is refreshing, too.

Playing house

 A day of the playing house comes over in turn in a class. "The person who wants to play house at a book corner, please go. It is a day of a Class lily today. If there is the child who goes out, and wants to play outside noon as it is time for play, there is the child who wants to enjoy playing house. I hand over a thing and borrow it and learn by doing talks when I want to use the same thing, know the feeling of another person, and what oneself would do. As it is a very good thing to acquire power settled between children, the childminder watches it other than necessary time without calling out. Everybody could play house with a pleasant feeling on that day and small father and mothers gathered at the book corner and were heartwarming.

Muddy play

I enjoyed the touch to step on soil barefoot and played dynamically. I have long rivers.

State of children of May

This long line?

 When I took a young child to the exercises and came back to the class, there was always the line that had a long child and older child in the corridor. I talk whisperingly. As the class pushes forward an activity in two childminders, I give ideas every day saying "I want to carry out such an activity because I want to stretch out here of children" and put up a childcare plan. A flash might swoop down suddenly, and children and a message game began on that day. As some titles were serious contents, the children after having told watch it with "good kana ...". The children concentrated on it with a sense of responsibility very much saying "I must tell definitely".

"I' m good!!! "

The young child learns English every other week on Monday, too. The first learned "How are you" and own feeling and how to convey states when I was asked.

What kind of smell kana ...

I touched the genuine nosora beans to describe picture book nosoramamekunno painting. When ... sora beans came out, the weight, the smell, the contents were the impressions that seemed to look at the pretty creature.

What does it swell in?

Outside play is not possible on a rainy day and, unfortunately, I do clay in a room and may spend it. I show the thing which kneads it, and kneads it, and does it, and was completed to each other with a friend and enjoy it. The rainy day is not bad in this way if friend relations look at the deepening state. It is thanks for rainfall eagerly longed for.

The purpose of the walk?

I always prayed to hear angelus in a room, but I would say to hear a sound close on that day and took lunch earlier and went out for a walk to the bottom of the bell.
As for the impression of "ko sada ... same as a mountain" "... that I saw Fukuyama-jo Castle" children where "a kindergarten is small" whom "a shop going with mom was seen", various.
I was able to meet a way back, the first grader of the graduation child. As the same academy is inner, I may do such an unexpected reencounter. The child that brothers went to the elementary school was looking for own older brother older sister.

Gardening work

Of the bulb dig it, and put it up

I worked hard next year so that a beautiful tulip bloomed.

Seeding of the morning glory

As it reported, "the place where a root appears when the kind raises a round person sees it well as it is below, and plant it", it flows into it and plants mind in one kind carefully.

I plant the seedling of the cucumber

I knew that I got sick, and the plant was doing it anxiously when I told saying it was saying "the seedling of the teacher suffered from mildew and has died". When I looked at "summer bell which resisted a disease, and this seedling conveyed that it was the cucumber of the kind called ゛", I was relieved.
 I see a root in the photograph. I explained that it was a part important most which invisible, but absorbed water and nourishment as I entered the soil at bottom. There is, "I know the function of plant" by montessori education. I want to bring up the mind that can thank that there are the heart that can appreciate the invisible place, work of somebody, and oneself is supported.


 I ask a turn for watering. When a bud came out, he/she was doing watering with pleasure, but conveyed that I did it too much, and a root was corrupt and died. The child who thought that a bud was pleased if I fully put up water heard it and was surprised.
 I think for a child with the best of intentions, and lessons can commune while an adult brings up a child and may teach it from thought to want there to be it strictly. I think that it is what a child demands and want to hang a stop whether that is a really necessary thing.

Drainer of the flower

Which which ...

On the Maria feast day, I prepared for a flower from the home, and thank you. After having drained water off it, I observed the section of the stem with a magnifying glass. It was interesting "do you draw up water from this hole?".

State of children of April

 I tell him/her about a figure and the growth of the children of the class and think of the scene as a childminder how and introduce how you are going to read it.

Scene with the morning

Morning meeting
 As it is a hierarchy class, a childminder considers content to be able to enjoy, and the picture book chooses all grades and enjoys it together. The young child enters a kindergarten, and an older child in charge of the care sits in the neighbor as it is of quite a recent date and helps you when there was anything. "What happened" All right" I try care hard saying it is saying "I do it in this way".
I pray Maria of Lourdes
 It was time for outside play, but went for a walk after a morning meeting in an academy on that day. A ten puts a pinecone and cherry blossom petals, fallen leaves with "a souvenir bag" over a body. I picked it up protectively while saying, "I want to show mother it". There was a rufous turtledove by the walk and was able to touch the creature of nature including the butterfly. I discover a yellow dandelion and smile with "cute ...". I went to Maria of Lourdes at the end of the walk and advocated "prayer of the Ave Maria".
 I think that each person's children throb by promotion, entering a kindergarten in April and started. The older child will be to have felt difficulty of the care of the young child. When I take care, at first, I call out and show the way saying it is saying "I do it in this way". I bring up a heart of the consideration waiting to come to be able to do it.
 The child is always the center age in the class, and distinction of oneself and another person becomes clear, and the state that eyes come to turn to is seen in a surrounding. I take good care of not leading it to answer a child worried about not going well, "let's do it this way" immediately, and thinking together "what should I do?". When I give a hint and urge you to be able to try other methods, a child wants to support a process making trial and error. When it does not go well when a child is troubled, I think with a chance of the growth and stop together and am doing talks.
 The young child may cry while being puzzled in new environment, but while it snuggles up to the feeling of the child at that time in a kindergarten successful thing, to have failed, I experience a lot and work so that it is saying "a kindergarten is fun". When he/she misspeaked with "nee mom ..." in a scene of a certain childcare, I was mistaken for mother whom I loved most with what was relieved when getting used to a kindergarten and was glad.

Each one shines!

It is always the job of the child
 The child always gets the preparations for group of the lunch. I am always enthusiastic and prepare and am very reliable. I display a chair and the group where everybody sits down on. The group is divided into a rabbit, an island horse, raion, a cat, pengin, an elephant, seven groups of tortoises and eats. I discussed what animal you made in each group and decided. There was the child filled with tears without becoming the desired animal, but I settled, and all the members understood it and were able to be decided. I love animals of the group of all oneself now.
Preparations for lunch
I pour the tea of the water bottle in preparation for a lunch. "It is over, and, by montessori work, there is copying". I come to be able to coordinate movement and the exercise of correct muscle and practice it in everyday life.
Staring game
I spend it singing a song mainly, and doing eurhythmics by the meeting of the noon. Song of April ♪ After having sung the third "niramekkoshiyo memmemme" of "a teacher and the friend", childminder tonirammekkooshite is actually idle. As I do a strange face by all seriousness, the childminder laughs immediately.
English activity
There is an English activity to see the video for approximately ten minutes in 3-4 times a week, a class. I learned "self-introduction" and "how to count number of 1-10" this month.
Person top of Monday, April 24
 Mr. Lee who was taken care of by an English activity could come to the class and told a lot of Australia.
Nephew paste
 I spend the time of is quiet in a group, praying for return. I look back in having been glad, having done the best, the heart including having been sad and am time to have God hear a story today.
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