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Setsubun society

I did Setsubun society on February 2.
I made the mask of ogre and waited for all, this day to come!
As it is unusual, all are throbs to be heated to be heated.
I got ready when I entered the class and played a game in a class!
The Class violet went to the other side to "tsunotsunogorigori, tsumetsumegarigari" ogre desperately not to be able to eat it. As for the child crying seriously among them?
The Class rose played "ogre matoate game". There were a big ogre, a small ogre, various marks, but I established an aim and exposed it well.
They filled it up, and the group did the ball progressing competition of the ogre. I matched power by a team and passed through the hoop with the face that all were earnest when I advanced early and carried it to the both hands with a ball.
Power entered the voice of the support when the friend was doing it.
The group which worked was divided with the color of the box of the bean and I tied it with onioni basket and did a snake.
The filler snake thought about a strategy by a game to go in a team so that a top person took the tail of the partner team and I cooperated and competed.
When the Class lily is holding the bean-scattering ceremony, I am doing a filler ogre.
Everybody aimed at a friend behind to a piano desperately.
I was able to spend a happy day holding a game and the bean-scattering ceremony, and eating a bean.
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