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The 2020 course situation

☆ Look back on 2020

 The National Center Test for University Admissions that 2020 was the last. Generally, as for the experience that it was said to the turning point of the entrance examination system that an examinee became security-oriented, but a lot of students who were national and public in our school, and continued a challenge to the school of choice tenaciously seriously regardless of a private institution got there, irreplaceable for students. And the posture becomes the strong message to younger students more. In addition, students challenging the examination for national and public universities by AO, the recommendation entrance examination as a recent tendency increase. The students who had high cause sense of purpose of the clear choice reason kept own strength alive and passed it this year.
 National and public universities  23 people
 National and public universities medical department medicine department    One person
 God's wisdom, center, Tokyo Univ. of Science, Rikkyo University    Six people
 Doshisha, Ristumeikan, Kansai, Kansei Gakuin University  17 people
 Private university medical department medicine department    Four people

☆ The university pass situation

80 graduates    ※The number of people includes the former year student

<national and public universities medical department medicine department>

Large scientific name The number of people

<other than national and public universities (medical department medicine department)>

Large scientific name The number of people
Tokyo art 1
Shimane 1
Yamaguchi 1
Kagawa 2
Ehime 1
Nagano 1
Osaka municipal institution 1
It is Osaka Prefectural 2
Shimane is prefectural 2
Prefectural Hiroshima 1
Fukuyama municipal institution 3
Kitakyusyu municipal institution 1
Nagasaki is prefectural 1

<private university> only in some universities

Large scientific name The number of people
Juntendo 2
God's wisdom 1
The center 1
Imperial capital 2 (1 of them medicine)
Tokai 1
Tokyo Woman's Christian Univ. 1
Tokyo Women's Medical Univ. 2 (1 of them medicine)
Tokyo Univ. of Science 1
Japan 3
Japanese girl 2
Rikkyo 3
Aichi medical department 1 (medicine)
Nagoya foreign language 1
Minamiyama 2
Kyoto foreign language 1
Kyoto industry 2
Kyoto girl 2
Doshisha 3
Doshisha Women's Coll. of Liberal Arts 3
Ryukoku 3

<private university> only in some universities

Large scientific name The number of people
Ristumeikan 4
Osaka pharmacology 1
Kansai 1
Kansei Gakuin 9
Konan 4
Konan girl 2
Kobe girl 3
Kobe pharmacology 1
Mukogawa Women's Univ. 3
Kawasaki medical department 1 (medicine)
The Kawasaki medical care welfare 9
Shujitsu 1
Notre Dame pure soul girl 3
Hiroshima industry 2
Hiroshima international 3
Hiroshima ascetic practices 6
Hiroshima women's university 5
Fukuyama 5
Heisei, Fukuyama 5
Yasuda girl

☆ Pass, the entrance into a school of higher grade situation

Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
※ About the individual inquiry
I would like it at the following.
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