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Birthday party of March

There was a birthday party of March.
It became the very last birthday party in one year, but all were dignified and were able to announce own name and age.
I looked at the picture book which a teacher gave to me very joyfully.
The program from a teacher was a performance of the Electone.
There were various sounds and rhythm, and there was the child who danced to rhythm.
There was the performance of music such as familiar "big old clock" or "Sazae-san" for children and was able to spend a fun time.
Today's snacks were Hina-arare.
I had the box which I made by oneself hire him and felt more deliciously.
I was able to announce it in a loud voice
I look at the picture book joyfully
It is a nail charge account for a wonderful performance
I had Hina-arare deliciously!
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