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[television transmission] Of this news [RCC]

Category:News,High school,One year
"remonchidansu" where a tenth grader worked on in a class of the physical education is broadcasted with RCC TV today (2/22). Please see it by all means.
・Monday, February 22 18:54 ...
・RCC TV (3ch) "imanama!"

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[shipment] (one year) "rose in an occasion" to Minamisoma

Category:Junior high school,One year
One of the activities of the support Maria monastic order which is an establishment mother's body of our school has reconstruction assistance of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I sent "the occasion rose" which a first grader made to the Minamisoma monastery which became the base of the activity. I send our thought to the various places that there is in big anxiety and pains by the earthquake that occurred the other day in (2/13) middle of the night again, and a ray of hope prays to mind that I continue burning.

[parents' association] (one year) carry out a lecture

Category:Junior high school,One year,Parents' association
Targeting at the protectors of the first grader, I carried out a lecture by Mr. Yamashita of the school counselor.
There was the story about how to raise people and power concerned with while taking the tendencies of recent junior high students into account on the theme called "the heart of the female junior high school student to see from school counselor". Among bo shi, thank you very much the protectors who visited a school.

[donation] The antiseptic solution stands [prefectural Fukuyama technical high school]

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I had you donate "the pedal-type antiseptic solution stands" two from all of Hiroshima Prefectural Fukuyama technical high schools yesterday (2/18).
It seems to be given various facilities that the students of the machine department work on the making of these stands in a class and have you make use for infectious disease measures. I use these wonderful stands where the design of the rose was drawn on carefully together. All of Fukuyama technical high schools, thank you very much.

[publication] (2/19) puresushido [citrus ribbon]

Category:News,Junior high school,One year
The article about "the citrus ribbon project" that a first grader worked on was published in "puresushido" of the issuance today (2/19).
I sent the ribbon which students handcrafted to Fukuyama Municipal Hospital on Friday, February 12 and participated in the ceremony of contribution acceptance. I could hand it to the healthcare workers who worked at a hospital directly, and it was an experience valuable at all to change the significance of this activity, and to feel.
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