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I performed a farewell party

We had a farewell party on Friday, February 24.
I thanked the friend who spent time together and spent happy time until now.
I did a program in each class.
At first the beginning is Class rose.
The Class rose did "a musical band of Bremen".
The song was able to announce the dance as hard as possible.
Animals cooperated, and a place to send away a thief was the highlight.
The group which worked next did "a goose of the money".
I tried that a friend meant lines with voices together hard.
I am not freed when I have a goose of the money, and loss of interest in person momatakuttsui which was going to help it cries….
The place "where a hand had been close together" was interesting.
The Class violet did "a violet concert" next.
With "a flower of thank you," breath was good to the person whom the person who danced played together.
A dance of Laura who is image character of Fukuyama with "today mogamba roller"
All were smiles of dazzling and announced it.
They filled it up, and the group held "the wedding of the mouse".
I was able to give that it finished being used each all and practiced as hard as possible.
It was not the sun to be the greatest in the world, and, without in a cloud, it turned out that it was a mouse without by wind without in a wall.
Each clothes were the wonderful clothes which I designed by oneself, too.
Finally the Class lily did "the great adventure of the pleasant postman".
A postman distributed a letter to the character of various never-never lands and was a great talk to have an adventure.
The character of the story to know including Alice in Wonderland and Jack And The Beanstalk came out and was fun.
Finally, he/she sang when "I am glad" together.
It was the clean song which a heart became with a tingle.
With the feeling of the thanks to an older child, I always sent handmade presentation ㇳ from a child, young child, Manzo age child.
The older child had you wear a present to a neck.
I was reading a message very joyfully.
As for the older child, a song did a present of "it became so big".
Everybody was impressed by a beautiful singing voice.
After a farewell party, go to various classes
I enjoyed a lunch and snacks.
I had a lunch with the friend of other classes happily.
It was a day to remain for the memory.
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